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    My son, I love being a mom, being of service, I'm a social worker. Laughing.. especially with those I love. Guitar, outdoors, any river, Lake, gold panning, off-roading, gardening, loving.
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  1. M Mmm. I'm liking your dreams!! Hot damn.!
  2. Why do graveyards have fences? Because people are die-ing to get in. Ba-dmp-dmp.
  3. Good to see u around again.. your written word has inspired many sexy thoughts. Welcome back. Hope u enjoyed a healthy summer
  4. I met a freind , actually here, and we chat and flirt. Exchange sexy pics and such. We never have met in person.We live in different states My husband knows I want to be with a woman and we Have been building up to the discussion of specific parameters. I have not shared with him I have a freind . Yet. He brought up the idea of a paid threesome which is not appealing to me , so I know he's open. She also is married. We both understand our families are priority and what we share is fun. For me it's important to keep a balance and perspective. I am excited for the day I feel comfortable enough to share my secret. Thankyou for not judging. Just being candid and open.
  5. Very sexy. Outstanding metaphors. Left me wanting your gifted writing always does.
  6. Very very hot!! Lately I have been having fantasies about being instructed in this sexy tale..i want to be told what to do and perform. Well written. Definite turn on. Will be playimg variations in my head for a bit.. i was super happy the story continued .. after he came..SPANKYOU. ...I MEAN Thank you. lol
  7. fantasy

    Let it rain. Let it rain!. Hehe
  8. Wow. Call me Chloe. Damn hot!!!
  9. You should absolutely write whatever you feel. Tipsy or not it was very real and open.. I live in a veil, often, blocked from feelings due to guarded intentions, so your ability to express at this level is admirable to me. It's better to put things out, in written form or any form of expression, Its Better than keeping it inside and eating at your inner being.
  10. I hope this written expression has given you a place to hold that intensity. Very raw and real. Thankyou for shareing
  11. I choose:

    To live by choice; Not chance. To make changes; Not excuses, To be motivated; Not manipulated, To be useful; Not used, To excel; Not compete,

    I choose self esteem, Not self-pity;

    I choose to listen to my inner voice; Not the random oppinion of others

    I strive daily to me nothing more than ME. 

  12. She never seemed shattered; she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she's WON!


  13. I was drugged in a club in new york... advice I received by bar tender.. Only take drinks that are unopened. Ikk m sorry this happened and trainted a fun experience
  14. I mainly do readings with the major arcana... I have a neat fairies deck . I've had it since high school. Have not used it much in recent years and neglected to charge it.
  15. Wow. Highly educating all the preferences and differences. I was convinced internal orgasms without clitoral stimulation were a myth. Thankyou for continuing to educate and open my horizons.. As for myself... vibrator on the clit is preference, but add in a finger barely inserted and wiggling in addition and I'm all O's...