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  1. Storm9

    What Was The Last Pic You Took With Your Phone?

    You just wait until I get my hands on what's in the picture!!
  2. Storm9

    What Was The Last Pic You Took With Your Phone?

    What's the last pic you have taken now?
  3. Generally with women I have always been the more dominant one, however with my girlfriend I am probably more submissive. I enjoy both roles though. There's something about her telling me what to do that makes me unable to resist. Equally, there are times I want to dominate her and be in control.
  4. I am married, and in a relationship with another married woman. I wasn't looking for this specific situation, but of course I knew how much I liked women so it was always going to be a possibilty. We met online and live in different countries, but her and I had this chemistry which I couldn't ignore. Fast forward a year and I have fallen in love with her. She is the first thing on my mind when I wake, and the last thing on my mind before I sleep. She has become my rock, the person I turn to before anyone else. Unlike others on this post, I don't know what this means for me and my marriage. He's a great guy, and I guess he's my best friend, but I have no doubt that I want her.
  5. She's also very modest
  6. Are you excited for our shopping together baby? :angel:

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      Nope not happening. 

  7. Lol that was good! :angel:

  8. Hey 

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      Hey baby. Come into my bed

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      Xaxaxaxa OK  move over :evilgrin:

  9. The randomness of your post made me laugh. That line is actually from a song I love, which is weirdly related to this post as its about bullying/harassment/suicide for LGBT youth. Not to put a downer on things, lol. Anyway I love the lyrics and especially the line "it's always darkest just before the dawn, so stay awake with me, let's prove them wrong" And yes the content of the post differs a little from the title! Maybe we can change the tone and focus on how great relationships with women really are!!