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  1. That's ok....Google is pretty good at translating
  2. I'm free Wednesday Just kidding.....I'm not sure a night out with you could possibly be followed by work the next day! I have my friends birthday celebrations instead.....I'm just too sociable I guess I'm missing out on good gigs!
  3. Love Rae! Missing out on seeing her this weekend cos I have other plans I'm sure she's great live
  4. Beautiful song...beautiful vid....
  5. Such a beautiful song....
  6. I knew you were joking, don't worry. That's was my failed attempt at one back. Ha! Honestly, it's the only positive to come out of all this, for me. I think you've proved your loyalty to your husband now and after a while it just starts to feel like you're being punished for something you can't change and have no control over. Our last big fight was over this exact thing..... I was being punished and I couldn't live with it anymore and neither could he, so we talked and reached a compromise. The insecurities haven't gone away, we're just more aware of what the other person feels when we react like that. Either you'll give everything up in that moment or you'll find a way, together to keep going in a way that means you're both a little happier. He's afraid of it, but ignoring it doesn't change anything or make it disappear.
  7. I'm so sorry, I realise how that sounded now...I'm afraid that's me.....ever the optimist....looking for a positive in the shit storm I created. All I can say is that we were at that point of never mentioning it and it was killing me. It had to change and be acknowledged. We go on date nights and make sure we talk.....dinner (he's always happier with a full belly), a few drinks and then sit and talk as long as possible. I told him on one of those nights that I needed him to be ok with me talking about it. I wanted to be open about my desires and attractions and I wanted him to ask me questions because I hated it being some big secret. We took small steps from there. He's not always happy, but i do it anyway. But that's just me and definitely not right for everyone else. I'm actually in exactly the same position as @JESV. I've told him I can't promise I'll never meet someone and want to have a relationship of some kind and I understand if he can't handle that. I'm just being realistic and honest with him because I know myself....i know I love him....but I also know I have no control over my urges and desires. I would rather give him the option to walk away than suppress feelings I've already kept hidden for so long.
  8. You've all made great points. You're right @lostgirl78 you can't expect him to be ok with it and if it was the other way around you wouldn't be ok either. You made a promise to each other after all. But....from my personal experience....coming out to my husband, has affected our relationship in a negative way. He encouraged me to explore, was excited by it, but once I'd had a taste of it, he got scared and was uncomfortable and insecure. Now I'm constantly watching my every move and making sure he's happy. My affection towards him can be forced at times and emotionally draining. When he was ok with me exploring, I loved him so much more for it and we were in a good place. The thought of us separating never crossed my mind because I had him and we were happy. Now the slightest thing can cause an argument. I can't change what's happened, I can't regain his trust, at least not fully, and I wish he would believe me when I tell him that I don't want to leave him. But all that is my doing, not his, it's just the way it is and I don't regret telling him. On the plus side, I can talk to him about my sexuality. It's not some big secret to lock away and forget about. He doesn't always like to hear it but we can laugh and joke and check out attractive women etc and I love being able to do that with him. I feel like if I hide it completely, as if it isn't there, it won't do any favours to our relationship. It's part of me, it's who I am, and in all honesty, if he can't accept me for that then we can't be together. I know it's a big deal to expect him to accept it but I can't change who I am either! Everyone is different, I understand that.....I'm just trying not to lose myself in the process of figuring it all out.