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  1. Sorry to hear about what happened with your best friend, Ice. It's really sad she was so clueless, especially as you said that abuse was also physical. I guess sometimes people start justifying more and more behaviours to themselves as ‘normal', when from the outside, it's not. The behaviour from that guy towards you is inexcusable, and I can't really imagine the impact something like that would have upon you. It sounds like you did the best thing for you by walking away from your friend if she was going to stay with him after something like that. I spend alot of time dealing with both victims and offenders of domestic violence, be it physical abuse or emotional. They are both just as damaging. It's a shame not everyone is in a position to recognise the characteristics. Equally, I think you have to becareful classing someone else's relationship as toxic or ‘emotionally abusive’ when you don't really know what goes on. I feel for people in those kind of relationships, and I feel lucky I have never been in that situation. Like you, I hope they get put while they can.