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  1. Welcome, Kejay1402!
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    Hi Linda, welcome to shy!
  3. There are many reasons why this comes out later in life, as many have stated already (therefore I won't repeat). Take the time to learn from others here, think and explore who you are and how you feel, but don't be ashamed. Just because we are older, it doesn't mean that we don't continue to learn and grow. There are adventures at every age and stage of life.
  4. Hi

    Yes, I think many of women here feel the same way. Repeat to BiTriMama. Start reading and ask questions! Welcome.
  5. Enjoy the moments!
  6. Welcome! Just review some of the posts, and then ask questions! Many women here in the same position or have been there!
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    Welcome to Shy! You will find lots of people here in similar situations.
  8. Welcome to Shy! Do some reading on the past posts, and join in. Ask questions!
  9. Today is the first day of Spring...a new season.

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      Beautiful things will bloom...

  10. Welcome, Emily!
  11. Go back...you may see her there again!
  12. Welcome ZanyMama! You will find friends here!
  13. Welcome! I also am married, however, I did tell my husband right away. He is very conservative, but he understands more than I ever imagined he would. We have had some ups and downs, but are doing okay. Ask away...
  14. Welcome, Missy. I think you will find many in the same position. There is much information to be found here, and great people.
  15. Thanks for the drive by...peeking back