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  1. So beautiful... x x:wub:

  2. 5 hrs and i begin my journey to come see you again...

    Smiles rebounding...i cant wait..

    See you soon baby x x

    Blink and I'll be there x x

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. #No1Crush
    3. wolfbigrl88


      Yup I am definitely counting the days even have a countdown clock on my phone :)

    4. Beaulieu1


      Thanks ladies. X x

      Never enough time together.... x

  3. Oi oi....sweetness.... 2 more sleeps!!!

    Eeeekkkk....and I'll be there...

    My days are filled with dreaming of us.....miss you so much.. x x

    1. shazza21


      Christmas will come early for you two :wink:

    2. Mofgirl


      Thanks shazza, best pressy I could ask for is just to spend time together, and there will be the odd unwrapping I'm sure ;-)❤ 

    3. shazza21


      I'm sure there will be lots of unwrapping lol. Enjoy every minute together :air_kiss:

  4. Good luck in your race today baby...shouting for you the whole way...:clapping:

    But don't over do it...we got a marathon on thursday.....:hyper::lips:

    Whoop whoop....x x

    1. Mofgirl


      Awwww thanx baby, I think I heard ya shout!! 

      Ohhh just 5 sleeps till your here again! Can't wait xx

      Love ya x

  5. Just wanna say that my lovely girlfriend is amazing and she's my wonderwoman even if she doesn't agree, I think she is! Couldn't ask for better, thanks shys for letting us find each other! I owe you x

    1. JadeBleu15


      Happy for you ladies! Enjoy each other :)

    2. Beaulieu1


      You are everything i was looking for and more....

      5 sleeps and I'm there....!

      Can't wait to get under that blanky!!!:air_kiss:

      Love you baby..  x x

  6. Love your background pic....ohhh takes me back....x x x

    See you very soon x x:lips:

  7. Receiving some horny pics off my sexy bird! Mmmmm need to see her in person ASAP!!! Hubba bubba ......
  8. Oi bird!!!!...

    Love you!!! X x:clapping:

    1. Mofgirl



      Jeez you think!

      Love you too jeds xxx

  9. Miss you gorgeous:wub: x x

    1. Mofgirl


      Miss you more buttercup! 

      Gissa a squeeze!!!


  10. Miss you sexy missus!

    You have to come back soon, I'm nearly out of pineapple cubes!

    Kisses XX

    1. Beaulieu1


      A bigger bag i

      Be back soon....i need another scar..


      Love you bird x x

  11. She's gone.:love0030: and I'm heartbroken again.......

    Gonna concentrate on all the good we had the past week, the many wonderful days, trips, moments we got to share..

    *Seeing her from a distance waiting for me to pick her up at the airport

    *taking her away for a day to a little island on bikes and riding the ferry back at an amazing sunset!

    *cheering me on all day with my first Triathlon and being my person x

    *treated for a lovely dinner just us 2 

    * Her organising a Christmas day at her place with games, crackers, and silly hats & T shirts and hiding a special present in the Christmas cracker!  Such fun, so lovely! (What was the scores?)

    * going for coffee together

    *shopping for sports equipment together

    *waiting at my bar all night for me to finish my shift!

    *playing basketball, football and just hanging out with me and my daughter!

    *cooking an amazing dinner for me and sharing good wine ..

    *cleaning my feet! Haha - smiling

    *and of course the amazing hot sex! Even if we got battered!

    There's more, so much more but I gotta keep some for myself!

    Love you @Beaulieu1 My Queen! Xx

    Till the next time........




    1. shazza21


      Such wonderful memories xx

    2. Beaulieu1


      Oh my gosh..... 

      Dont forget the over riding feeling of love....contentness...and a calmness that comes over me so entoxicating.....

      What a week!!...

      You are beauty its self.... x x




  12. Another lovely day.... x x x

    One word...smashed!!!:superman:


    1. Mofgirl


      Haha I thought the Triathlon was tough work! 

      Ohhhh book another week! Stay longer x

    2. Beaulieu1


      Ohhh dont.....i don't need any persuading babe... x x x


    3. Beaulieu1


      Haha...felt like I'd ran a legs were more wobbly than doing the squat challenge....i wont laugh if you wanna wear a helmet next time... x x

  13. Just wanna say..good luck in ya triathlon tomorrow baby...

    I'll be shouting the loudest..!!!!

    There.. like you asked .....wouldnt miss it for the world...


  14. Ohhh yeah getting to take my girl out for the day, mini vacation, just us, couple of bikes and tiny little island! Bliss right there! Xxxx

    1. Beaulieu1


      Super fuckin lovely!!! day ever...

      Own beach...couldnt ask for better.. x  

      Ive got sand in places i never thought it could get..

      If Heineken made girlfriends....!!