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  1. Sarah james


    Taking here , I'm beginning to see every one is different, so maybe mine are just me,
  2. Sounds great, there are a couple of people I'd like to know better, much better. But Not even talked them yet! But I get there one DAY
  3. Sarah james

    Horny Now?

    Yep, got that morning clit feeling. :-)
  4. Hi how's you 

  5. Hello! Figured I'd pop in and leave that just because.. 

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    2. tizoodle


      Well it's big, so I can't speak for all of Texas, but lol Houston is gloomy today. Very humid  and wanting to rain. It looks like it does when it's about to be dark in the evening. 

    3. tizoodle


      Of course I'd bring up the weather, but with how it is it's just on my mind. lols :)

    4. Sarah james

      Sarah james

      Well,  it didn't rain here !

  6. Sarah james

    Is Anyone On Here Secretly?

    Only people on here know I'm here. Friends me family haven't got a clue
  7. Sarah james

    How Bi Are You Quiz

    54% Les 40% bi 6% straight Um, but my daughter ask what I was going, so she did it too! Her answers surprised me
  8. Just peeking away!

    1. Sarah james

      Sarah james

      Thanks ...


      But ill follow you to watch your ass.. :-)



  9. Some areas haven't seen the light for ages... Hope I don't get it sun burnt now.
  10. Omg! Just lost the lot last nigh. What a difference in look AND feel!!! Think I've just found a new toy!!
  11. Was about 12 or 13, I had no idea what I was doing, but it felt great. Was in the bath but I did lots after that, even when My mum said in should do it.
  12. Sarah james

    Horny Now?

    Waking up horny is normal... But having time to deal with it is another matter
  13. I hope you had a great friday. 

    1. Sarah james

      Sarah james

      Yes thanks,


      Food shopping next :-)

  14. Sarah james

    Threesomes - how?!

    Had a couple, but with two guys, Fun! But not really what I want
  15. Sarah james


    Welcome to shy, a wonderful place to relax and hopefully find fun and friends