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  1. Welcome...although a bit late. Your name caught my attention...when I was a kid, all my younger cousins called me jenjen
  2. I thought you were saying that you continued seeing her with him knowing and not accepting. My husband and I have been in that strange place before...I was involved with a woman (sexting, not physical), when I came clean with him about it he had a bad reaction, he considered it cheating and just as bad as if it were physical. He was extremely hurt and it took us quite a while to get passed it. There are still trust issues (and probably will be for some time), but we’re in a better place, far from perfect though
  3. For the purpose of this forum, short and sweet probably works better. If it’s a little longer, definitely think about multiple instalments. You’re definitely not the only one who likes to read lesbian erotica, if you post it, people will read it. I think shorter might get more reads simply because not everyone has time to read long stories. If I were you I’d post it in this section rather than a blog
  4. In my opinion, labels are only important as it applies to understanding your own sexuality. It’s interesting to think about what those labels mean to you personally, but it’s not really necessary to ‘pick’ one of those labels. If you want to label yourself, you should do so based on how YOU feel about your own sexuality, but don’t take it too seriously, it’ll probably change and fluctuate with your views and feelings at different points in time. I like to think of myself as bisexual...simply bisexual, all this business of hetero-romantic, homo-flexible, fluid-sexual, etc makes my head spin. There are a million labels in the ‘gray area’ these days but I choose not to buy into it. I like to think about and understand how I feel about men and women sexually and romantically but I don’t feel the need to put a name on it.
  5. This really bugs me...I haven’t experienced this personally but I’ve spoken to others you have, and I really can’t wrap my head around why anyone would just vanish like that...with no explanation, no closure...I just don’t get it. Why leave the other person with so many unanswered questions? If they want to run for their own reasons, well that’s their decision and their right...but is it really that hard to give a quick explanation before making an exit?
  6. It is beautiful, but it comes at a cost. I’m not interested in meeting people for dating purposes, I’d just like to connect with like minded women in the ‘real world’
  7. Yes it certainly is. I feel very grateful for this place, it’s become my saving grace.
  8. I wish I had something like this available in my area...if only I didn’t live at the edge of the earth lol
  9. That’s a real shame. Hahaha, I love this reference
  10. If I could ‘like’ this post more than once, I would....this really sums it up perfectly...and it really resonates with me
  11. This thread really hits home...
  12. I’m 35, and like a lot of the other ladies have mentioned my general age range would be +/- 10 yrs. But those are more of an average based on worldly points of compatibility...not restrictions. As I said above, there’s something very intriguing about dating someone who’s life experience is very different from your own. Not to mention that a vast age difference can add an element of taboo, which could be very exciting. The thought of being seduced by an older woman really gets my blood pumping
  13. I agree with what @Hungry said about a vast age difference potentially causing some friction with the aging process. However I also think that a difference in age and life experience would make for an interesting dynamic. I think there are many different points of compatibility, age is just one of them
  14. That’s a shame...very cruel indeed @BenedettaC I’ve been very well behaved...may I stay and ‘observe’...please? This appears to be true...I can’t seem to look away