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  1. Welcome back love! I'm a new returnee as well xx
  2. London xx
  3. I have the biggest crush on Ruby Rose
  4. Ruby Rose!!! *droooools*
  5. Has anyone watched this yet? Thoughts?!
  6. Something really weird on Classic FM!
  7. I play the cello so I don't have much choice in the matter! I keep them short
  8. Be carful using it in the shower as it blocks drains ! I used it for my hair for a couple of months and the drain still hasn't forgiven me
  9. Try boots No 7 lip pencil and colour in your lips - amazing staying power and makes lips look v plump! Cheap too
  10. Is anyone going to London comic con btw? Next weekend ?
  11. I used to play world of Warcraft ! Played it for 6 years - my summer at high school was spent behind a computer lol much like my summers now... But at least I get paid for it!
  12. Has anyone managed to get tickets for the Harry Potter and the cursed child play in London & if so, was it any good ?!