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  1. I didn't think I'd orgasm through tribbing, was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong!!! Hot and steamy and can't wait to try it again ! @Beaulieu1 care to add?
  2. I love you i do... x x:wub2:

    The love i have for you is nothing ive ever feel it back is overpowering...stunning....all i want... x  x

    When i think of us, i lose my breath and get that whooosshhh!!!!!. from head to foot.....(abit woozy in the foozy)..if you know what i mean...

    I know you're the one...known it for over a year now...

    We are perfect in so completely...and we dont even try...

    I still wake with you my first thought... .close my eyes at bedtime kissing you goodnight...:lips:

    I cant wait for Us! blow us wide open..and show everyone ive found her.... the love of my life... x x

    I will marry day.....thats a promise...

    The sooner the better.....

    If you say yes...that is...:wink:

     X x

  3. Hey baby!!!....

    Just like to say..

    I bloody love you... x x:lips:


  4. Wentworth!!! Yay Franky! I still don't think Ferguson is dead tho...where's the body?? should check your messages at some point :wink:

  5. My girlfriend is the definition of a suportive partner, the very thing I've been lacking in my life for over 20 years, even from the many miles between us, I feel it, more than I ever did from the man who lived in my life for the last 2 decades!! She's one in a million, she's mine and I love her with every inch of me and I love that she loves me so hard that a shine bright!  Love you c


    1. JadeBleu15


      I can certainly feel the love you have for her in your words. I love that you can feel so strongly for someone and express it so brightly for the world to see.  You inspire me. So very happy for you. 

    2. NatashaYork


      That's pure love my friend  x

  6. Heartbroken again :cry:

    Hurry back lover x



    1. JadeBleu15


      :sorry: Hope she gets back soon Girl.  big hugs. 

    2. Beaulieu1


      We are the best baby.... x x

      My heart breaks every day we are apart x x

      2nd August i see you again x x x

      And we will be whole x x x

      Love you like no other x x

      C x x



    3. NatashaYork


      You two.......made for eachother:clapping:

  7. Happy 15th MONTH ANNIVERSARY  PRINCESS!!.....whoop whoop.... x x:lips:

    Love you long time!!!...:air_kiss:... x x

    You had enough yet...haha...

    You excite me more now than ever..!!...we just get stronger and stronger don't we.. x x

    I get to feel you....touch you.....smell you....taste you....!!!

    Rebound smiles.....and hold hands....ohhhhh...

    Come love me... x x x

    Love always.

    Knobber... x x x


  8. 4 hrs and I'm with you....

    Sat on the runway...imagining our hello...

    I love you...i love you ...i love you... x x

    Can't wait to kiss those lips of yours...and claim them again as mine...

    Cant wait to taste you!!

    Whoop im coming!!!

    Kiss you soon girlfriend x x

    Always yours..... C.. x x


  9. Big kisses darlin....:lips:

    Cheering you every step... x x

    You can smash them all out the park....

    Hear me cos I'll be shouting!!!..

    COME ON BABY!!!!...COME ON....

    so wish i could be there....missed it by days x x

    All my love...Always yours  x x

  10. Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk....5 days baby.....

    5 bloody days....i feel the miles closing between us....

    COME ON!!!!!....

    Never wished time away so much...

    I love you now.....more than ever...

    But not as much as i will...:wub2:....

    Always my princess x x x

    1. wolfbigrl88


      Nice to see someone else has a countdown going :). A little over two weeks and I'll be picking up netty from the airport woo hoo! Hope ya'll have a great time.

  11. Hey Princess...x x x

    God .....we get worse with this waiting dont we..?!!! about wet!!!

    15 days baby...15...and i kiss you.. all over...again....

    Rrrrraaahhhhh!!!!...COME ON !!!...time passes so slowly when I'm without you.....

    The wait is soooo worth it.....

    Come kiss me..... x x x 

    1. Punk Maneuverability

      Punk Maneuverability

      This is so sweet :wub:

    2. Mofgirl


      I can't wait to rock up in my car at the airport to go get my girl ! Swoooooooon 

      My everything is centred on your arrival baby, can't wait to have you in arms x

      Love u x

    3. Beaulieu1


      God i know clash of the titans....I'll be waiting....

      Love of my life x x x

  12. Love you baby... x x:lips:...

    Im coming to kiss you soon x x

    Rrrraaaahhhhhhhh!!!... x x

  13. I love you..i love you ...i love you...

    You are my precious everything..

     My want ....My now ...My forevever...

    I'm by your side ..always x x


  14. I love you baby,

    Your face

    Your body

    Your truthfulness

    Your laughter

    Your thoughtfulness

    Your no filter filth!!!!!

    Your loons

    Your wardrobe (so gonna steal stuff)

    Your fierceness

    Your courage

    Your values

    Your weaknesses

    Your yearns

    Your neediness

    Your hornyness (not a word I know)


    You've shown me another way to love and be loved, for that alone I adore you immensely,  I'm yours forever more baby, thank you for being just the light I needed in the dark, your a beauty XXX

    Here's to many more Adidas filled wardrobes, wine filled, healthy eating dines and girly fun with our minis!

    Love you Queen  x

    Yours forever x



    1. JadeBleu15


      So sweet! So happy for you both! Wishing lots more joy & happiness to come your way. 

    2. Beaulieu1


      Whoooo is she?..ill kill her!!!.....:nono:

      She sounds like a right knobber.....haha....:gamer:

      Ooooooooo... you make my foozy twinkle.....

      Tell ya you like no other... x x:wub:

      You are my other missing piece...

      Ive travelled the world to see you....thousands and thousands of miles make me feel so special every second together is worth it.....i never want to leave..

      One day you will be mine for keeps i promise...x x

      Count down has started heart beats faster everyday...28 days !!!....close your eyes and I'll be there  again...:air_kiss:

      Thankyou my darlin....but i am undeserved of your bring out the best in me...i just love you to the best  of my so much better when i can touch you everyday..

      We might as well just have one big wardrobe x x

      Love always princess


       X x





  15. Its all up to us baby... x x:wub: