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  1. It's funny how a year changes things. My first bi experience was in my 20s and I marked it up to "sowing my wild oats in college". Years into a marriage and after raising kids it hit again. My first reintroduction to my bi-life was physical relationship and I hid it from my husband. That affair ended as quick as it started. Spring of 2017 something happened between and existing friend and I. Our friendship grew, and eventualy I could tell the sexual tension was there. I told my husband, he was shocked but supportive. Over the spring/summer the relationship with her became sexual. My husband is aware. I admit, my marriage is better today than it was this time last year. I don't want to TMI anyone, but my sex life with him has rebounded also. I've posted some on here, but mainly been a lurker. My goal is to become better at being supportive to others. I read so many posts that helped me, that I never commented on. Thank you to everyone!!
  2. Despite being on this wonderful bi-adventure; I have to admit, morning sex is still an AWESOME way to start the day. I know everyone is not a fan, but I am. However; the thought occurred, that I have not had that opportunity in my bi-life. Is it equally as good with your girlfriend?
  3. I could not have described myself better. I give Kari all the credits for this description
  4. First orgasm 16 with myself 18 with another party involved. Never had one with my 1st BF
  5. Nips are my weak spot....I have never orgasmed from nip stimulation alone; however, I have come VERY close.
  6. This morning....home alone after the holidays. Cold and raining outside...right in the middle of the bed
  7. Bi...its confirmed and true.
  8. I just get REALLY wet
  9. 3-7 days after my period and usually days 3-4 during, are my MOST horny. But I think I'm hornier now than I was in my late teens and 20s
  10. depends on many factors... by myself 5-10 minutes with hubby around 20 with her around 10
  11. My mom scared me to death about Tampons and TSS as a teen. Switched to tampons in my late teens (colleg) days. I love the idea of the cup; however, I can't use it. Tried several times and have issues with leaks everytime.
  12. I don't know.....I'm ashamed to admit, that we have been married this long and I cant honestly answer that question. At this point I think there is low risk of husbands finding out. Thanks to all for the warm welcome.
  13. Trimmed. I hate shaving, did it for a while and hated the look on me and the up keep
  14. That describes me. Me and her are together 2-3 times a week, neither hubby knows. Its a physical affair.