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  1. Some interesting photos I received this morning @Beaulieu1 You look good in pink! X
  2. Same next Sunday? Lol


    1. Beaulieu1


      Haha...what is it with our sundays...They just get better and better.....phew!!..

  3. When you think your having the best Sunday and got a day of rest, and you get called in to work on busiest Sunday of the year! Nice, really nice!

    1. #No1Crush


      Thumbs down to that! On a different note, it's lovely seeing all the love on your profile! Congrats to you and Beaulieu :)

    2. Mofgirl


      Thanks @#No1Crush 

      I ended up getting away with not going in!

      And thanx, we feel blessed to have connected and found each other x


  4. Missing you today baby, can't wait till your here and I can kiss and hug you again x

    1. Beaulieu1


      The wait is a killer... x x

      Miss you like crazy!!

      25 ......x x x

  5. Well that went even better than I anticipated, came out to bestie last night over a girly wine & cheese night, she said she loves me even more for telling her and she's actually quite jealous!  

    Love the girls in my life!

  6. Super proud of you baby x x x

  7. @GeekWife Im just about to do the same tomorrow night with my bestie, we got a cheese and wine night planned at her house and we got so much to catch up on, I'm hoping for a good reaction too!
  8. Have I told you lately.........

    I love you.......

    You consume my every thought..


    1. Beaulieu1


      Every second of every minute.. x  x  x

      26 days..that's all... x x


  9. Same here, a friend of mine married couple weeks ago to her guy she met on tinder, her true love! It can happen
  10. I kiss you goodnight.....and hold you tight   x x


  11. Sexy song, sexy video imho!
  12. @Beaulieu1! What you think? Only one way to watch the season finale right!!! Xxxx
  13. i saw you in my  profile so i thought i'd say hi :) 

    1. Mofgirl


      Hey kairi. How's life treating you lovely, how you well and the sun is shining high and bright over there x

    2. kairi


      Life is treating me some times okay sometimes not so okay :P but I am good in general :)

  14. Pancakes and frolicking in bed, yes that's what all Sunday mornings should be about!

    1. Beaulieu1


      That's definatly Sundays sorted..... x x

      Just the rest of the week to work out....I've got a few ideas that need trying out....

      Shall we start with Mondays!..

      Good morning!..hahaha..