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  1. Sometimes we all need a giggle to cheer us up a bit. I saw this sketch about wonder woman today which I wanted to share with you and hopefully make you smile. Anyone who's seen the film will appreciate this, I'm sure. Hopefully you can share your favourite sketches, jokes and you tube videos too.....
  2. Hi @crystalline This is a tricky one, especially if this is your first crush too. The good news is that his feelings are reciprocated! The bad news is he has issues that he needs to work through, but he also sounds pretty great to have been so honest with you about how he's feeling and what he's going through. I think it's totally your choice if you feel you want to wait for him. However, don't be so focused on him that you miss an opportunity that comes your way. There's a small chance that he might never be ready for a relationship with you and that this was a line to let you down easy. I really hope it wasn't!! But you never know. I'm sorry I'm not much help, but yeah, don't stop looking for someone that really does think your worth it and is ready to be with you. Make sure you're honest with him if someone else does come along, and keep communication open, to preserve the friendship, if that's what you want. Hope it works out for you. Keep us posted!
  3. @TxCamillaJust because your marriage is ending, it doesn't mean you stop caring about him. You're not a big failure at all. You're being there for him in his time of need and I would probably do the same thing to be honest. However as @MidnightBabe said, set a date to leave, and stick to your original plan. Make it clear to him that you're there to support him but it doesn't change your sexuality and the fact that you both need to move on. You will likely feel guilty for leaving him again, but you mustn't stay for the wrong reasons either. This is about your future happiness too. Good luck!
  4. Such a sexy song, and her voice is just stunning!
  5. Just watched Ariana Grande Side to Side video - I now have a new favourite song and an overwhelming urge to join a spin class Any music videos that have caught your eye? I really need to do some work today! This is very distracting.
  6. Welcome to the site @CherryBlossom There are many women here in your situation. Have fun navigating the site and feel free to share your story if you want to.
  7. @BenedettaC naughty forum is a great suggestion!! Hope something comes of it. @CallistoDidNotWin No hard feelings here at all. There never were. Only an opinion, cos for the first time in my 2 years here I was a little uncomfortable and was compelled to say something. That wasn't down to the content, cos to be honest I didn't want to read them after I'd got the gist, so don't know how far it went. It felt like I was invading a private moment. There were other threads that went this way too so wasn't limited to this. Anyway, I thought that was clear and tactfully spoken of in my original post, but I guess not. With regards to your second point. I assure you that most of the women that join, require an outlet of some kind, away from the restrictions of the real world. Myself included. But I assure you it is far more satisfying between two people (or more) in a private setting where you can really get to know someone instead of tailoring it for general view. If it's what you need, then interact, build strong connections, and give it a go. Please don't ever think you can't express your thoughts and desires here. You absolutely can!! There's just a way of doing it while still being respectful to other members and the general public that will be looking at the site, and some of us older members are a little protective of the place. Maybe too much, and I apologise if anyone felt victimised or that they couldn't be themselves. That certainly wasn't intended. So yes, lets all just get along shall we. I do hate arguments!
  8. Welcome to the site Claudia. I'm sorry you're going through a confusing time. Promise you, we've all been there. How do you know you're bisexual?.......You know you're bisexual when women turn you on, basically. That could remain in fantasy land, where you get off on it but don't want the real thing, or you could meet someone that makes your body tingle in all the right places and act on it. Sexual attraction is still there even if you don't do anything about it. Truth is you don't have to label yourself or think you need to feel one way or another. Some people are attracted to women generally. Others will suddenly fall for a woman, completely out of the blue. Could be that they then identify as bisexual or could just be that gender doesn't come into it and this one person has changed their life. So I guess my advice would be to acknowledge the attraction and follow what your body tells you with whoever makes you feel that spark. You may find that your curiosity becomes more sexual should you meet that one person that presses all the right buttons, so to speak
  9. Wow! Yes, you have a lot to deal with. Knowing you're not straight is hard enough to accept, let alone throwing religious background and a judgmental community in the mix. I can't relate to everything but I know what it's like to try and paint a pretty picture and make sure everyone else is happy, while losing yourself. The general view is changing, but there will always be people that make it hard. We can either let them get to us, conform to the ideal......or you can choose to be happy and be the real you. There is ALWAYS a way out, a better community, a safe place, even if it doesn't feel like it. But it takes time and effort. You should never rely on others to be there 24/7. That will only ever lead to disappointment. You need to find a way to be comfortable in yourself first and foremost, and it sounds like you're in the process of figuring that out now. Those that love and support you will always be there for you, one way or another.
  10. @Rani You're welcome to tell me to fuck off and mind my own business. I would deserve it, and I probably should have kept my mouth shut and stayed away. But please don't let my view detract you from the purpose of this site. It seems you have a lot on your plate atm, away from this, and we are always here to support you as best we can, which is what this site is about. @blueberry and @kairi are both correct, and I'm sorry you've taken the hit from my comment. There were several others participating and this isn't even your thread, so it wasn't specific to you, even if you do have a way of heating others up, which is an impressive skill, I must say! So rather than question why, just say, "You're entitled to your opinion Lsroses, but as long as people are going along with this we'll carry on as we are thank you". At which point I will happily return to where I should be......under my rock, and leave you to have your fun.
  11. My perspective on this is slightly different. I was raised in a strict religion so i can sympathise to a degree. When I married my husband I left that religion. They didn't allow marriage to anyone that wasn't of the same faith. I lost all my friends and the life I was born and raised into. I did have my family but they didn't make it easy for me. But I have no regrets whatsoever. The friends and social circle I have created since then have been more loyal to me and more like family, than the people I grew up with. It didn't happen overnight. It's taken 15 years for me to build these connections, but it was totally worth it, and I don't miss my old life in the slightest. So don't be afraid of losing people who would cast you out so easily, because there are many that are waiting to welcome you with open arms. You just have to let them. Yes, the world can be cruel and people will always judge what they don't understand and have strong opinions of how people live their life. But when you look at the people and things around you that really matter, you'll see you're surrounded by love, and that's what you need to focus on, which it seems you do when times get tough. You're very lucky to have an understanding, loving girlfriend, and I think you know that, and it keeps you going. I gave up everything I had ever known for the man I loved. So as long as it doesn't put either of you in danger, do you think thats something you could both do if it meant you could be together? What would ultimately make you happy? Your ideal? I know the thought of being in a hetero marriage while still having a girlfriend might tick all the boxes, but it can be so hard to navigate. And are you really being fair and true to yourself if you do? The point is it really shouldn't matter what anyone thinks! I don't know what it's like for you so it's probably really easy for me to say. People will always have opinions and there's nothing we can do to change that, but you can choose to tell them as little or as much as you want. It's really none of their business anyway. Your private life is your own!
  12. @Rani the world is a wonderful place and you should freely speak and express yourself. There are many channels available where that can happen. Personally, I think you need to really click with someone in the threads before pm'ing them. It can be very intimidating for many, and nobody can really trust the internet and a stranger getting personal without learning something about them first. So don't take offence if someone doesn't get back to you. There are many here that are closetted to one degree or another, myself included, and this is a great outlet to channel all those thoughts and feelings. My worry was seeing a newbie post that this was an unfriendly place because no one had commented on her thread, which I think was really sad. I think it was down to people missing it in the news feed. That often happens where a thread takes off, but it tends to happen for a day or so and ease off. But it felt like shys was losing its shine and focusing on a subject that was quite specific, instead of being supportive to those struggling. But I can see you're struggling too and clearly going through a hard time so I hope I didn't offend you. The fantasy world is a great escape. It's not about having unrealistic expectations, its about somewhere you can be yourself and have fun. Life in the real world is whatever you make it, and that could even include making those unrealistic fantasies a reality, if thats what you want.
  13. I LOVE hot and heavy I can be specific to the one person it's meant for! Getting to know someone, making that connection, finding out what makes them tick and hitting those virtual "sweet spots" of their imagination......really gets me going!! Now, seriously, I don't want to spoil your fun, and I love a cheeky thread, but I feel like this is quite personal. Normally I would just ignore it, but some of the newbies threads are getting lost in a sea of posts following very private scenarios between you, and has led to people thinking they're being ignored and leaving. However, you could really go to town with this in a group pm!!....just saying, seeing as you guys are on a roll here and should definitely enjoy it if it's doing something for you. Just might be time to move it between you? You can hate me.....It's fine
  14. That looks like a great race. Not too tricky. Haven't done that one myself but am used to running here so hope this helps. Tbh it's turned pretty cold here now and will be worse for you if you're not used to it. I went for a run yesterday morning and it was about -1C with wind chill so a long sleeve warm sports top and jumper were definitely needed. Would recommend a Buff or similar head band to keep your ears or neck warm too. And yes, weather depending, take a light weatherproof jacket in case it's raining.
  15. Everyone reacts to pleasure in their own way, regardless of gender, an orgasm is still and orgasm. But men generally get there much faster, so there's a good chance that in your eyes he will be less expressive than a woman in comparison. Best to approach it without any expectations, and experience whatever happens with that person in the moment. Ask them what they like, and as others have said.......listen and learn!!
  16. A great, positive post! I totally agree! I've worked for several companies and those that worked best always had women on the board. I worked for an all male company where I was the only woman that sat in on the meetings, not on the board, but that co turned to shit from their greedy male egos. When there's an equal M/F balance it works brilliantly! Women are far more capable than they're given credit for, unfortunately they miss out on many places in society because they're viewed as risky. Employers won't hire a married woman in her 20's/30's in case she gets pregnant and leaves. I was even asked once in an interview if I was planning to have a baby soon! That's not allowed these days but it goes to show what they were thinking at the time. Luckily I've earn't respect over time and the gender pay gap is being scrutinised and reviewed by many companies. I see too often that women totally rely on men and lose themselves in the process. Many are stuck in the life they have because they have nothing of their own and would struggle without them. In my view, if you want it, go out there and get it! There's always a way! The only strength men have over women is just that, physical strength, and even then, if a woman wants to be as strong as a man she can train to be that way, she just has to work a little harder, as always, but she's used to that.
  17. My thoughts exactly. You can feel the ripples running through them in that moment with the slightest touch. Beautiful!