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  1. I think it’s great that your husband supports you in your desire to have a relationship with a woman. Trust, jealousy, respect and privacy are things that anyone practicing non-monogamy must deal with carefully. While I believe communication and honestly are important, I discourage full disclosure. I think in order to have a fulfilling relationship coinciding with your marriage, there needs to be a certain amount of anonymity involved. The two relationships are separate and therefore deserve separate space. As mentioned above, female relationships can be intense, chances are, you’ll feel things with her that you never did with him. You’d be limiting yourself, and her, if you have to filter your correspondence in order to not scare the shit out of him...and believe me, the things you’ll feel if you don’t hold back WILL most likely scare the shit out of him. Best not to share EVERYTHING in my opinion. Also, regarding privacy, I would think that the majority of women would not be comfortable with having their private messages/photos/etc displayed to anyone other than who it’s intended. I know I wouldn’t be ok with that. Good luck!!
  2. I’ve seen plenty of women here talk about a level of intimacy and affection in female friendships, it’s obviously very individual. Sure I think women tend to be more affectionate in general, but I’m not that affectionate with platonic friends. For me personally, intimacy/affection go hand in hand with sexual/romantic interest.
  3. I don’t think it’s too much to ask...sounds pretty perfect to me!
  4. I haven’t been over on the chat in a while, I kinda miss it there, I may return at some point if I can haul myself out of this rut. I hope you’re all behaving over there lol
  5. I’ve been a member here for two years now, I love shybi...this place has become crucial to my sanity. It is my safe haven when I need a place to breathe, my sounding board when I need to vent, and most importantly, my support system. You ladies are my therapists, my teachers, and my friends. I don't know how I would cope without having a place like this for self expression. Here I am free to be the me that I want to be, but can't in 'the real world'. Here I don't have to hide, or pretend, instead I can be emotional and vulnerable. Here, it's ok to be bisexual, and express my thoughts and feelings towards women. You may not always like what I have to say, or agree with me, but you listen, and make me feel heard. You make me feel truly grateful to be part of this community...I love it here... However...there is a downside...there's always a downside....envy! I'm not the only one who feels free to express my thoughts and feelings here, there are many many more of you. I love hearing about your lives and situations...understanding our similarities as well as our differences. Some of you I've gotten to know more personally than others, but regardless, I find everyone's story interesting. It's refreshing to see just how many of you are out there, confirming that I am not alone. The problem is, the more I learn about you wonderful women, the more I realize just how envious I am of you... Some of you are happily married to a man and successfully maintain an intimate relationship with a woman in addition to your marriage...I envy you...because you've managed to achieve my ideal situation. Some of you are involved in long distance relationships, whether it be your ‘primary’ or ‘secondary’ relationship, some maybe restricted to online. Even though that would be difficult, I still envy you...because you have the emotional connection. Some of you have explored your sexuality prior to your marriage but now feel incomplete because you miss that female connection...I still envy you...because you figured this shit out before settling down. Some of you have experienced mutual meaningful relationships with women (whether married or not) and for one reason or another parted ways and you've lost the love of your life...I envy you...because you've had such profound love to begin with. Others are single and feel lonely because you haven't yet found the right person...I envy you...because you're free to explore. Have you talked to your husband about your desires and he surprised you with his understanding and support? I envy you...because you can communicate openly. Have the perfect marriage but hoping to find that one missing piece of the puzzle? I envy you...because my puzzle has pieces scattered all over the floor and I don't know what goes where. I mean I could go on and all have different situations, and I'm truly happy for each and every one of you...but I'm also envious of you. You have something that I want, whether you have it now, or in the past, or may in the future... I wish I had the perfect marriage...I wish I had open communication with my husband...I wish he showed me support and understanding. I wish I was free to explore my sexuality in my own way, on my own terms. I wish I could have some of what many of you ladies here have, or had...I envy you!
  6. Dream without fear... Love without limits... Live without regrets!
  7. I’ve been in a monogamous relationship with my husband for the past 17 years, married for 10. Monogamy is definitely more suited for me personally, however, since I’ve acknowledged my bisexuality a few years ago, I feel a little boxed in with monogamy. I’m not quite sure why my views have changed, I would never consider having outside relationships with men, never have. But I desperately want to explore relationships with women...I know, that’s such a double standard..I feel guilty for wanting to go outside my marriage. I don’t want multiple women, just one, I tend to put my whole self into relationships, and really commit myself to making it work. Ideally I’d like her to be exclusive as well, other than her husband if she had one. But that really depends on the circumstances, mostly regarding distance and time spent together, and her specific needs. If being exclusive wasn’t right for her, for reasons that make sense to me, that wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me.
  8. A beautiful memory!
  9. My ideal situation would be... simply to fit into someone’s ideal situation... I want someone to look at me and honestly say, “yep, this is perfect”
  10. Life is short, and we don’t get to experience love enough in this lifetime, I think if you love someone, you should tell them
  11. Congrats, good for you. I semi quit nearly 10 years ago after I had an accident and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital without a cigarette. I only smoked occasionally after that, but quit entirely 2 years later when I found out I was pregnant, and never looked back. I wish you luck, you can do it, and you’ll feel great when you do.
  12. Welcome! This is a great place to gain perspective and get some insight, I hope you find it. It’s nice knowing there are other women out there with similar feelings. It’s awesome that your husband is supportive
  13. I’m thinking...that I think too damn much, and I need to learn to relax and trust the process
  14. Taking some time for myself and doing something just for me
  15. Myself, for having poor judgement and reacting too quickly