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  1. Yay! We ordered my purple hair dye, last time the dye didn't take to my hair, but this time I will do it different and I don't care what my parents think my husband loves the idea and I am determined to teach my daughter that she can be herself no matter what others think as long as she is still a respectful person! Hair dye and tattoos dont mean you have to be nasty or rude my child will be taught respect and will be punished if she is rude or disrespectful, my old karate teacher taught me well when it comes to respecting others!

    I don't want to go and dye a ton of colors I have only ever wanted purple because I say it is the color of my soul


  2. OMG! Clean House napping baby! Worked on my painting commissions, And got a pizza hut surprise from hubby! I have candels lit and music going (baby sleeps longer if music is on) and tea and dr pepper!! Now if only my pain all over would stop it would be a great morning

  3. I have to wash dishes in the tub because something is wrong with the sink and we are backed up ugh......

  4. Is it so wrong to want something from Victoria's secret?!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MysticArtist92


      New baby equals no money lol.....but for some reason I found myself on the site looking around

    3. Golightly63


      There's nothing wrong in looking and wanting (and lusting after the models!) Think of it as a future goal - to get yourself one or two pieces. :)

    4. MysticArtist92


      you're right ..even the lusting!

  5. Have you ever asked to hang out outside of work? maybe if you try to just hang out and not try to take it anywhere and just talk the subject could come up. That way you aren't really pushing the subject...I learned that if you work with someone and like there sometimes outside of work they aren't the same person.
  6. It feels good to be spoiled a bit! me and baby went out with my parents and had lunch and ice cream, and brought some home for hubby. we bought him two daddy shirts for his first fathers day, and I got me 3 dr peppers while we were out.

    Now its sad that my parents health is really said that dad has blacked out and fell 4 times in the last two weeks. I'm worried but I'm happy that I don't live with them anymore.

  7. Nothing like hot green tea, sleeping baby girl with linkin park music and playing a video game I just got ( for free) trying to wake up today in a good mood plus my back hurts from cleaning yesterday, so I am just chilling while hubby sleeps, he took and extra shift last night! aat $25 a hour for overtime he took it lol

  8. Hi how are you. I thought I'd say hi. I went to missouri last year. I didn't get a chance to see much but from what I saw it's a nice place 

    1. MysticArtist92


      I'm doing well, today anyway. I will admit it's home I just wish I didn't live in the city, we are hoping to move soon to the country in a year if possible!


    2. blackflameblue


      That sounds great I hope you are able to get the place you like. I liked what I was able to see of Jeff City and joplin. 

  9. trying my new routine to get baby girl to sleep in her own bed, bath, footie jammies ,wrapped and fed once shes really out I hold her for about 15 mins and put her worked last night I'm hoping it will work again. I even have her on a bed time now between 10-10:30 her little booty is in bed asleep!

    1. nudous


      It makes it so much easier once they're on a sleep schedule!! 

    2. MysticArtist92


      oh yes! she didnt do a full night but its so much better!! I at least feel like I know when I will get a little mommy time you know.

    3. nudous


      Exactly! It's nice being able to have some mommy time 

  10. He's very supportive with me he knows I have issues because of my dad and he has always backed me. I think he knows because sometimes I will get really quite afterwards and he will hold me or tease me some to try and take my mind off. he has this this where he tells me to get out of my head or he will all of a sudden say stop that. I'm planning on telling him I just haven't worked up the nerve I guess. I've been considering therapy but have to find a friend to babysit and get driving again before that can happen.
  11. It has happened many times but much more the last I would say 5 months. The whole act and the fact that I enjoyed how it makes me feel.
  12. I have a serious issue that has been weighing on me for a while now. I grew up in a house where an explosive depressed father used to shoot down anything that brought me joy, days would end in tears and me feeling like I was a horrible daughter. Now I live with my amazing husband who is so open about things and wants me to live life to the fullest and experience what the world has to offer. (Yes he is bi as well) Today is one of those rare days as new parents where we could have us time and yes we are kinky lol and I love the world of love and passion he has shown me but as soon as he left the room for what I don't remember, the high I had from it was replaced with guilt! I hated feeling like that because I wanted so much more. (he has back problems so he always ends it). But is this feeling normal for new parents? or could it be from my childhood?? Has anyone felt like this and if so how did you deal with it? I was near tears!!!
  13. I've found my stress outlet playing wii fit and a few other game I  have when the baby naps is good for my health!

    1. Nidalaeh


      That is a good stress outlet. I don't have any of the gaming devices. Glad it's helping!

    2. MysticArtist92


      I got lucky with it my hubby found it at a yard sale for $50 that came with everything I needed and 4 games! I really like doing the boxing and karate games......I think it is helping me get healthy since the baby I haven't been as active as I should have been.

    3. Nidalaeh


      That is awesome!! I need to look for deals like that :)

  14. Slowly coming to terms with how things work with having a baby in our lives......but somedays I just want to feel like a women and not a nursemaid


  15. everytime I'm told to say something I can't help but laugh idk why