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  1. Subtly sexy definitely works for me @BenedettaC Loving Banks music right now too. I posted underdog on another thread.
  2. Rose and Rosie. Especially Rosie as she's bisexual and her vids helped me a lot.
  3. Amazing meteor shower over the UK this evening. And we actually have clear skies to enjoy it too! That almost never happens! 

    1. JadeBleu15


      I am hoping to catch a glimpse here in US :-)

    2. lsroses


      I really hope you do. They weren't little glimpses either, they were beautiful, bright streaks that you couldn't miss. Most definitely wish worthy :)

  4. If you'd like to hear similar classical/acoustic pieces that I love, just say the word and I'll happily share. Hope you're well? :)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. lsroses


      And I appreciate a little teasing so I guess we're both happy!:P

    3. Hungry


      Haven't forgotten you, you might be waiting awhile though. I'm sorry! 

    4. lsroses


      Don't apologise silly! Things are beyond crazy right now!

  5. You're most welcome Enchanting is the perfect word for that piece of music
  6. Well if it isn't my favorite Italian!I guess i am back here with a little help from my friends of course :P Some of them are pretty amazing i must say!

    1. lsroses


      Aww, see, everything works out in the end. Glad you didn't stay away too long :)

  7. Thanks CC. What an overwhelmingly complicated journey this is. Fortunately we have this place to remind us that we're not alone.
  8. I love that, "we're not surprised you're way too good at DIY." You're a skilled professional :D 

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    2. Hungry


      Yeah and that's what makes you great. Plus it's always good to have something to surprise people with and it is a rather attractive trait if I may say so..:wub:

    3. lsroses


      Thank you for being so kind! Yes you may say so :air_kiss: :D

    4. Hungry


      No worries, anytime :wink: 

  9. I got called a feminine tomboy the other day. How's that for a label @BenedettaC? But I think it describes me quite well actually. A little mixture of both. Long hair, make up always done. I dress comfortably, wear what I want, not what the magazine's say I should be wearing, (although this winter I'm totally rocking the combat boots!) I wouldn't know what the giveaway looks of a lesbian or bi woman were anyway. It's more of a quality isn't it? The few people I've told were surprised at first but then were like "yeah, that makes sense, you're way too good at diy!" So clearly nothing to do with how I look! Best to switch your gaydar on and not rely on signs, I think. And the same with projection. The day of stereotypes has somewhat gone now. People are more comfortable having a little individuality and being themselves, rather than what other people think they should be. So its hard to tell and the only way of letting people know is to be vocal about it.
  10. Don't tell me I've finally got you under control?? I shall enjoy this moment.....
  11. I swear I don't know what you mean young lady. I'm just a good girl who likes to educate herself.
  12. Do you mean my Avatar? No, it's me, sitting in my car! Not quite as glamorous as Atomic Blonde. Although if you're likening me to Charlize I am absolutely taking that!! 'Personal cheeses'....haha!!!... It's the only way I'm singing it now!
  13. This guy is brilliant!
  14. I've watched that clip so many times and it still makes me laugh! Love Dara o' Briain! But have always been too late to get tickets to his show.
  15. One of my all time favourites