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  1. Welcome @crystalline All I can say to you, is that you're very lucky to have queer friends that you can talk to who have likely been through the same thing. I wasn't that fortunate and my circumstances meant it took till I was in my thirties to finally admit the rush of feelings that a woman could give me were definitely more than just admiration, or comparing myself. People will always have their own opinion, but you shouldn't live your life around what others think and their opinion on your love life really doesn't matter. It's unlikely that many of the friends you have right now will be the same ones you have in 10 or 20 years time, so focus on the people that love and support you. You don't need to 'come out', don't go looking for a particular person to date. If you connect with someone, gender shouldn't be an issue and you should enjoy the relationship for what it is. The important thing is that you're confident and happy in yourself and don't look back on the missed opportunities in your life because you were worried about people labelling or judging you. Do what feels right.
  2. I can't tell from your post but are you worried about something that hasn't happened yet? Or are you already falling for her? What's the nature of your conversation so far? Is it more than friendly? Is it a concern that you want to tell her about without sounding needy, or are you worried about how you'll behave around her if you did fall in love? Women are generally more understanding and reassuring because they've probably experienced it themselves, so you shouldn't worry about seeming needy if you're being honest with her. So if you've built a close friendship, and this is something you want to talk to her about, you should be able to say how you feel without being judged for it. It's not as if you're confessing your love, just the possibility of it happening. But that absolutely depends on the depth of your friendship and your answers to the above questions. You might scare her off if all you've done so far is had general chit chat about the weather and the kids! So tread carefully.
  3. I'm Cancerian and chinese Rooster. I've always been drawn to stronger, less emotional signs, like Capricorn and Taurus, romantically and for friendship, we just click. I ended up marrying a Taurus, and while we disagree on so many things, we balance each other too. Aquarians seem far more balanced and logical than I am. My Aquarian friends talk sense to me and say the right thing when I need it! I was hurt by an Aries, but I don't think that had much to do with his sign and more to do with his ego! There's another thread here that gives Virgo's a bad rep, but I think they're awesome and interesting and passionate, which fascinates me, and emotionally I can relate to them a lot. Other than that, I haven't had much experience of other signs. Apparently I'm most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Married Taurus, dated and very attracted to Virgo, had a crush on a Scorpio, but never met or clicked with a Pisces, as far as I know.
  4. Exactly this!! Only thing could add is passion.....not just sexually, but it could be an interest or work. I love it when someone is driven and talks passionately about something with enthusiasm, almost getting lost in it....and I can just sit back, smile and listen while she reels me in....always makes my heart beat a little faster....
  5. It's such a difficult thing to go through. I wish you the best of luck! At least you have us here to talk to when you need to. Keep is posted!
  6. I'd like to be trimming the grass on the edge of my lawn, but my strimmer ran out of battery half way around.....I know, I know, too exciting! But once I've finished that I'm definitely up for this beach holiday you're all talking about! Just me and her though, enjoying every moment together, sunsets, pool, prosecco, and not having to worry about unfinished gardens and bad battery life. Ahhh if only for a moment......
  7. Shhhhh......the nice lesbian lady is telling the world we're the magical mix of a perfect girlfriend.....lets enjoy this for a moment..... However....i totally see your point too.... Football......yawn! But I understand the offside rule, always a dad winner Baby showers!!??? Hell no! Invite me to the pub please....I'll have a drink for you A billion beauty products?? Perfectly manicured/waxed??.....Hahaha how much money do these magical bisexuals have to spend on all this perfection? Specifics and stereotypes aside it's an uplifting article amongst all the bi hate that we see and I can't fault her for that.
  8. Thank you
  9. In answer to your question on platonic friendships......Yes it is normal, especially when you're best friends. Some women are just very tactile and she clearly appreciates your beauty and is attracted to you. That doesn't mean she has any sexual attraction to you.....she may just enjoy the closeness and intimacy that many of us crave and lack from our (likely male) partners and she's comfortable with you and feels safe doing that. I think it's wonderful that she's been accepting of your sexuality, but I also think it's a little unfair to up the physical contact, knowing that you can easily fall for her. So it makes me wonder if she's doing this because she wants attention, and enjoys the tease, or whether she actually wants something to happen between you. Personally it sounds like she's curious too but clearly adamant that she's straight.....just to avoid confusion or to confirm to herself that she hasn't led you on in any way. Honestly, I've seen this happen before and it will eat you up and confuse you further unless you address it and are more direct in your questioning of what she wants from this friendship. Has she ever kissed a woman before? Does she question the closeness you have? The relationship? The fact that you're the first and last person she thinks about during her day?? All this suggests much more than a friendship but she may not even be aware of it. Is she single or is she also married? The alternative to facing it head on is just to give it time and see where it goes and if you have the patience and emotional strength to let her lead then it could all work out in your favour. In the meantime, enjoy the friendship for how special and rare it is to find such a strong connection, if you can get those fantasies under control. It really is a confusing and emotional situation to be in so keep us posted and I wish you the best of luck.
  10. Love this article! It's so positive and made me smile.....Thanks for sharing
  11. I did a test recently which measured me as 57% Extrovert so I'm a fairly even mix. I'm quite sociable but I get anxious if I don't know many people or I'm out of my comfort zone. I can make conversation with almost anyone, and like meeting new people, but I've also been told that I'm really hard to read at times, so I'm definitely working on that. I'm just hard work so I'm grateful for the few that stick with me and make the effort to figure me out!
  12. @Violetta Good song to start the day
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  14. Excellent points already made and I agree with what these ladies have said, it's your happiness that's important in the end. You should be able the love who you want. @Vampire had a good point....if your mum is supportive then let her deal with your dad. It's such a wonderful thing that you have her on your side and despite what your dad says, he will always love you. It doesn't sound like you're in any danger, as some do experience this, sadly, so I hope you can find happiness with whoever that might be. I don't think anyone, regardless of their views, can ever disown a person they care about when they can see that they're ultimately happy and content. That's all anyone wants for their loved ones. And if they don't then they're really not worth having in your life. But it sounds like you're well aware of that already. I'm out to very few people, and most of my family are opposed. But it wouldn't stop me being honest with them if I met someone special. I would probably just be respectful when I was around them, and would expect the same in return. But omg.....who are these people in your life that are telling you to "just be with a man" ??? As if being bi means you should just make this choice! Please don't listen. Fall in love with whoever you damn well want, and deal with the negative comments afterwards. Don't make the mistake of living your life and making choices to constantly please others. Trust me....if you'll turn around one day and hope to god its not too late to change the course of your future and be truly happy. I wish you the best of luck. It will be hard at times but you'll get there.
  15. The original in '92.....not the remix from a few years ago.
  16. Ahhh...... @blueberry ....... I can never stay away from shyland for too long!
  17. I haven't had much chance to come on here recently but I feel like I've got a lot to catch up on. Slack sounds rather interesting and yet another thing I'll end up getting way too addicted to so I think I had better hold off for the time being or I'll get in trouble. I'm sure us hardcore shys members can keep this place alive until the problems are ironed out though. Suppose I had better get commenting sharpish!
  18. It's good to be cautious and sensible with online dating.....that goes without saying, but try not to overthink it. If she wants to hang out, it suggests that this is a casual meet just to see if there's chemistry in person. I've met people that I've chatted to online and it's not scary in the slightest. My advise would be that you keep it just the 2 of you. Don't get the mutual friend involved. Go to the pub for a relaxed drink, maybe have dinner, and let the conversation flow. If you want to keep it even lighter, and stay sober, then go for a coffee, shopping etc. Just discuss what you would both be comfortable with and go from there. It's a first meet so don't put pressure on yourselves to have an official fancy date or it will add to the nerves you're already feeling. I only have one question.....why aren't you sure you want to meet someone yet? Do you mean in terms of having a relationship or just meeting someone that you're chatting to?
  19. @ScarletOnIce This is literally one of my fave things to read!! I look forward to every installment, and the slow burn is wonderfully intense, for me anyway. If this is meant for someone special, and it's your description of what would happen, then just say whatever you want to say. You write beautifully and I think we'll love it regardless of how long it takes so keep going and stop teasing us please!!
  20. Welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll have a great time poking around the threads and reading people's stories. Feel free to comment on anything too. We're a friendly bunch
  21. Helpless, angry, frustrated, there a reset button I can hit now??