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  1. Feeling better today...still have to work out how to get the conversation going with husband. It's on the tip of my tongue, just having the courage to let it go.

    1. lsroses


      Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Small steps. You'll know when the moment is right. Good luck :)


    2. NatashaYork


      There's never a right moment hun.

      If its what you want to do then just let it go.

      The longer I kept it in the harder it got

      You will get there x

  2. This is our fear also...but i am hoping i can get enough confidence to start the conversation. I know communication is the key, but i am quite scared to open "Pandoras Box" as it were...that and i have no idea how to start the conversation!
  3. Thank you ladies, i am already feeling super welcome. Its really noce to have a place where i feel at home!!!
  4. Well after readimg everyones replies i feel like i dont know what to believe. But i feels lile @BiTriMama everyhing happens for a reason and that everyone comes into your life for a reason. I have a "work husband" who has said many times why could we have mot met when we were single...because we do click in a lot of ways...and he is a genuinely lovely guy. Butbwe are both married, kids etc and neither one want to rock the boat we are in. But he jas given me confidence that i havent had for a long long time to think of myself as somewhat attractive and not a complete bore. There was a woman who i had a "relationship" with who i fell for pretty hard who wanted things i couldn't give her. Who taught me that i can say no sometimes. Everyone crosses our paths for a reason...at the end of the day only you will know in your heart if you are willing to go 'all in' with someone. And it takes a lot of courage to ask for what you truly feel you need.
  5. Firstly i wanted to say i was quite distraught to hear about this on the news. Secondly, for gun control in the UK, i am not 100% sure on what the rules are...and wont pretend to! But i know we dont have school shootings, we have stabbings (which are few and far between) butbi think in total last year we had less than 50 deaths by firearm. But, they are just not part of our culture at all really. My godfather owns a gun, he is a farmer and uses it to scare away predators and for clay pidgeon shooting or for grouse shooting. But i cant really think of anything else that someone could legitamately use them for here. Our police aren't armed (we have one armed response unit in Yorkshire based out of Leeds) and the majority of things they are involved in are drug crime related where they are used as back up. I know to get a licence you have to pass a proper course on using and keeping a gun, you have to have your home inspected to male sure you have a proper place to store it (locked and out of sight), you cannot own a gun if you have ever suffered from mental illness or have had issues with drugs/alcohol. If you do have a licence and are diagnosed with a mental illness they recind your licence and you can only purchase certain types of gun. Nothing automatic or semiautomatic. I wont carry on as i dont feel very informed on the subject but wanted to put my 2ps worth in for whatvwe do in the UK. My thoughts are with you all the the USA and i really hope you manage to get some form of reform.
  6. Today i feel frustrated. I feel as though i keep moving two steps forward and one step back all the time. I just want a hug from someone who i can actually "feel" hugging me back. Not a hug that is just a physical touch with seemingly nothing else attached to it. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. shazza21


      Hopefully. If not maybe connect with someone else ;)

    3. yorkshiregirl


      That would be amazing :D

      Just tired of trying, trying and repeat and feel like im not getting anywhere. Tbh i fear i am waiting for something that will never come...x

    4. NatashaYork


      :sorry: sending you hugs hun x

  7. You know you are safe to talk about it here @unknown He sounds similar to how my husband is, and it is onr of the reasons i have kust let thigs lie for a little while before bringing it up again with him. Have you tried to talk to him directly about it? There is also a topic on one of the boards to spot the signs of toxic relationships, i will try to find it x
  8. @Kailee i get you, the whole app dating thing i find really hard...not that i am doing it lol, but i have friends that do. It seems, i dont know...just alien to me lol! I also hear you for social media...i have Twitter but thats it lol! You are ( i wont say lucky because you guys obviously have the trust and love in your relationship whixh requires a lot of work) fortunate (i cant find the word in my head i want lol), to have your relationship with your husband. Mine doesnt want to really hear how my sexuality/being with a woman specifically wouldnt mean i would love him less lol. Do you have any LBGT groups or anything in your area you could join or anything?
  9. Yes, yes i am ;)
  10. You and me both lol
  11. You are, therefore, a womans bff ;)
  12. Thank you for posting this. I feel in lind of the same situation...and ive been finding it hard to come to terms with the fact i cant have/do everything i want to do right now. I am trying to show some form of patience but damn it is hard! I am working towards my comfortable place and hoping one day my husband might come round to the idea of me having a fwb type deal with someone! @Kailee think im just about coming out of my '2nd teenage stage'...it is frustrating...like it was the first time lol. But as i am in the same boat...married...it is hard like you said because ethically you dont feel you can do anything! Have you talked to your husband about your sexuality?
  13. Hehe...feel free to pm me lol ;) in the same og the environment of course ;) Quite seriously been looking into getting a wand...they intrigue me...i will get kn LH tonight and have a look! Been ages since i had something new to play with
  14. I would like to second this...or third this i guess lol
  15. All of those women are very good looking! I also like the actress who plays moriarti in sherlock...cant think of her real name...ill google it lol