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  1. @starcrossed, just a quick side note, if you want, you can tag someone by putting @ in front of their name. That way they’ll be notified that you’ve mentioned them
  2. Welcome! You’re right, everyone here is very supportive of one another, and this is a great place to get to know some like minded women
  3. Hi, and welcome! This is a great place to talk through your feelings with like minded women. Lots of different situations here, and different experiences, but everyone is welcoming and understanding. A lot of people underestimate online relationships, thinking that somehow it’s not as real as physical relationships. But you’ll find that there are plenty of women here who have some experience with online relationships, and understand the intensity that can sometimes be involved.
  4. Hugs!!
  5. Hi! Welcome to shybi
  6. I joined after the chat room lost function, I think it was more about technical issues rather than a decision to terminate it. There are a few of us using an outside chatroom of sorts on an app called slack, there aren’t a whole lot of active members there but it does provide the person to person interactions you’re referring to. There’s a thread about it around here somewhere, with a link, if you’re interested
  7. As I was reading through these comments, I was about to say this same thing. When I initially invisioned what represented a headwrecker and a unicorn, looks weren’t a consideration at all. Why should it be assumed that a woman’s physical attractiveness has anything to do with their personality?
  8. I love this @Punk Maneuverability, and I do think such unicorns exist, the problem is, they’re hard to find, and even if you’re lucky enough to find one, they’re often just beyond your reach.
  9. Haha, I love this...great advice!! My husband is very closed minded, he just doesn’t get it. But what I’ve learned is that his close mindedness has a lot to do with his insecurities. Maybe start by addressing those? He obviously feels threatened by your desire for women, a lot of men do...and for good reason, women leaving their male partners for their female partner is a pretty common occurrence. If it’s something you feel you need, then you should keep talking to him about it, don’t hold it in and let it fester, that will only lead to resentment...that’s the mistake I made and now I’m not sure how to recover from that
  10. Hmm, what do I look for in a girl? I’m not necessarily looking, but sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you find it... Someone who likes me for me, accepts that I am not perfect, appreciates all the minor details that make me who I am. Someone who above all else, can make me laugh, a good sense of humour is the key to my heart. Someone who I could spend hours just talking to without getting bored. Someone who is passionate and kind, sweet and honest, cares about all the cheesy romance stuff, and likes to be silly with me. Someone who is a straight shooter and doesn’t just tell me what she thinks I want to hear. Someone who respects me as much as I respect her. Someone who I connect with naturally, and conversation flows effortlessly. Just to name a few
  11. Welcome! This site is filled with supportive women who are in similar situations. I don’t think it’s necessary to know exactly what you want right away, chances are, what you want will change over time. Regardless, it’s great to talk with like minded women, share stories, advice, and just support one another. This place is perfect for that.
  12. Love, love, love this!
  13. Hi @Curiousangel427 and welcome to shybi. Yes, this is the right place, we have a great community of like minded, supportive bisexual women here. You are definitely not alone. Have a look around the forums, and you’ll find many more just like you, or similar to you. I hope you find comfort here.
  14. Try not to overthink this, don’t put pressure on yourself to define your relationship, it sounds beautiful so just enjoy it. I know that the possibility of a not so happy ending can be scary...but that’s always a possibility, in any relationship, in any situation. It would be a shame to allow fear to take away a chance at love. Emotional connections are hard to come by (in my experience), and they aren’t guaranteed to come with ideal circumstances...but it’s my belief that they ARE worth the risk. I heard this saying recently that really resonated with me... ‘love without limits, dream without fear’
  15. That’s awesome. I’m sure you enjoy your time together. Long distance relationships must be very difficult. I wish you well!