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  1. Do I get you right, are you doing a bikini or bodybuilding contest? Where do you get your meal plans? Are they various or lot of the same dishes? Interesting!
  2. Did the PCOS get any better through your diet? Do you find it easy to cook Paleo? I made a few dishes but didn't stick to it.
  3. Food is one of my biggest pleasures in life. If I couldn't cook, I would miss something essential to make me happy. For a long time I was only cooking food what I was thought in home, because it felt safe. But slowly I became addicted to experimenting. That's all thanks to the food channels. They make me get all excited when I watch this guys cooking. Lately I started watching the program : How to loose weight well. They are trying all kinds of diets on people and follow them on their journey. It's stunning but almost every diet works, even the ones that allow a glass of wine with dinner. So now I decided to watch all episodes and pick the best of the all diets. As a chef I know a lot of nutrition, so it won't do any harm to combine. Like that I'll get asian food, green smooties, cut on dairy a bit and leave out the bread. I think the result will be stunning. The best is that it won't take too much time to cook and my man is a chef as well, so he can help. Did you try diets and whats your experience? I love to exchange knowledge and ideas. So if you are a foodie and diet lover, let's share.
  4. Maternity leave is so boring!!! I haven't been without work a day and feel very useless. But in a few weeks my life will change forever. Xx

    1. Hungry


      I didn't know congrats! Soon you won't have time in the same way, so try to make the most of it while you can :)

    2. Alia_rose
  5. On a Dutch website for women, where I worked before we did cam checks with all new members. They could sign up, but were not able to do anything if the didn't do Skype cam check, with a piece of paper, in front of a clock holding straight up. On it the place, the time and a security question. But it was lot of work - and fun. Just want to share my experience.
  6. You're interesting as well...

    1. 1008


      Thanks! Oh we're being oh so very polite here, aren't we? :P

    2. Alia_rose


      Hahaha yeah always, only the best manners ;)

      But wait until you know me...

    3. 1008


      Manners are really important. & cant wait to know you more then ;)

  7. Interesting interests :)

  8. Thinking of a kiss, it can really be super erotic or a complete turn off. I personally don't like too careful kisses from very soft lips going on adventure. What turns me on is a kiss that says I want you. A tongue that knows to find mine, plays it and likes to meet in the middle. Deep throat is not something I would desire, but a bit of biting and lip sucking sounds very inviting. I want a kiss that makes my string go wet. It should let my hands go find out what kind of bra you're wearing.. Knowing I'm not supposed to go that far I just want a kiss that leaves me breathless. So what's your favourite type of a kiss? Fantasies, dreams or true stories.
  9. I had once a lesbian birthday twin. We thought our friendship was destined. But I found out that she is an evil witch. She didn't see it that way. But thank God we didn't make ouy she is really the most terrible person I have ever met. My birthday is 20.06.1979 but I doubt that anyone wants to be my twin anymore
  10. *difficult... Its difficult to find someone to really bond with. But your patience will be rewarded.
  11. Awww,your stories are super interesting for any psychologist (;. It's a classic, they are both. The first is a sign that you should have trusted your intuition instead of your libido. Your innerself told you that she's no good. Especially her habits. Imagine you would have a relationship with this drinking, smoking and on top immature type. How big is the chance that you really would have feelings for her. I think you'd have very fast the first discussions about you being boring and she being absolutely over the top. I think somehow this was anyway not destined to be. Do I understand that you had sex? That's interesting, cause I don't understand her definition of being in love while having steaming sex with another women. Double morality,two faced, unstable kind of a type. Doesn't really sound like a healthy start of a deep connection build on trust and respect. Worst of all you didn't know!!! Pfui really.. And than, let me top this. She is a colleague, arg.. You can't get rid of her, that's a shame. I had that once and we ended up hating each other. She was my manager and fired me, because I was not doing the right things. Such a biatch :/ Never again I would date a colleague, even if my vagina tells me she would give me heaven on earth. I would really really try to be strong next time unless it's real love. (I sound like your mom right...) As for your new situation, listen to your instinct and do what you have to do. It seems not to be the right moment to find a connection with a woman really made for you. Just keep dating, go out, try gay festivals and stuff like that. Kiss a lot of women. One day there will be the right connection. It's so different to find someone, that's a fact. Xx hugs
  12. Statement of bitterness I can run from you in life but we're connected by blood. You're always one step behind me there is no escape. I count till one, try two and three hope to reach ten but that won't set me free. They say time is a healer that's just a phrase Your kisses taste bitter This love is a waste And while I run empty as a matter of fact you really don't care because you're playing an act. By Alia_rose
  13. Sounds like green light for you. Only think a moment what's the most important for you. Is it her friendship or the attraction. Sometimes things get weird after being intimate. It doesn't sound that she is going to reject you!
  14. Your man is lucky that he isn't my man hahaha. I really don't like this kind of behaviour. First of all do washes not belong on the floor if you still want to wear them. And second of should he be happy that you take care of the household.He is lucky with you. I am everything but a classic role model. We both do everything, because he usually doesn't like my way. No problem, do it yourself. Lately we had the discussion what t-shirt can be done in the dryer and which not. "Not the green one, and the purple only damp, this pullover cant be dryed but the rest is fine." I told him that he can hang his shirts in the attic himself and all if them.. Wtf, thats too complicated.. My opinion is we live here both, we have healthy hands and I'm not his mom. We want both a clean house, clean laundry, clean carpets, so no stupid discussions. Et Basta!!!
  15. It's funny enough not too hard to find gay/bisexual people. Many times we seem to have some kind of an aura that makes us attract peeps with similar interests. This could be synchronicity, you get what you ask for. Very interesting!