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  1. Hi,can anyone remember Adventure Game was alittle like crystal maze but at the end you had to beat a plant across a vortex... Loved it and mister Ben always watched at lunchtime
  2. We've got a health food shop so gonna go ask in there, they've also got a notice board so shall look at that.... Pineapple my daughters fav fruit will try that too anything to help the pain driving me nuts, rosemary oil in a hotbath helped too. Thank you
  3. Thank you I will try some of the foods you suggested and I'm looking into acupuncture today...doesn't help having a needle phobia.
  4. Friends first,but would love to meet a lady who takes me as I am to settle down with also who I can be honest with about myself
  5. Hello ladies..I've been away for a while with several different problems one being that I've been diagnosed with Trochanteric Bursitis I'm not really sure what it is the the pain in my hips,top of legs and back is unbearable, I'm taking lots of painkillers but don't seem to help much.. Has anyone got any other ideas for pain relief maybe natural I've tried spiritual healing with my crystals but concentration is difficult as painful to sit or do anything, 3 weeks and I can have injection to hopefully help but until then I'm pulling my hair out...please any help would be great
  6. Hello I'm also new and in same boat always known I liked woman but never acted upon it,I love this site and the ladies here are so helpful hope you will feel the same in time
  7. Welcome back
  8. Thank you...I don't share my feelings very well,talking about myself is hard for me,I'll try and sit her down and fingers crossed one way or the other I'll find out
  9. I'm a typical tomboy have been all my life and I knew that I felt different to alot of people,wasn't sure if gay or straight but now I know I'm bisexual,anyway a few years ago I got a new neighbour lovely woman we got on so well she said she felt the same as me so we explored it alittle deeper and enjoyed it,it happened a few more times but then she went cold on me saying that she didn't think she could stay with a woman,we have stayed friends since but I can't get her out of my mind,it really hurt me when she pulled away but can't stand not being with her,I don't know what to do next,this is the first time I've felt like this or acted upon it,we both find it hard talking about our feelings but need answers please help.
  10. Where in somerset are u x

  11. Hi I'm new also still enjoying looking around this site, discretion is all I know I've hidden my feelings for years but now I'm ready to start exploring,hope you enjoy the site as much as I do
  12. Hi,thanks for warm welcome,never told anyone how I feel inside its always been so hard but I'm so unhappy that I've decided its now time for me...the real me that's struggling to get out .
  13. Hello everyone just a little message about myself,not really sure what to put...I'm a single lady with a teenager daughter who is my world,for many years I've been single fighting against myself wondering why I can't be happy with any man,I've always known I like woman but never really acted on it now I'm older I think its about time I done something about it so here I am,no one knows how I feel so very much alone.My daugh5er is happy in her life so nows its my turn to be happy.... Hope I can find some friends to talk too that aren't as shy as myself