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  1. Calling all American and international feminists, it's time to get into gear for the arrival of the Trump regime!

  2. Calling all American and international feminists, it's time to get into gear for the Trump regime!

  3. You should be looking, all the time!!! It's one of life's greatest pleasures... :nyam: If you feel self-conscious about it out on the street, try wearing sunglasses... :sungum:
  4. Three cheers for doing things you're not supposed to do! :girldevil:
  5. FlannelFish - I love your story, and I totally agree with HappyFrenchie that 'there was something there'. It seems to me that the redhead in question must have picked up on your attraction to her and, at the very least, liked it, so responded with the fake-girlfriend scenario.
  6. Still not recovered from jet-lag...

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    2. Aphrodite21


      Thank you myladylove.


      Frenchie - F&M = Foot and mouth disease

    3. HappyFrenchie


      oh, I see! You knew about this one? I had never heard about it until I have had a child!

    4. Aphrodite21


      We had a very BAD epidemic of it in the 1990s.

  7. Best sexiest males answer ever! ;) so true

    1. Aphrodite21


      Thank you! I really couldn't think of many, but had no problem thinking of at least 50 women offhand...

  8. A wonderful sense of humour is beautiful!
  9. Yes, kairi, you are such a lovely polite young lady! Two hands would be perfect...
  10. We lived in the village for about one year. It was a very beautiful place, and we had a lovely cottage on the edge of a large farm, which was quite idyllic. On the other hand, life there was a bit like a Joanna Trollope novel - it was a hotbed of illicit affairs and their consequences (in the form of secret 'love children', etc). There was one incredibly gorgeous older woman, in her late 40s, who took a fancy to us both, and was constantly making suggestive comments and inviting us over for 'tea'. Tempting though that was, after considering the potential consequences, we decided to pass, though she never did give up! The pub was a surprisingly racy place, but for proper nightlife we travelled up to London a couple of times each month.
  11. Ah, the stereotype of the 'predatory lesbian' rears its ugly head yet again! This is really something out of 1950s pulp fiction, and is actually homophobic (so shame on that therapist!). While some gay women certainly enjoy being a woman's first female lover (for strictly positive reasons), I think I can say with confidence that most lesbians really are not interested in 'deflowering' a woman in the way that men are obsessed with doing so. Sure, there are female players (mainly younger women), but they tend to be pretty obvious from the start, once you start chatting about dating history and previous relationships. Obviously, commitment and monogamy are not for everyone, and are something that develop naturally in a relationship or not, but as others here have said, it would be a real shame to allow fear of the unknown to stop you from experiencing love with a woman.
  12. When I first moved to England from NYC, back when I was 28 years old, my girlfriend and I moved to the small village (population: 78 people) in Cambridgeshire where her parents ran the local pub. That was a real eye-opener! Everyone knew everyone else's business, and we were totally out, so became known as the village lesbians. Much to our surprise, we were very popular among the local ladies, and even received some thinly-veiled propositions! About a month after moving there, we discovered that an 84-year-old retired train conductor had been spying on us by standing on chair outside his cottage (which was surrounded by topiary in the shape of a steam train), which was up on the hill above us, and conducting surveillance with binoculars! He was caught by a figure known as The Brigadier, who ran the local hunt, and made to apologize to us one Friday evening in the packed pub, in front of all the locals. I really thought they were going to put him in stocks in the village centre! This is my only experience of village life, and I must say that it left quite an impression!