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  1. Ha! Yes I have! And we're still friends so it's ok You're right....concentrate on yourself for a change. When you're safe in yourself everything around you will fall into place
  2. You shouldn't keep your thoughts from coming out. It's all part of the healing process. Keeping them inside will only feed the negative feelings you have. You're a strong woman. Believe It!
  3. Screenshot_20180317-142848.thumb.jpg.c704729ef9a26edac84c21762daee5c5.jpg

    Stay strong ladies :D

  4. I was very aware of my sexuality from a young age, but circumstances meant l suppressed it for most of my life before finally accepting that these feelings were real and weren't going away. I didnt have the internet or sites like you tube when i was a teenager, but it's helped me massively now. I stumbled across these lesbian you tube vloggers called Rose and Rosie, via a comedian i was following on social media. I started watching their videos, and others, which opened up a world I'd locked away for a long time, and eventually led me to shys. I think You Tube deserves a thread of its own, showing vloggers, discussions, interviews, music videos, short films, funny sketches etc.....anything really, as long as it's something that helped you or moved you when you watched it. Here's one to get started but I'll keep adding....
  5. Had to include a little fun with my favourite you tubers too....
  6. Yes, I've seen this one too and loved it. There's something very gentle and sensual about it, but I especially like the mix of interviews included too
  7. That made me emotional too. I know I'll never have that either but the mum in that vid was amazing.
  8. I've never seen this channel before so thank you for sharing it. I've just watched a couple of celeb coming out interviews and they're very good.
  9. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up and I LOVED watching this film over and over.....I still do actually. I pretty much watched everything with Doris Day after this. Thanks for posting
  10. Can't have a 90's thread without Enya....
  11. It's an Enya kind of day....relaxing at home.....watching the snow fall.....deep in thought....and remembering my younger days when I could still play this on the piano. :)

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    2. BenedettaC


      It actually makes want to get up and run! :O

      But the one you've posted above is lovely...and how wonderful that you were able to play it on the piano... :)

      Is it still snowing where you are? It's really coming down here, and starting to stick... Isn't it supposed to be spring now?!

    3. lsroses


      Its stopped snowing now and its almost disappeared. Standard Sussex snowfall. I need some sunshine now please!

      I wish I'd stuck with piano sometimes :( there's still that guitar of mine though ;)


    4. BenedettaC


      Oh, how strange... It's still coming down here, with no sign of disappearing! Sunshine would be nice... 

      You can resume your piano studies at any time (provided you have time)...and/or guitar! :)

  12. Thank you for another wonderful blog...... Good dream....we all have those.....shame we have to snap back to reality again. I think that dream of closeness and intimacy is the one that hurts the most though...
  13. An alternative slow love song but one of the most beautiful songs and my opinion.... "Crave my heart and its bleeding in your hands"
  14. Ha! Only you @BenedettaC He sounds absolutely gorgeous!! I'm sure you have some great photos.