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  1. Haha yes @tsikk I wouldn’t say full psycho analysis but it did leave me questioning the justice system.
  2. Have you read the owl theory? I read about it after I finished it and think it's totally plausible.
  3. I wanted to reach through the tv and throttle the attorney who basically wanted to hang him based on his sexual preferences. "Pure-T Filth"....I read up a little about the characters after and I think she's since been fired and left the profession.
  4. Just watched The season..if you liked Making a Murderer I'd highly recommend.
  5. Hello :)

    1. tnmom


      Hey hey!! :)

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      How's it going? Nice to e-meet you! :)

  6. It's a date!
  7. Massachusetts, I think, is the closest state to me that’s legal. And that’s not far from Canada, right? lol. I’m just in for a ride. There’s literally no state near TN where it’s legal. If you travel somewhere to purchase, you have to consider air travel back which sucks. And you’re still limited on the amount you can buy when you’re there. Insanity when you should be able to grow it in your own back yard.
  8. I am no expert but in my personal opinion, the edibles are an aphrodisiac for me. Like out of control let’s get it on stuff. I hate smoking it because my lungs feel like they may explode any second. Tincture is somewhere in between....but what I enjoy on a regular basis. @TBD78 I’m in on the road trip!
  9. I came across a Groupon for a laser and it has been the BEST THING EVER. I chose Brazilian but left a landing strip bc I’m a bit old school and can’t go all bare..but still...the lack of maintenance is the bomb.
  10. @blueberry I’ve never once felt checked out :( In my defense, though, I think there’s a severe shortage of bi women in my general area though lol.
  11. @Punk Maneuverabilitythey aren’t serious all the time and they get my sense of humor.
  12. I can’t even imagine the situations some kids face being sooooo rural. That kinda rural is much worse than what we experience. I do love it! But yes I’m a glutton for punishment and a workaholic probably lol. I used to love fifth graders (10/11 year olds). But after working with middle schoolers this past year (13/14), they’re my new fave.
  13. Heyyyyy! My kinda thread ;) I just finished my 16th year. 2 in 2nd grade, 8 in 5th, 6 in administration. The last 4 have been in virtual education. Last year I launched a virtual education program for my home district. Not your typical virtual ed...mine is relationships based. I see the kids every week and maintain mostly daily communication with them. I am TREMENDOUSLY passionate about education. I LOVE what I do! I am in TN and we are evaluated/evaluate under the TN sanctioned rubric. My district is extremely rural with little industry. This is why I was hired to do what I do. So hard to keep families in our school system when our county has so little to offer. Plus rural/low income families come with their own unique set of challenges. PS @Punk Maneuverability teachers are totally hot. ;)
  14. @Punk Maneuverability I don’t think this is quite specific enough. Could you give us more detail? ;) jk