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  1. Not feeling myself today...nauseous...tired...ugh :blink:

    1. kairi


      Everything OK? You should go to a doctor 

  2. When you realize that most of your coworkers are shallow and petty af. <_< Happy Monday!!:drinks:

    1. kairi


      Ignore them :P

  3. When your day is ruined by work even though you're on vacation....really feeling the anxiety creep up today. :blink:

    1. shazza21


      Just breathe. Hugs xx

    2. kairi


      I am cuming to your office to give you a hand :P Maybe this will help 

  4. I love sex with clothes on...especially when you could possibly get caught or something. It's just passionate and exciting and you can't keep your hands off of each other and stuff...I love it. Even just tinking about it now gets me all hot and bothered lol
  5. Those days when old angry feelings are making your blood boil and then your boss pisses you off and you just want to smack her and tell her off, but you need your job....feeling the stress today for sure. :blink:

  6. @Hungry, I think I'm definitely going to have to try to do that whenever I can...the problem is that I usually have a steady stream of patients in and out of my office all day, so I can't exactly pop in headphones and shut my door all day unfortunately. I do however try to just keep to myself since my office is in the back of the building and she works up front...she does come back and talk to me a lot since we're work friends, and I don't want to shut her out completely. It doesn't help that my husband hasn't been in the mood lately and it's been like over a month since we've had sex. @Kailee, I can relate completely, except that my marriage is not an open one. We did an icebreaker game at our office Christmas party this year where you list three "fun facts" about yourself that no one knows and we all had to try to match the fact to the person. I really contemplated putting something on there about being Bisexual, but I didn't want to be the center of gossip and get bombarded with questions about it. Only my best friend in the office knows about it and she would never tell anyone about it, but I'm not sure I want everyone knowing (we're all pretty open about stuff here, so the questions would be constant and very graphic. Lol)
  7. Okay, so I think this is the right forum topic to post this in...I need some advice of sorts. This girl in my god she's gorgeous. Blonde curly hair that cascades over her shoulders, a thick figure with curves for days, full perky breasts, and a round voluptuous ass that I really just want to grab ahold of....and she's straight. I've got it bad for the point that I fantasize about calling her into my office, pushing her backwards onto my desk, and eating her until she's begging me to stop. I could elaborate more on what I'd do to her, but I would end up writing a novel lol. Case in point, she would never be interested in the way I am, and I'm finding myself in my office completely distracted and eventually I end up closing my office door and getting some relief the old fashioned way while everyone else is busy. I need to know if anyone has any suggestions as to what i could do to get my mind off of her and just stop fantasizing so much...I can't help it- she's incredible. I know this probably seems stupid to some, but it's become a problem (I'm falling behind on paperwork some days). I actually considered writing it all out as an erotica short story to see if maybe that would help get her out of my system (although my other erotic stories have been based on my attraction to her and it didn't help get her off my mind..)Any suggestions on what I should do? Any votes for another hot and heavy short story? Lol
  8. Great story! I agree that I wish my bra fittings were like this! I love reading your erotica, all of your stories that I've read on here have been well written and very sexy.
  9. I do love giving, but receiving is always my favorite! Though I like giving first because it gets me so turned on listening to them enjoying what I'm doing!
  10. Yes! This person I had been with for six months when I was about 17 was an amazing, amazing kisser! I swear my whole body was buzzing when we kissed! Then after some hot and heavy makeout sessions, we finally had sex....what a disappointment. Apparently their idea of sex was to just be on the receiving end the entire time and it sucked.
  11. I'm that same way lol i should be free in about an hour or so
  12. Sure I'll have to try to talk in between patients though lol my schedule is crammed today
  13. Whenever you'd like!
  14. Of course! The more the merrier!