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  1. Storm9

    To all the UK ladies...

    No, I hear enough of that already!!
  2. Storm9

    Killing Eve

    I love Fleabag, I preferred the first season, but theyre both pretty funny
  3. Storm9

    To all the UK ladies...

    It is! I think it's been like it for so long now, I have no idea who is responsible!!
  4. I had never had phone sex before I met my girlfriend, and to be honest I had never really given it a second thought as I'd never really had a reason to do it. Since starting a long distance relationship my thoughts on the topic have changed dramatically, and now I am definately an advocate... Although phone sex will never replace the real thing, it's definately a nice substitute. There's nothing better than calling a woman and immidiately recognising by the tone of her voice that she's aroused....... and it's also great when an innocent conversation turns into something that turns you both on. In my opinion, letting someone hear you climax is a very intimate thing that makes two people feel very close emotionally, even if you can't be together physically. Sometimes it's so intense that all I need to do is listen to her breathing, and I feel like we're together. I think it's extremely important when you can't be with the person physically, to enable you to keep and build the intimacy that you miss out on by not being with each other.
  5. Storm9

    Killing Eve

    I was recommend to watch this by someone at work. I've watched about 4 eps of season 1 and I really like it. Im intrigued to see how the relationship (if you can call it that....) develops between the 2 women. I also like the dark humour
  6. Storm9

    What are you listening right now

    Tonight is all about 2005 emo.
  7. Storm9

    To all the UK ladies...

    Someone changed my work phone sat nav voice to a lady with an Indian accent. She gets so ferocious when she wants me to leave a roundabout. It makes me laugh every time.
  8. As alot of people have already said above, it's completely normal to feel insecure and self conscious when you're going to get intimate with a woman. I definately was. I think this is probably usual in any situation with any new partner.... but she's probably feeling exactly the same! The first time I met my girlfriend it was a mixture of excitement and worry. I was thinking why would this beautiful woman chose me? What if she doesn't find me attractive? What if she hates my body? What if she doesn't like how I kiss her? What if she doesn't like how I taste....? Etc etc. It probably also didn't help that an hour after we met for the first time ever, we were in bed together! As she said above, she felt confident and this showed, and it actually helped to relax me. When you're with the right woman, things just fall into place. As soon as she kissed me all my insecurities went out the window, and I forgot about everything other than me and her. The right woman will make you feel loved and wanted just the way you are. Everytime I get to see my beautiful girlfriend I feel the same self consciousness and insecurities, however these always leave the moment I lay my eyes upon her, and it's like they never existed. Plus...your eyes are amazing!! @kairi
  9. Storm9

    What are you listening right now

  10. Storm9

    Let's talk about salad

    Hey @blueberry, tell me what salad you've been eating recently.....
  11. Storm9

    Anyone watching Gentleman Jack? SO HOT.

    I started watching this tonight. As someone above already said, it only started in the UK last week so we only have one episode avaliable at the moment. I thought it was good. I do like a strong female lead character, and it's definately a bonus if they're into women. I did find a few of the flash backs painful to watch though. I've never really been into period dramas, but it has left me wanting to watch more.
  12. Thank you for your game of thrones input on this thread!!!!