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  1. Karaoke tonight! 

  2. Hi and welcome! I'd say take things at your own time and when you feel comfortable. I only accepted I was bi last year even though I've known since childhood. I came out to my best friend first and slowly to more people. Just last week I came out to my husband and all of Facebook (except hid family members). Everyone has their own speed at which they feel comfortable coming out. The best advice I have is don't feel you have to conform to any kind of schedule.
  3. I've known since childhood, but I hid it and only accepted it last year.
  4. Need to refresh my German and French. I also have started studying Korean because I am obsessed with Kpop and may move to Korea to teach English one day.
  5. A bit older or a bit younger.
  6. No makeup most of the time. Occasionally, once or twice a month, a bit of makeup.
  7. If I don't have a career I like in 5-6 years I am considering going to Korea for a year or two to teach English. Other than that, I am in love with Canada... so, if any cute Canadian guy or gal wants to marry me... LOL.
  8. Libra
  9. I love cherry blossoms (sakura - cherry blossom in Japanese).
  10. Food, movies, and entertainment.
  11. Discoveries
  12. The weekend!
  13. Debating if I should run tonight or be lazy.