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  1. I would like to say I hate cooking no one but me cleans dishes and with a new baby its hard and I'm not cleared to drive yet to get food and he just said I will eat whatever you make.....ugh we need to go to the  store.

  2. Feeling a bit better today I don't know why maybe because hubby is actually awake or we opened the windows for fresh air, whatever it is I don't want to lose it.

  3. History and Art ...even though I was homeschooled but in college those classes were so easy (except history teacher was big on maps! which kept me from straight A's in the 6 history classes I took!
  4. I'm a weirdo I only like butter or sausage on toast but not both at the same time
  5. I wish I wasn't depressed anymore! I wish I wasn't scared to live the life my husband and I want! I wish I could find that one girl he tells me I will one day find who will make me feel very happy!
  6. The only two people who know is a former friend of 18 years and my husband who came out to me first, I don't think I could ever tell my family , my father is very old fashioned and set in his ways and both my parents are very depressed I dont know how they would react and it scares me to find out! i guess thats my luck for having parents in their 60's
  7. I grew up in a house the same way! I am so happy to be with my hubby who is bi like I am he makes me feel like its safe to be me!!
  8. This was so informative! Thank You! My hubby has three and wants more and has been trying to convince me to think about it because he wants me to experience things in life! Once he told me how he views tattoos as works of art expressing someones inner true emotions and interests I got to where I was thinking about it. I am bad about change though and I am not dumb I know it will hurt to get one. I think because I grew up in a house with a mom who never had anything like that (not even pierced ears) I am more unsure, and I want to make sure I am not getting talked into anything I don't really want. I like what my friends mom had us do one summer when her daughter said she wanted one really young. She did this for me too even though I wasn't interested back then. She took us to a place that does it at fairs ....ugh I forgot what its called spray art or something like that. Anyway she told us to pick what we wanted and gave us our choices of where. one it was done she said for the rest of the year we will get this done the same way and in the same spot. If you still love it by then and it doesn't bother you or you wish you could take it back then you are ready and old enough to get a tattoo if not then I want you to wait until you are 18 or older to get one. She didn't last by the way, my friend ended up hating it that year. So now I am doing something similar everytime I find one I like and can identify with I do it in sharpie where I want it ( I am an artist so it tends too look really cool) and I leave it on until it bothers me. I think I have found the one I want but now it's the paint and the money I need to worry about!
  9. I hate admitting this but it was about 7 or 8 years old .....but I have never been with anyone until I was 23 or 22 we honestly forgot what year we started going out so I can't remember when that started. but yes bath time growing up did have another meaning after that.
  10. I get shirts and stuff from the guys side alot because I don't always want something form fitting. I steal my husbands stuff all the time because he thinks it's funny but honestly it is just better for me.....he gives me stuff he's tired of or got too small.. I am determined to tell people don't get my daughter only pink baby clothes she can where green boys stuff too...I mean why isolate ourselves
  11. Feeling so much better this morning!  Parents are coming over later too and bringing me my beloved Dr Pepper lol! Once  get my breakfast and tea made I will wake up the baby! I can't believe she's almost two months and once I get her down she sleeps through the night!!!

  12. Sadly I'm too far away.
  13. Sometimes I think its just really too hard to find friends which is what I want and need more then anything!
  14. Wish I had an excuse to do myself up a bit and feel beautiful! since the baby I'm lucky if I brush my hair! I used to braid my hair and would attempt some eye shadow.....but now it feels stupid to think about...don't get my wrong I  love my girl but what about me!?

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    2. Maverickgirl1956


      I had my daughter at 25 and I was not married , my family live close and they didn't help. But, I got through it with lots of tears. I know it seems you wont get through this but you will I promise 

    3. MysticArtist92


      Thanks for encouragement!

    4. Maverickgirl1956
  15. I was told to use my mothers day money on me...well I partly did...but I also got my husband and I wedding bands ( long story but I only have my engagement ring)

    I just hope I guessed his size right lol

    1. Maverickgirl1956


      Don't matter bout size. It matters you got him one, and yes spend it all on you