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  1. One sleep...... bloody sleep!!!!

    Get ready cos here i come!!!!!


  2. You shine through my darkness baby..... x

    Everyday ...we get closer and closer to us....

    My love for you still is never ending eternally multiplying....

    Sometimes it feels like my heart is going to beat out my chest.. I'm going to burst with the hidden love I have for you...

    Our day will come ....And our love will shatter the silence....

    Then we will be free... x x x

    C x


  3. You mean the world to me!!!!:wub: x x x

    1. Mofgirl


      Universe baby, universe :wub:

    2. Beaulieu1


      To infinity and beyond.......!!!:superman:

  4. Morningggggggggg!!!!!!...

    Whoop whoop......:clapping:

    Ohhhhh im proper bending!!!..


    COME GET ME........X

  5. You know what ....I'm so pent up...I keep crying....I'm ready...COME ON!!!!!!.:clapping:we have waited so long baby....I don't know how we keep sane..

    You mean the absolute world to me ...Jump high baby.. I'm here I'll  catch you...

    Let's meet the parents....

    Whoop whoop....

    See you tonight knobber!!!!!!...

    Yours always..


  6. Careful Rani, things can quickly go wrong as I found out with @Beaulieu1 Don't break the key in the lock!!!
  7. Hurry up two weeks.....eeeeekkkkk...come to me baby!!!!.. get here quick...:wub:

    1. Mofgirl


      I'm a coming....

      Gonna smash into you at airport, god yeah xxx

      Love you queen

    2. SimplyTrouble


      OH how sweet.. You guys have a good time together as I know you will.. I'm counting down the weeks to see my baby girl havent seen her since August 1 st .. hugs both..

  8. I love you x x

    1. Mofgirl


      I love you baby xoxo 


  9. Well ..well....well.....18 months today:air_kiss: and I love her as much as......nooooo!! A million times more than day one!...:wub2:

    Every second i wish you were in my make me the happiest girl alive...I bend when i think of you... x x

    Thankyou @Mofgirl for being mine...

    Everyday we move closer to our dream of being together.. x x

    I will come for you baby... I've seen it.. x x we will start living our visions soon.. x x

    Can't wait to meet mum..:wink: Eeeekkkkkk we are parent meeting!!!...

    Happy Anniversary princess... x x

    Love you muchly

     X x




  10. Receiving a photo of my sexy girl in her birthday suit wearing just her new piercing, holy shit !
  11. Glad to hear it went better than expected, I understand the 'not just one thing' I think once you know there is no one thing to repair it, well done you tho, brave and strong, a start in the right direction x
  12. @TxCamilla how did it go Hun? I'm dying to know as I'm about to go through with similar sort of thing! Hope your ok X
  13. Hey you!!!..

    My .gorgeous princess.... x x

    My heart pounds.....

    My palms are clammy....

    My head is giddy....

    I can feel and smell you already... x x

    As the seconds and the minutes tick by my darlin...the closer and closer i creep....

    I'm hours away.....

    Hours away from us...our family ...our dream...our future....a snippet of how it will be......

    I'm addicted to you.....  i can't get yearn is ever increasing.....the pull towards you is uncontrollable .....x

    You drive me crazy...!!

    Baby im coming...!!!...

    See you tonight...

    Be ready to be kissed like never before... x x x

    X... C ...x









  14. 16 months Anniversary today sweet cheeks...and i love you more now than ever...  x x

    You are my everything...i can not be apart from you...

    11 days and I'll be back for 2 whole weeks...

    Hope you have a good should be will be one day x x

    I love you like no other 

    Thankyou for choosing me.. x x

    Ill look after you... promise x x

    C x x