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  1. Beautiful gif sequence @celeste teal
  2. Is that the sound of a can of worms being opened.....???
  3. I think it depends on the individual. I was never like that, mainly because I was so scared of being found out. And if any of my friends were like it with me I was rather uncomfortable, again for the same reason. So I don't think someones sexuality could be assumed from that really Only one person broke that for me.....My best friend is generally flirty, but very affectionate with me. I know she's straight and only behaves that way because she's comfortable and 'safe' with me. And I'm comfortable too because it's just the way it is with us. I always loved that I could have that girly connection without her getting weird about it. She'll cuddle me, hold my hand and tell me she loves me and I have never once read into it any more than friendship. We've been friends for 15 years and she's like a sister to me. So yes, I agree it can be totally platonic. You would have to look at the bigger picture to assume any differently. For instance, my friend and I can go days and weeks without contact, but if we couldn't stay away from each other I would probably believe there was more to it.
  4. I think there might be some truth in your theory @Violetta. Many (not all) women will assume a man takes control, because that's how we've been programmed to respond. So we tend to let them lead, and end up believing that we're submissive because that's how we are with men, especially in a LTR. Then we're faced with pleasuring a woman and we're given the opportunity to reverse those roles a little, when in actual fact you're probably quite dominant anyway, you just don't get to do it with him. So it's a valid point, and maybe we consider women to be more equal in some way, or, for some, inferior. Though I must say, even if you believe you're in control, she's still in charge, you just have no idea how much. My other theory is that it's easy for a man to reach orgasm, and if he's a considerate lover and has made sure your needs are met during foreplay etc, then it's only really about the 2-3 minutes required for him to be satisfied so what you want cos I'm quite happy here. Then there's women......and the pleasure needs to build slowly, and you have a pretty good idea of what to do cos you know what you like, and you want to hear the incredible sounds she makes and know that you're the one that's doing that to her. It's just generally more satisfying for both of you and likely why men prefer being in control too......because women have an incredible ability to give you pleasure by being pleasured! Amazing!
  5. Great news that everyone is on board and things are working out for you! Sorry about the accident though.....Thank goodness you're ok.
  6. Thank you for keeping us updated. I think we all wish we had the answers, but I admire you so much for having the courage to leave and be true to yourself. And in the long run, if you know you're truly gay, you're doing the best by him by allowing him to be with someone who can give themselves completely. You worry if you can make it through all this, but is the alternative staying with a man who doesn't make you happy? Try not to let outside influences affect your decision. The way I see it, people come into our lives for a reason. Of course you will have gone through a lot together and maybe you needed him to get through that. But maybe that chapter has closed and you no longer need each other for the the next stage. You'll know when you've made the right decision, so take your time. Sounds like you've got a good man and partner who's trying to support you, which is great, and will hopefully lead to an amicable split, should that be what happens. Please let us know how things go. Wishing you all the best!
  7. Beautiful.......
  8. Good luck today @She’sBi You sound like you're very sensible and are sensitive to your husbands needs in all this, so I hope all goes well. Interesting that your bi curiosity started shortly after your libido shot up. A similar thing happened to me when I came off the pill and had no more hormones keeping things at bay. Though I knew I was attracted to women at a young age and had kept it locked away for many years. I just found the key with raging hormones in my mid thirties! Yes, please do keep us posted!