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  1. I'm not far away but not Somerset! Would be nice to know if there are others around. Have you found any good local groups?
  2. Hi and welcome! I haven't been around much for a month or two but nice to come back and find more UK members.
  3. Beautiful
  4. Hi and welcome
  5. I... don't even know what that word means, so you're way ahead of me at least! Good luck
  6. Yeah I love it Always thought their song Great Expectations was quietly lovely too. Conjures up a British rainy day and somehow makes it beautiful!
  7. Yup, I think you've found your people! Hi
  8. Ah I forgot how much I love Stardust! Some of my favourite expressions of love are in Elbow songs. From Starlings: The violets explode inside me When I meet your eyes Then I'm spinning and I'm diving Like a cloud of starlings Darling, is this love? From Mirrorball: I plant the kind of kiss that wouldn't wake a baby On the self-same face that wouldn't let me sleep And the street is singing with my feet And dawn gives me a shadow I know to be taller And we made the moon our mirrorball The streets, an empty stage The city sirens violins Everything has changed
  9. Thought I'd say hi :) Michael Fassbender's a good call!

    1. SakuraGirl


      Hi there. Yes, yes he is. :)

  10. Just saw Kristen Stewart's opening monologue on SNL. So hot! Adding her to my list immediately...

  11. I'm another INFJ! How funny - this must be where all the rare treasures hang out ;)
  12. Hey, noticed you checked my profile out. Wanted to say hey x

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    2. Chelsey20


      Yeh very, I've been on here now around 8 years I think. I did take a few years away but in all its been very helpful. I thought that I was bi when I joined and I think realistically I was gay and knew that but was just in denial haha. But yeh being on here helped realise that and gave me a lot of confidence to come out. How are you finding it? There's a lot of support on here but if you need anything feel free to ask/ speak to me

    3. MagicMarker


      Thank you :) Really appreciate it. I'm glad the site helped you work things out. I'm definitely bi but struggling to reconcile the two sides of my sexuality with my life. Being on the site has helped to normalise it for me which is taking a big weight off my shoulders. Always glad when I see a fellow Brit too!

    4. Chelsey20


      Haha there are quite a few brits on here.. although alot of them rarely come on here an more. Anyway hope your well

  13. Oh and women being required to wear heels in work is absurd!
  14. They're lovely! Depends on what tone of green the dress is I suppose. I'm quite tall so gave up heels long ago...