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  3. I can relate to some of your situation. For some married bisexual women it's quite disirable to think about being in a loving, emotionally satisfying, and sexual relationship with another married woman. The thought of how this relationship would be is great, it seems like a way of having what you really want, without having to make many real changes to your life. Unfortunately the reality of being in these situations can be vastly different, especially when you fall in love. Your situation is difficult, there's no doubt about it. It sounds like you and your girlfriend have alot of love and respect for each other, despite of your marriages. There is nothing harder than falling in love with someone and not being able to have them. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. It's a really hard situation when someone says they want to be with you, but at the same time, are saying they can't. It's painful, and it does sometimes come across like she doesn't care as much. I mean, if she really wanted to be with you, she would right? If only things were ever this simple. Maybe she's giving you everything she is able to at the moment in her current situation. Maybe things will change in the future and she'll start to feel more comfortable about herself and who she is and what she wants, which might give her the courage to change her current situation and be more of a proper partner to you. Alternatively she might decide she can never leave, and will only ever be able to give you part of her. People and relationships need time to develop. I don't think that her saying she is not willing to leave her husband at the moment, means her feelings towards you are any less, but at times it will feel this way. This is why communication is so important, and being able to let her know when you feel like this is something you'll need to do too, otherwise you'll end up resenting her and holding her responsible for the hurt you're experiencing. It isn't necessarily her fault, it's just the reality of the situation she is in. She has the very real prospect that if she decides to pursue a proper relationship with you, she might lose her family. My girlfriends family are very religious, and she feels if they ever knew she liked women, and was to pursue anything further with me, she would be disowned by them. Her family means everything to her, and who am I to ever take that away from her. I could never and will never ask that. This is your girlfriends own personal situation to overcome, and you should try to separate it from the way she feels about you. Equally, you also deserve to be happy. If your girlfriend decides she can't give you a full time relationship, and you feel you cant handle that, there are plenty of women out there who want what you want, and who would give you all of them. It would take alot of time of course, but you may be able to find happiness with someone else. My advice to you is love like you have described doesn't come around often. Try to focus on what you do have with her, rather than what you don't, otherwise it'll feel unbareable. I wish the best for you both.