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  1. writing

    Yes...exactly this. As a child I would enjoy writing poems and short stories, but I’m not much of a writer these days. However lately I’ve felt inspired to express my deepest desires through writing, and as mentioned above, this has been a very cathartic experience for me. As for a particular muse, I think all of us have something or someone that inspires our creativity
  2. No worries, the forum I mentioned above is a great place for new members to start. You’ll find some helpful information there, including some important house rules
  3. We don’t see many maritimers here. Welcome! If you haven’t already, check out ‘How our Forum Works’ to get an idea of what this site is about. Also I’d like to point out that this is not a dating site and immediately posting things like... Probably doesn’t give the best first impression. If you’re here looking for support, you’re in the right place...but you might want to change your approach
  4. Welcome to Shybi! I've always loved that song.....and I kinda have a thing for brown eyed girls...I also happen to be one.
  5. Very interesting video
  6. I’m 35, I think most people would guess that
  7. I don't think I could be into hard core BDSM, but I like the idea of LIGHT Dom/sub scenarios. I think I'm more of a submissive, but I would also like to experience being more dominant. In my head, it would greatly depend on the person, I can't imagine being the more dominant partner with a man, obviously I'm more submissive by nature. I do like the idea of seducing a woman even more submissive than me, but it really depends on her. A woman who has more of a dominant demeanour, I couldn't imagine her any other way. I do find I'm drawn to dominance, not necessarily as it applies to Dom/sub scenarios....but I find powerful, confident women, who take control, very irresistible.
  8. Welcome! First I'd like to make a recommendation....there are several books that discuss non monogamy and how to make it work, two I see most talked about here are "The Ethical Slut" ( get be thrown off by the title) by Dossie Easton, and "Opening Up" by Tristan Taormino. You should choose at least one to read, ideally both you and your husband would read and discuss it. I'd like to point out that I have no experience in this (my husband has not been nearly as understanding), but your questions are valid, not just anxious thoughts. Exploring this part of yourself could very well change how you feel, or he feels...have a look through the forums, it's happened to LOTS of women here, many of whom started out just like you. Their husband supported them in exploring women and gave them permission to have a sexual relationship with a woman, most husbands (not all) aren't comfortable with their wives having romantic relationships outside the marriage. This is a bit of a red flag by the way, but I won't get into that at the moment. Once those women experienced what it's like to be with a woman they couldn't enjoy their husbands in the same way...some actually came to the realization that they were WAY more gay than straight. Some have even ended their marriage in order to be true to themselves. I'm not saying that this happens to every woman who acts on her bisexual desires, but you need to be aware of the possibility, because we can't know how it'll affect us until it happens. Women are emotional creatures, it's sort of unrealistic to expect to be able to control your emotions when getting involved with another woman. Sure there are plenty of women who have strictly sexual relationships, and there's something to be said for such scenarios...but you can't control how you feel. People fall in love, even when they don't intend to. The f-f dynamic is VERY different from f-m, it can be VERY intense, and you should recognize that your sexual desires could very likely turn into something more. Jealosy is very common in non monogamy, so is's something you'll both have to learn to work through...reading the books may help with that. There are women here who have successfully explored non monogamy and some will say it had no negative effect on their marriage, some will even say it actually had a positive effect. I hope you'll get responses from women who've actually experienced this, hopefully from both the positive perspective and the negative. Good luck!
  9. Thank you, that's sweet of you to say I can tell you do a lot of reading here, you keep digging up old threads...that's a good thing by the way. It's nice to see someone so interested in the site
  10. Welcome...again. Shybi is the perfect place to discuss this sort of thing. You'll find that there are lots of women here in similar situations. This is a safe haven for many. There's a great bunch of ladies here, all very welcoming, understanding and supportive. I'm sure you'll have no trouble making friends. My husband is also FAR from understanding and open minded, and had a bad reaction to my admission. Which is what led me here as well. How did your bf react when you told him you were attracted to women?
  11. Welcome! Can I make a suggestion...head over to The Big Welcome Forum and start your own thread there introducing yourself (you could even copy what you've written here, it's a good introduction)'ll get more responses that way
  12. I love this story...and I love how you incorporate little dabs of humour in your writing, makes it more personal. Love it, looking forward to more
  13. Lol, no, there are others...although we're outnumbered by US and UK members. If you click on the flag in front of your name, or anyone else's for that matter, you'll see a list of members who are from that country....incase you didn't already know Actually, I've noticed that many of the relationships formed here are international...geography has little to do with how emotions evolve. It does make a physical relationship more difficult, but I know of several here who make it work...hats off to those ladies involved in LDR's.
  14. I was a new member the first time I posted on this thread....a year later and I've gotten to know a few interesting ladies here. Some I've bonded with through personal conversations, and others I've quietly admired from a distance. Certain women stand out to me when reading their posts. I wouldn't exactly say that I've had crushes, more like I've been drawn to particular members for one reason or another. I still stand by my statement that it's possible to form deep connections with someone you haven't physically met.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see 'Below Her Mouth' anywhere in this thread? I've only seen a small few lesbian themed movies, and this was by far my favourite. It was cheesy on times, and had its flaws, but I loved the underlying storyline...the chemistry between the leads was fantastic...and don't even get me started on the sex scenes...HOTTT!!! 'Blue is the Warmest Color'...I liked the storyline, well mostly anyway....but HATED the ending, and because I can't get past it, the ending makes the movie for me...hate the ending = hate the movie. 'Imagine Me and You' ....cute but not that memorable. 'Elena Undone' .... again, not very memorable, it kind of bored me. 'Loving Annabel' .... I liked this one, there's something very desirable about a younger woman seducing an older woman. Wasn't a big fan of the ending but unlike BITWC I could get past it because the rest of the movie made up for it. There are quite a few suggestions here, I'm gonna have to look up some of these.