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  1. @xxshy-bixx I'm interested to know how you're doing now? I've seen my sister go through this and it's heartbreaking. Her husband is emotionally abusive and it took him years, but eventually he managed to ensure that she's has ended up being completely isolated. She has no independence, no friends,and has pushed away every single family member. And, sadly, there's not a damn thing we can do about it because he hasn't physically hurt her, yet. No matter what we all say to you it's something you're living and have to go through. We can only tell you what we've seen and experienced and no one should be spoken to that way. What might seem minor at first is just the start of control and breaking someone down. I really hope you've been able to get through this and have support.
  2. This is brilliant! My favourite is definitely this one though: 27. Margaret Thatcher ‘If you want something said ask a man, if you want something done ask a woman.’
  3. This is one of my favourite pieces of music. There are so many emotions that run through it. The original is about 7 minutes long but this is the only version I could find on you tube that isn't blocked in the UK. Anyway, assuming you can hold out for the whole piece, I'm hoping it has the same affect on you as it does me.
  4. Thank you so much for sharing this @Dragon_momma It's something that I've been thinking a lot about recently. Primarily why, after we achieve our dream of the 'perfect life', do we still have that overwhelming feeling of a void that needs to be filled. Ultimately we all just want to be happy. A very interesting read.
  5. It's an emotional but beautiful one.
  6. Feisty, handfuls, and a challenge......just sounds like a list of your favourite things @BenedettaC
  7. Of course! I'll book you in
  8. Get cracking then! Time is precious
  9. 'Not that naughty' !!?? @kairiOf all the people here you're definitely up there on the naughty list. Oh the threesome is on and @BenedettaCis driving by the sounds of it. I'm sure you could easily handle both of us and I promise I'll do as I'm told. I do love to learn new skills!
  10. HAHA! I'm always up for a little corruption. Don't need any encouragement on the naughy side though.
  11. Me?? Trying to tempt you?? Surely not But my christian girl isn't fully asleep yet....just sayin' Can I go back in time and visit these clubs with you and Madonna please??