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  1. Love you baby....

    I'll be with you again soon.. x x

  2. Our week went so fast:cry:.....

    Im lost again...without you x x

  3. You are my everything lover.....

    Everytime i walk away from hurts so much more....

    Id walk  the lengh of the earth to see that... x x

    I can't explain what you do to me..some kind of crazy!!!


  4. Baby..i see you tomorrow.!!...hopefully.. x x x

    Eeeeeekkk stay away all depends on the weather tonight...

    Cant wait to hold you again... x x

    Love you princess x x x

    1. Mofgirl


      I'm waiting for ya, god hope your drive is ok to airport, take it easy baby x

      I'll come get ya wherever u end up ! Lol

      Love you baby, c u mañana x

  5. Love you i loads!!!...

  6. @Beaulieu1 how many this morning??? Myself I quick 2 before breakfast!
  7. Happy birthday to my Queen and most luscious woman in the world @Beaulieu1 

    Wish I was there with ya baby, belated birthday celebrations when you get over here soon, keep smiling gorgeous, I owe you a great big smacker on those precious lips of yours! Mwah xxxxx

    1. Beaulieu1


      Ooohhhh...i look forward to it baby...9 more sleeps...thats all... x x x and your lips are mine!!

      Thankyou for my pressys princess.. to a T...such thoughtfulness.... x x x x

      Love you knobber....

      i felt you with me today.. its ok.....i know your there.... x x 

      I know how much we both want to spend our  birthdays together.....what I'd give for that luxury.. x x

      One day baby.. one day.. x x

      We are amazing... x x

  8. When you get to spend the most amazing time with your girl and it ends with a trip to the fire station to be cut freed from hand cuffs! :blush:#whenthekeybreaksinthelock

    Funny as........

    Still had the most amazing couple of days with my wonder woman, spoilt rotten, treated like a princess and laughed so much my cheeks hurt! Can't thank you enough baby @Beaulieu1, we ticked off a few things didn't we! 

    What's next on our adventure???


    1. shazza21


      Wow sounds like you two had fun ;)

  9. So I get to spend all day and night with my wonderful, sexy girlfriend on st valentines day! How lucky am I? Still pinching myself this is all happening, @Beaulieu1 you make me so happy everyday baby,  can't imagine a life without you in it!  5 sleeps and I get to kiss you happy Valentine's, can't bloody wait for our mini break together xxx

    1000's of miles apart won't stop us two!


    1. shazza21


      Lucky girls. Enjoy every minute together ❤❤

    2. NatashaYork


      Smiling for you both 

      Have a great time ladies x

    3. Beaulieu1


      Can't wait to see you smile lights me up with happiness...

      First of many Valentine's  together i hope... x x                                                     2 day and nights for Valentine's and one to get over it.....haha..

      We made it all happen baby...the miles wont stop us ever....we will get there... x

       i dont ever stop thinking about you.....

      2 sleeps and your in my arms again....where you should be always...

      Catch you and hold you soon....





  10. So I did it, came out to my mum over the weekend whilst having dinner with my bestie and her encouraging me to, couldn't ask for a better response, she's one in a million! I'm lucky to have such a cool mama! Love her I do!

    1. lsroses


      Huge step!! So happy for you!!

    2. shazza21


      So happy for you x

    3. NatashaYork


      Amazing news. So pleased for you lovely :air_kiss: x

  11. Miss my girlfriend so much right now uffft!!!

    Best 10 days a girl could ask for!

    1. NatashaYork


      :sorry: sucks doesn't it. 

      Hugs my friend.

  12. 5am just about to leave for airport baby...

    See you on the flip side...

    Let the pleasures begin...

    Love you babe x x

  13. Love you baby... x x

    Hope you have a great kings day..

    See you in 4 days...:wub:

    1. Mofgirl


      Oh my, your gonna see me very soon baby x

      Counting down again xxx

      Can't wait...

  14. I wanna say happy New year to all you wonderful shybi people, it's been one hell of 2017, good and bad moments, but I found my girl love so it finishes up being the most exciting, unimaginable trip ever...

    Love you baby and can't wait to see you very soon in 2018, this is our year missus xxx

    1. NatashaYork


      Happy New Year to you and your girl.

      Hope you both have a lot to.look forward to in 2018.

      In the words of George Eliot

      “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” 

      So you lovely people enjoy yourself and keep safe tonight. Forget where you are and laugh your pants off but never forget your dreams.
      Heres to a great 2018 for you all.
      Happy New Year! :drinks:

    2. Beaulieu1


      Love you baby girl.... x x

      See you in 10 days...lets get this year going as we mean it to go on....

      Here's hoping we spend next new year together..where ever that may be...

      Love you ..miss you like crazy princess  x x

  15. Just to say Merry Xmas to all you lovely shybi people, hope it brings you joy and laughter and a shit load of brussel sprouts!

    Merry crimbo to my gorgeous girlfriend, wish I could spend it with you, hope you have a lovely day with your princess, miss you loads and kiss you under the mistletoe xx

    1. Beaulieu1


      Love you baby....wish i could hold you x x

      I'll be stood waiting for that kiss..

      Merry Christmas and i cant wait for our new year!!!!

      Come on 2018......lets have ya!!

    2. shazza21


      Merry Christmas to both of you x

    3. NatashaYork


      Merry Christmas you two.

      Hope you both get what you really want in 2018 x