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  1. I don't know how many of you like to read erotica, but if you haven't, you should give it a try. The effect it has on me is incredible. I'm no stranger to porn, its aesthetically pleasing, and awakens a physical desire within me.....but this....this rocks me to the core, it brings all my senses to life. Porn was created with men in mind (not that women can't enjoy it, I sure as hell do). But erotic literature is definitely made for the sensual mind of a woman. So I've started reading "Seasons of Love" (as recommended above), I was hooked even before the sex lol. I had a hard time putting it down, but I really need to get to know...after I take care of a couple things
  2. Not sure it matters the exact model, just look for something with a good curve for G-spot stimulation. More money doesn't always mean more pleasure.....but if it's really cheap it probably is for a reason. Most vibrators these days come without a remote and are rechargeable rather than take batteries, so look for that. This one has a really nice curve and won't let you down ;) This is a Canadian site so you'd probably want to check out the American equivalent
  3. Just realized how hilarious it is reading some of the posts I've made when first joining shys (almost a year ago). I've learned a lot about myself since then. My thoughts and feelings continue to change and evolve

  4. Good, I could use a hand.....or where did I put that silk scarf
  5. I don't think I could straight up ask someone what their sexual orientation is. Unless it was pretty obvious. If a person is sending strong vibes then they're not too concerned about hiding it, so are probably comfortable talking about it. Do you think this person suspects the same of you? If you're comfortable talking about it yourself then you could come out to them first, they'll most likely follow you.
  6. Almost there, just one more episode in S4 I like to take my time ;)
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. I've read the good reviews....on the list it goes. I've read some reviews on the author as well, seems she's quite good
  8. I'm still on season 4, love it though
  9. I do agree with sending a positive message, particularly since bisexuality is misunderstood. I think ultimately it comes down to your individual situation. Coming out while married is difficult because you have your partner to think about too. We're not the only ones facing judgement and criticism, our husbands will share some of that spotlight, not everyone wants to take that on. If you're comfortable coming out publicly and your husband supports you, then I'd say "give'r"
  10. Just a spin off of a similar thread.... I'm looking for some interesting reading material. I'm sick of reading about heterosexual relationships, I want to read about two women, something spicy lol. Something involving seduction, mild BDSM, similar vibe as 50 shades but without a man. Care to help a girl out?
  11. I've read a few by Maya Banks, I believe was her name, I can't remember the name of the series I read but I enjoyed it. I love reading erotica, but haven't read anything in a while, hoping to find something new to read. I've only ever read erotica revolved around hetero relationships but I'd love for the next one to be a little less straight lol. Might steal some of the recommendations above
  12. That doesn't sound dumb @Redbird2017 it's just honest. I think a lot of us continue to learn here. And don't be shy that members can see when you "check anything out", I assume you mean visiting profile pages, etc? This site is about supporting and connecting with one another. Sometimes if a member sees that you've visited their page it will entice them to view yours. I'm shy too, but I don't want to hide anything here so I've learned to let that go and just be myself
  13. I'm in a monogamous marriage so I don't see how coming out publicly is at all relevant. If we decided to give non monogamy a try, I'd probably still keep my relationships private out if respect for my husband. I'm out to two of my closest friends simply because I needed to talk to someone other than hubby. I'm not sure how I'd handle it if anyone asked, it would depend on the person and the context of the conversation. If that person was confiding in me with their own admission I'd absolutely do the same. If I knew the person to be the center of gossip then I wouldn't disclose any of my personal business. If I happened to meet someone who was openly bi/gay I would probably willingly come out to them just to have someone to talk to who actually gets it. Thats a lot of what if's. For now, as far as the world is concerned, I'm straight, and I'm ok with that
  14. Agreed....monogamy vs. non monogamy is a totally separate issue from sexuality struggles. Opening up a relationship presents the same obstacles regardless of gender dynamic. It seems like @nudous husband is struggling more with non monogamy than he is with her sexuality