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  1. I will make a point to read it, although I seriously doubt I would practice it. I also live in a small area, there aren't many resources where I'm from. I can appreciate the concept of a poly life but if I were to explore it, my version would be just shy of monogamy. Or at least that's where my comfort level is at the moment. Not to say that could never change, two years ago I would have said I have absolutely no comfort outside of monogamy.
  2. Wow, I think this thread has drifted far away from its intent. Seems like @BenedettaChas been taking a bit of heat for her comments, unnecessarily I believe. I myself have been following this particular member because I value her point of view. She has more experience in life and in bisexuality than a lot of us, her opinions are worth taking into consideration. I'm pretty confident that she meant no offence in her comments but was rather voicing her opinions based on the vast experience she has gained throughout her life. ALL opinions are welcome here, except ofcourse discrimination, I for one do not view this as discrimination. This whole argument just goes to show how varied bisexuality really is, it means something different to everyone, and no one is wrong. Now getting back to the origin of this thread, I believe that mono vs poly, is a lot like straight vs gay, it's not cut and dry, there's a gray area. One's sexual lifestyle can be customized to their own personal needs and desires. If what I desire is monogamy, with a twist, than why shouldn't that be "a thing". I do enjoy reading about non monogamy and learning about the different relationship dynamics that exist outside of strict monogamy. But like bisexuality, I believe that non monogamy is varied and means something different to everyone, and no one is wrong.
  3. This makes sense to me, it's how I look at my own situation anyway. I crave what I've never had, maybe more so knowing I can't have it. It's the unknown, it consumes me, I've always loved the "idea", but there's no way if knowing how I'd actually respond to a real life situation. I truly believe that experience does play a role in "genderness" of non monogamy.
  4. Hi @Kathleen and welcome to the site. Beautiful story, I enjoyed reading it, I like long posts, best way to get to know someone here. I think you'll find that there are plenty of women here who relate to at least parts of your situation. I wish you the best of luck moving forward
  5. By sheltered I mean I have no exposure to anything that differs from traditional lifestyle. No exposure and no experience, and no prospect of change in that regard. The stuff I read here that is a normal part of life for many of the ladies here, is merely a fantasy world where I come from. There are no large LGBT events around here, no poly events, no sex clubs, no erotic massages (that I'm aware of). If any of that actually exists in my area without my knowing, I'm still sheltered because I'm completely oblivious to it.
  6. This is one of those instances where I curse the small town environment I live lok
  7. Hi there! Thanks for the follow :)

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  8. I'm not a mod but I think I can answer the question. I'm in mobile so I don't know if you see the same as me but under each post you make there's a green arrow and a heart followed by a number. You can click up on the arrow for positive reputation and that will add a heart, kinda like "like" in Facebook I guess. You can also click down on the arrow if you don't like it I guess. When you get a notification saying that someone has given you reputation just click on it and you'll be taken to the post in question where you can see how many "likes" you got it basically just replaces the old "like" system from my understanding
  9. Oh my!! This got my blood pumping lol. God I'm way too sheltered, I'm so jealous of all the excitement you ladies here get to partake in.
  10. AWESOME!!!! Sounds like a very eventful evening! Glad you had fun
  11. Wow, this was an interesting read. I find non monogamy fascinating, I've been meaning to read "The Ethical Slut", some day I plan to. I live a very traditional life in which monogamy is the only form of marriage. I'd never been exposed to alternate possibilities, being a member on this site has opened my mind to all sorts of things I never imagined possible. I fear I may be amongst the double standard group of women that @BenedettaC mentioned above. Partly because I don't yet understand the complexity of non monogamy, which is why I know I'm not ready to explore it. I selfishly admit that the idea of non monogamy had never entered my mind until I realized that I wanted to explore women. But that realization came from realizing how lonely I felt within my marriage. Like many of the couples in the article, I love my husband, sure he drives me crazy sometimes, but I dearly love him, and I want to grow old with him. But there are certain aspects of our relationship that have gotten lost, or maybe nothing is lost, maybe I've changed, maybe I want something new, something that was never there. I like the term @femmekat used above...gendered monogamy, only assuming I know what it means. I'm the girl who dreams of having a relationship with a married woman who's only exception to her monogamous marriage is me, and she's the only exception to mine. If my husband was to make that same exception I'd want the same scenario for him. I think my mind is somewhere between monogamy and polygamy, if there's such a thing. Since joining this site I've learned so much about myself, my desires, my sexuality, even my personality. My views on many topics have and continue to change as I learn and grow. I enjoyed reading this article, thanks for sharing it @celeste teal
  12. Wow, such a touching story, thanks for sharing. For some of us, positivity doesn't come naturally, it takes hard work and determination. It's much easier to see the positive in others as well as offer support and positivity when they see the negative. But when it comes to ourselves we have trouble seeing past the negative, but when we're pushed to look beyond the bad we realize there ARE positives, there IS good in our lives, we just need help to see it sometimes. I'm glad you have someone to help you see through the fog, keep pushing forward and believe that good things are ahead of you
  13. Hi and welcome to shys. There may or may not be more to it, but you shouldn't put too much emphasis on how to label yourself. There are tons of straight women who find themselves curious about being with a woman, some act on it and some don't. Some days I label myself as bisexual, others bicurious, but I appear straight and live a straight life. I've never experienced being with a woman in any way, some would argue that makes me straight, but they don't get to decide. I've stopped worrying about labels. I'm a woman married to a man, but I've realized that I also like women. How strongly do you feel? Do you feel it's just a fun little fantasy that you'll probably never act on? Or are your desires strong enough that you'd like to bring them to reality? For me personally, it's been a fantasy most of my life, one that I never imagined would become reality. But my feelings grew over time, it's become more than a fantasy, it's now something that I'd very much like to explore, but I'm not in the position to do that freely. Where does it sit with you?