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  1. For me this is completely hypothetical, as in reality I'm not looking for any sort of relationship, male or female...I'm married and monogamous. BUT...if I were, it would be with a woman, not because I feel I'm lesbian, but because this is something I've always wanted but never had. If I were to seek a relationship with a woman it would either mean my husband and I agreed to give non-monogamy a chance, or we'd be separated and I'd be on my own. Which situation I happened to be in would probably affect what type of relationship I'd be looking for. If I were single I'd likely prefer to find a long term loving relationship. If I were still married I'd be better suited for something more casual. But in all honesty, regardless of which situation I found myself in, I'd be open to any and all possibilities.
  2. You sure do love a lap dance don't you lol. If I were in your position I'm pretty sure I'd be the same. Just a thought....but is asking her out an option? Or is that against the rules or something?
  3. You know ladies, if things are bad enough in your relationship that you wish he'd find someone else and leave, then maybe YOU should consider leaving. I don't mean to sound offensive but there's really no nice way to say it. Every marriage goes through rough patches for a variety of reasons, but what gets us through it is knowing that we truly want to spend our lives together. It's when he provides light even on the darkest of days. When you're wishing he'd set you free and just leave, you no longer see that light. My marriage is far from perfect, we butt heads on so many things, there are issues that we'll never agree on, there are days where his stubbornness makes me want to slap the shit out of him. But at the end of the day I know I love him to pieces, stubbornness and all, and I don't want to live without him. As much as it hurts me knowing that I can't explore my bisexuality while with him, I still want to be with him. I'd be devastated if he left, God knows I've given him plenty of reason. If you're at a point in your relationship that you truly don't want to be with him, you don't need to wait for him to leave. It's not fair to you and it's not fair to him. FYI, I apologize if I sound bitchy or if this post makes no sense....I've had a few
  4. Welcome to the site @Destiny, as stated above, there are plenty of women here who want both as you mentioned. I've often felt guilty for being "greedy", and have pegged myself as a "walking stereotype" as well. But I've learned a lot about myself and about bisexuality since joining this site. For what it's worth I don't think what you're describing makes you greedy, you just know what you want. Monogamy isn't for everyone, and you'll find plenty of women here who have experience with non monogamy. Have a look around the forums, I hope you find what you're looking for
  5. So after seeing the previews I just had to watch it. I know it doesn't have good reviews and I agree it definitely has its flaws....but all that aside, I actually liked the underlying story......"straight" girl fighting her inner lesbian has sexual awakening after giving in to her temptation. I think that alone was very relatable, although the direction was a little over the top and the acting wasn't great. But as mentioned above...OMG the sex scenes make up for anything the movie is lacking. The leads were hot as hell and they had great chemistry. Overall....loved it!
  6. The best way to get to know other members and for us to get to know you is through the forums. By contributing to a variety of threads and posting your views and opinions you show people who you are. A lot of members prefer to get to know someone before they engage in personal conversations, I find everyone here is friendly. Most of the personal conversations I've had with other members have started in response to something previously discussed in the forums. Sometimes we reach out to one another because we relate to what the other person has said, sometimes for advice, or sometimes just to add a more personal note to a topic. Don't be discouraged if you haven't formed friendships here yet, that will come in time. In the meantime, participate in the forums as much as you're comfortable with. In my real life I'm very shy but I've learned to put that aside here and open up, it's been quite liberating
  7. I understand where you're coming from @Vangoghvanwhat, because I think the same way. I'm not looking for a relationship but if I was I'd be terrified, my insecurities would take over. I've been with my husband for 16 years and am quite comfortable with him obviously. But there are still sometimes when I feel insecure even with him, not because of anything he said/did. Thr ladies gave some great advice above. A friend of mine once told me about an article she read about how words of affirmation can do wonders for your self confidence. As mentioned above, write positive notes to yourself, look yourself in the mirror and say positive things, etc. Even if at first you don't believe it, if you keep giving yourself words of affirmation, the theory is, you'll eventually believe it, because it really is true, we just have trouble seeing it in ourselves sometimes. Also mentioned above, the way we see ourselves is not necessarily the way others see us. I'd like to believe that women in general put less emphasis on appearance, we're more turned on by an impressive mind, personality, and kind heart. A pretty face/body isn't much without those things.
  8. Welcome back! It's nice to see returning members. Enjoy catching up
  9. Hi and welcome to shybi! This is a great place to connect with like minded women for sure. It's comforting knowing just how many women are in similar situations. The ladies here are friendly and always willing to offer support and answer questions. Have a look around and if you haven't already, check out the how this forum works section to get a feel for what this site is all about. Hope you enjoy it here
  10. I enjoy reading this thread @caliwoman, I hope next time works out better in your favour
  11. Exactly! My problem is, I rarely get that confirmation.
  12. I wish I had more confidence in myself....... I wish I had the courage to speak as freely as I think
  13. @Ev33 what you've just described is exactly how I feel, so you're not alone. My thoughts are so similar that I could have written that myself. I have a difficult time explaining that to people because I have a difficult time believing it myself. It doesn't always make sense to me. I know it's possible to want both, whether or not you can HAVE both remains unknown to me.
  14. Beautiful story, thanks for sharing. I love reading tales of ladies who come here for support and comfort and end up finding love. Stories like this are a true inspiration, not just for those looking for love, but also for those looking for acceptance, those who are afraid to come out, those who hide behind their fears because they think that's their only option. It is stories like this that proves we can find happiness, we can pick ourselves up and fight for a better self, we can accept ourselves even when others do not, we can rise above our fears because we decide that fear is no longer an option. I'm happy for you both and wish you the best!
  15. I'm mid thirties and have only in the past couple of years embraced my bisexuality. In the beginning of my sexual awakening I felt liberated, confident, just generally good about myself. I was involved in an online affair with a woman (no physical contact), I felt more alive and more sexual than I had in my life. I desired sex with my husband more and like you mentioned, I was more sexually satisfied. But my husband had a negative reaction to my bisexuality and my affair, which I admitted to him. I was forced to stop my affair in order to save my marriage. I lost my confidence and my alive feeling, and with it, my sex drive. I don't think age has much to do with it, I think it's all about contentment, it's totally a psychological thing. When we feel good about one aspect of our lives, the rest follows.....same goes in the negative direction unfortunately