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  1. I definitely understand the differences of opinion here. However, what is wrong with sharing your feelings with your husband?. A husband is someone with whom you should share your thoughts, feelings, fears, conflicts, etc. At this point, that is all you would be doing. I guess it depends on how open you can be with your husband, about anything, and if he is a good, caring listener. If you wait until you find someone, the issue would not be about YOU, it would be about HER. It would not be about your sexuality, your identity. It would be about her. That is what he would see. He would miss the point entirely, which could last a very very long time. You are smart to learn as much as you can, however, I am sure that after a while, keeping this secret from him will become quite bothersome and not feel good. Perhaps you will know when, and if, the time is right.
  2. @63395 yes, they are living this reality and they speak on their experiences which are valid. However, as someone noted earlier, they are not representative of the total population. They are a group who are seeking out support, perhaps at a very tremulous time of their lives. Those who have made it work, who have more positive experiences, are likely not to be in that group. Therefore, any statistics quoted, may not exactly represent the total population.
  3. Is the Straight Spouse Network a reliable source?. Did they do the research studies?
  4. @PurpleRain it takes a lot of communication to work through this. As your may not want to rush, I also understand not wanting to sit on these feelings and hide/not share with Your husband. Your thoughts and feelings are important. You may PM me also. I would be happy to share more, answer any questions and help you process.
  5. When I came to my realization, I just blurted out to my husband. I had no idea what I was doing, I was scared, and turned to him. I simply told him that I thought I was attracted to women. I had not experienced anything yet. He was very supportive, listened, talked, asked questions, and we sort of learned about all of this together. That was over four years ago and we are still together. It has not always been easy, there have been some bumps, but we are trying. I advise you to just be honest and share your thoughts.
  6. Ocean Horizon

    Online bi book/movie club

    I am interested! Keep me posted, please!