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  1. I really recommend couch to 5k app, too. I went from a totally unfit woman with high BP to running 5-10kms every day. I am currently immobile while waiting for a hip replacement (completely unrelated to running) and miss my morning runs so much. You can get some great MP3 playlists to match whatever stage you are up to as well.
  2. I had terrible self esteem when I was young, and wasn't very worldly. There were women I idolised, but more because I wanted to be like them. Married with kids, and suddenly my self esteem grew when I realised I wasn't meant to look like some of the bodies I wished mine was like. More pondering had me realise that if I had the self esteem then that I have now, my past dating life would have been VERY different. Although it was a recent realisation for me, it was linked to my self esteem.
  3. I got a Mirena a year ago for heavy periods, and the bleeding (well, spotting) tapered off after a couple of months. My periods are now lasting a day or so and barely there. I am a total success story, but was initially terrified because I read about so many problems women had. I had previously been on a pill with the same hormone, and the mirena is a much smaller dosage because it us at the source, so to speak, and doesn't have to go through your whole system. Was hoping to lose a bit of weight, but hasn't happened.
  4. I don't know what I want anymore. Sometimes it feels like the more I think about all this the more confused I am. At the moment my husband is coming to terms with all this, so seeking any form of relationship with another woman is not on horizon. I don't know how much I would want from a relationship with a woman because my marriage is such a good solid relationship (hence my confusion while realising I am bi), so I don't know if I would want or need the same level of intimacy I have in my marriage. With my work and family commitments, I don't even know if I would be able to offer more of myself to anyone else. Right now I would love to just have someone to chat with, but it is so hard to find time around my life.
  5. Places found *some days. Can't type today.
  6. From the POV of someone married to my man for 20 years, I can say that we had an extended "dry spell" on my part: I was SO tired and drained from my extensive responsibilities that I had nothing to give to my husband, and never felt satisfied. Suddenly the tables have turned since I've come to the conclusion that I am bi and my sensuality has returned full swing. Now he needs a break and a good sleep. I realise this is not the same as your issue with your intimacy with your GF, but I wanted to point out that my husband thought my problem was with him at one point, when it NEVER was: it was completely my internal/mental exhaustion and other personal issues. I just wanted to share in the event that maybe I can offer the perspective of 'the one who couldn't get off for sheer exhaustion" regardless. And I swear my 'anatomy' in that area changes randomly IYKWIM, so maybe places that were easily found done days are not easily found on others. Maybe it's to do with circulation or blood pressure: random musing....
  7. That's okay. I was hoping I wasn't coming across as being cranky about the spammers rearing their ugly heads I don't even have Facebook anymore because of the time it takes to sort through that, I can only imagine how difficult being a mod here must be. In private Facebook groups I have come across for particular specific interests, membership is only granted after you answer an email to a mod on topic: an interview of sorts. But perhaps that us something that the SB Admin must create, rather than the mods; I've never had the time to understand how these forums work, let alone volunteer to help run one.
  8. Thanks everyone. The first time I reported someone I felt like I might be wasting the mods' time, but then I realised my time zone probably puts me at the advantage of seeing the spammers first. I will continue to report the profiles as required (and not the posts). I know that the mods have a difficult job keeping on top of the spammers, and fully appreciate that we all have our own lives to lead. I wasn't insinuating that they aren't being dealt with quickly enough, but trying to clarify the process I can follow to do my part.
  9. When I notice a weird gobbledegook post full of spam links, is it correct that I then need to view the individual (spammer's) profile, click on link to report them, and then type in something like "suspicious post activities" or "spam links" or something? I've done this a few times now. I think because if my time zone I sometimes see these posts before other members would, and I'm worried about following correct protocols out of respect to the poor admins that need to process all this. I just want to check the way I'm doing it is correct. I'm still a newbie here, but these spammers are the bane of the Net, and I want to play my part as best as I can in getting rid of these predators. Thanks.
  10. I've had BCCs and scars from them too. I think the surgeons all have their own styles, too. Mine thinks about long term for visible scars, so maybe one that is raised for a couple of years will settle down as the skin relaxes and then be smaller or shorter than one that is initially flatter immediately after the procedure. That happened to me. Big lump as well as scar for a couple of years, and then it smoothed out beautifully. Sometimes when they do the initial biopsy, if they are sure it is a BCC from their knowledge of you and the disease, they can do the biopsy large enough that they get it all with clear margins the first time and you will be lucky.
  11. Disclaimer to my above post: these are my personal views, but I certainly don't judge anyone with differing views. We are all grown ups here from varied backgrounds and experiences who make our own decisions. Only you know what feels right for you
  12. I personally would only feel completely comfortable if all involved parties were aware. A marriage is a commitment, and I don't want to be a party that might unknowingly cause someone else's marriage to end. At the end of the day, we are all adults making our own decisions, but I don't want to cause pain to someone else, even inadvertently. You never know when a secret will be discovered. Another complication is if there are children. I definitely don't think they need to be consulted, but they still need to be considered. An accidental outing would possibly effect the children of either marriage.
  13. I don't remember exactly, but I think he noticed I was different in the bedroom, as in confident and more sensual for the first time ever, and I think he started by asking about that, like what had changed within me. I recovered my sex drive that had left me YEARS ago. One of the first things I said to him was in relation to my body image issues, that I had though about what I would want a woman's body to feel like if I were going to touch one , and it made me realise that my "soft" feminine shape would be sexy, as he had always assured me I was. Later conversations turned into me being turned on by the thought of the softness of a woman's body compared to a man's. My body image issues began to heal a little, and It made me feel more confident in the bedroom. We had lots of small conversations, usually emboldened by alcohol. I was brave enough to tell him I had started reading lesbian erotica. We've been working hard on our communication skills. I spoke to him about how I was curious as to how the sensations would be so different between kissing a man, and kissing a woman, and he even agreed that it would be interesting, though he is not bicurious at all. He is feeling insecure, though, and has shared that he worries that if I experiment I might run away with another woman, so I am also reassuring him that I am just trying to be in touch with my own identity, with who I am as a person, and am not looking to change my life: I am committed to him 100%, and not doing anything with anyone but him (unless maybe he becomes okay with that!). Sorry for the delay in replying. I've been away for work, and my hotel internet blocked this site as a sex site!
  14. Thanks Ambrosia. We talked again last night and he really seems in awe of the sensual side of myself that has been developing. feeling ever the goddess these days.
  15. I've found limited stuff for online support, but feel like it's aimed at teens, not adults, and once again, not in small town Qld....