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  1. Sometimes it's good to be alone. But the worst thing about being alone is having no one to talk too about your problems and how you feel.
  2. Afternoon all, Can anybody from the UK recommend any dating sites for bi curious women in the UK?
  3. Age

    Hello all, I'm on a site were you cam Instant Message, hookup with like minded adults for sexy fun. The problem is that I get 18 year old women who want to meet up with me. But I'm 48. Is this wrong?
  4. Hi All, Been away from the site since October. How many women have you slept with since then. For me it's two.
  5. Hi Ambrosia Thanks for your reply.
  6. It was lovely don't get me wrong but not what I expected. Not fussed about seeing her again. And I will try dating again, but I need more practice lol
  7. Hi All, I haven't been on the site for a while been busy during the summer. A couple of weeks ago I was on a dating site when I received a message from a woman who had seen my profile and wanted to meet up. We met up for coffee and then I went back to hers and we made sensual love, kissing touching and fingering you get the picture. My first time with a woman and it was weird at first then I rexlax. I can't say the earth moved for me. I won't see her again but want to explore other women.
  8. Hi all, Just wondering if anybody is more horny in the summer months or the winter months. At the moment I'm to hot and bothered to think about being horny
  9. HI All, Thank you for your lovely comments. Just need to show them off to someone who appreciates my body
  10. Hi All I brought some new underwear yesterday. New bras and pants not my normal plan underwear,but some sexy thongs and bras. At 47 I'm I told old to wear them? I just need to feel sexy.
  11. Hello All, Do you prefer flat shoes or Heels? I tend to were flats because my feet tend to swell a lot. I only wear heels if it is a special occasion like a wedding or a party. I would feel ashamed if anybody tried to suck my toes.
  12. Hi All, I use men's facial scrub because i think it is better then women's and cheaper. Does anybody else use men's beauty products?
  13. Watching 2 women french kiss, such a beautiful thing makes me so wet thinking about it