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  1. I *might* miss you.
  2. So.... who likes salad? What is your favourite salad content? What kind of dressing do you enjoy?
  3. Heartbroken.

    1. JadeBleu15


      Girl I am so sorry. Leaving you a hug and some ice cream right here, I also have wine. **big hugs**

    2. Storm9


      Thanks..... I need wine

    3. bluebell


      I know the feeling :( hugs

  4. Welcome!
  5. Overwhelmed, sad, trapped.
  6. This is so random, it made me giggle
  7. I loved the end!
  8. I love your taste in TV shows :)

    1. Storm9


      Maybe we can watch them sometime :)

  9. Has anyone seen Red Sparrow? I recently went to the cinema to see it after hearing good things about it, and oh my god.... Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. I've never really had a thing for her before, but I was so attracted to her in this movie. At certain points in the film I was actually turned on. This hasn't really happened to me before in movies where the women are straight and I was quite surprised. I wonder if it's because im a bit more comfortable about being attracted to women, maybe subconciously im not trying to hide my attractions anymore? Anyway, I would recommend everyone goes to see it!
  10. I need to try really hard not to get into the same situation as before. I need to remember how hurt and confused she made me feel. I need to find a balance of being her friend and neither of us crossing the boundaries. We're both trying hard not to give in to temptation, but we won't be able to stay this strong forever.
  11. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the results to be different. 

    1. Fun


       Very true indeed!

    2. JadeBleu15


      I agree 100%