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  1. I'm just so down today everything my husband has done has been to make me happy and value myself and the more he tries to worse I feel its not his fault. My school won't let me graduate without taking all math classes over And so he told me to try and find a new degree that I really want..even art and painting has a math requirement. 

    We are broke right now because when he gets paid he pays as many bills as he can.

    I don't value myself so I don't feel like I can for things I need or want.

    On top of everything else Im a few days late and so Im terrified Im pregnant again and I. Still not sure I want a other kid!!!!


    Rant over sorry

    1. Vampire


      Hugs to you. Not much I can say but you will get through. Keep your chin up. Best of Luck. 

  2. I have purple hair!!
  3. The video on YouTube I love is by a guy who is supportive and made a music video about holding on until your safe. Boyinaband made the video spectrum! I'm not sure how to post a link with my tablet yet or I would post it.
  4. For Christmas my aunt will be taking me to get my first tattoo! Its will be the semicolon because it is my way of saying that I accept my emotional state and not denying it. Im nervous for sure but she is paying for it so I'm taking the jump! I'm also a bit nervous though about the stereotype of dyed hair and tattoos on moms.....anyone have any tips and encouragement!!
  5. I don't know why but I feel like I'm not allowed to have these desires since I'm a mom and wife ugh!!

    1. BenedettaC


      Of course you are allowed to have them! :)

    2. JadeBleu15


      I agree. We cannot help how we feel.  I struggled to fight my feelings for a  very long time, I just finally decided to accept its part of me and although my life isn't peaches and cream ( or strawberries and cream lol) I am in a better state of mind for the most part.  Hope you find your balance.

    3. BenedettaC


      Repression can cause all sorts of problems, if not now, then later, so just try to be who and how you are. 

  6. Yay! My first tablet now I can do stuff easier with the baby and I can do my Private stuff like looking at pictures or shybi site!

  7. OMG! I got to sleep untill 9:45 this morning and the baby and hubby are still asleep!!  I had a great idea last night to give us more room and to help her like her crib and its working!!! I can't believe that didn't think of taking the crib putting it in the corner by the wall with one side off and the bed up against it!!! This works!!

  8. yeah I know that you can get pregnant during those silly times most girls think you can't, I find it funny when they say oh I will breast feed so I dont need bc......I just want to slap the stupidity out of them. I am very worried about a lot of things but when I was a teenager my mom realized I was depressed and my dad said I was lying and stuff and so if I did get to go to therapy they would find out..idk how I would handle that. I am just so frustrated with things ..I feel like I am always hiding things! I vow to let my daughter know she can be herself
  9. mainly I think the idea turns him off....we had an issue with them back when we were dating and it freaked him out.
  10. we have condoms but he hasnt used them once
  11. my main issue is the side affects and different kinds of birth control and I still breast feed. But I have decided it needs to be done
  12. so I have a question thats kind of weird. I breast feed my baby and she has given me a few hicky's and I thought that this spot on my breast was a hicky that she just spent more time on..but it hasnt gone away and I doubt she would get the exact same spot multiple times, but now its a bump its about the size of a dime and it is a bump it hurts if I mess with it. should I get it checked out or give it time? hubby thinks hicky but its been a few weeks.

    I figured with this site being all women odds are someone might have an idea!

    1. Veruca Salk

      Veruca Salk

      My first thought (and I'm not a medical doctor) is that is might be a blocked duct?  If it's a raised bump and it hurts I would definitely get it checked out!  

    2. MysticArtist92
  13. I love getting but I feel like I get stage fright when my hubby hints or asks for it and I feel horrible. Even when I was a kid messing around with my best friend I always wanted her to do it to me, she did once but I never got a chance to do it to her, so I don't know on girls what I would do.
  14. I feel like I am more of a sub just because I am very worried about taking the lead in sex because I might do something wrong or get laughed at. I don't think I could handle that very well.
  15. SO update! I have been feeling a bit better about this topic until two days ago when I had some time to myself and all of a sudden I started crying! Like it was bad. I think I understand why though, sex is meant to be about passion and love for yourself and who you are with and pleasure. But now that we have been parents its turned into a quickie when she napping or I get playing by herself and I hate quickies, But we find ourselves listening for if she wakes up or if she is up we will hear her talking to herself at really awkward times, and then I don't have time to get him off myself and he has to do it while I am taking care of the baby. I waited until I knew I was with a good man before I even dated let alone have sex and so now that I can have it with someone just as kinky as I am I feel like I have this weight hanging over me, because we have been doing the pull out method and one wrong decision could result in a baby before I am ready, so now I feel like sex has a huge price tag attached to it and I am reminded of it. I just want to be loved and pleasured without having to worry about other things happening because of it, I want it to go back to being love and passion, not a quick hit when we can. I have told my husband how I feel and he has agreed that I shouldn't have to deal with feeling like this and we will soon look into birth control. He also said that he would look into finding me a girl to hang out with and be friends and maybe a little more and that it might help me get that release from stress that I need