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  1. Always happy to help @kairi Sorry you didn't get to see it though. it's hot!!!
  2. Ok, so this isn't the official video for this song, because there isn't one. But I love this song it's a sexy video so it's going on here!
  3. Maybe our paths really have crossed before........
  4. I think we've found the slogan for that radio show of ours!
  5. Was that too much information? I can only apologise @kairi Think I need a cold shower this morning!
  6. I also need convincing on that one. But I don't like too much friction so the wetter the better!
  7. @BenedettaC jamiroquai and fatboy slim. Bringing back great memories of 2 great concerts. I remember seeing fatboy slim performing on Brighton beach when I was about 19/20. One of the best nights ever. Think he's doing another next year!
  8. Heard this version the other day and loved the laid back melody and vocals. Chaka Khan still rules, obviously.
  9. @JadeBleu15 your trolls post made me think of this one. I love this version. My daughter sang it in a play and it made me cry so it feels extra special
  10. How could I possibly forget your promises.... especially the education! @ChemFem I'd happily volunteer my services if it helps the community
  11. I have so much to learn kairi. Shall I cancel my plane ticket then??
  12. Lol! There's nothing angelic about that comment @kairi Of course I'll show you mine if you show me yours...... for research purposes of course
  13. I can tone it down if I have to but I enjoy it so much more if I'm vocal. I usually take a deep breath in right before, so there's a lungfull of appreciation on release. The extra intake of oxygen helps intensify it too, apparently, works for me anyway.