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  1. This site is a good place to start. Explore the site and ask lots of questions. Everyone is super friendly.
  2. I'd suggest joining some LGBT meetup groups in your area. Good luck! And welcome!
  3. Welcome! This site is very helpful with any questions you may have. As for meeting women, maybe see if there are LGBT meetup groups in your area? Or try gay bars? I haven't had any luck myself meeting ladies, but I haven't been trying too hard.
  4. That looks like a lot of fun!
  5. Oh yep, I hear you! I have so many fantasies...
  6. Short stories would be good for reading on here IMO.
  7. Hi and welcome!
  9. Welcome!
  10. Welcome!
  11. Hurt my wrist somehow. Think I slept on it weird or something - so broke this bad boy out.


    1. N00Bi


       At least the brace gives a little pain relief. 

  12. That type of massage sounds very nice indeed!
  13. I understand how rough that is. I only accepted my bisexualty a couple of years ago despite signs since childhood. I haven't told my parents, but have thought about telling my mom one day. It isn't an easy decision either way.
  14. I make noise, but I am not super loud.