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  1. No I leave mine on , I am proud of my marriage and love my husband. Being with my g/f does not change those facts, what she and I have is a special relationship that a m/f relationship could never have, and likewise for my marriage and my relationship with my g/f. Both are special .
  2. Just wondering how you are doing. Where do things stand with you and your hubby now, after the past week? How are you feeling? Also hugs and Kisses for you.
  3. I want what she's having........
  4. OMG, I have enjoyed this site for a couple of years. I love it! afterwards I always think about volunteering as a model to do it , but haven't worked up the nerve yet
  5. Yes we are. I feel so sorry for the stress and anxiety you are going through. I know many of us struggle to some degree with your situation in our own lives. My only suggestion is to give yourself some time to process all the things that you have experience in the last few days. You are in the middle of a whirlwind , give yourself some time to work through things before you take a decision on something that will set the road for how your life unfolds from here. If your husband truly does love you, he will be willing to give you space to help sort things out
  6. Love it!!!, both the video and my own clitoris. LOL
  7. Welcome, please feel you are not alone. You will find friends and many here who can support, listen and share their stories. You may feel lost at times, we all do, but please consider his a safe place, a home for you.
  8. uggg, I always feel I look terrible when I wake up first thing in the morning, and then there's the "morning breath" thing.. so I am mid-day and evening kind of gal. Although I do enjoy some private time in the shower with my hand held shower head in the morning, just sayin'.
  9. I'd climb on top during the spin cycle, esp if the wash load was a bit out of balance..... mmmm fond memories
  10. when I was younger living at home the handle of the electric toothbrush ( I know I know gross to think of it now , yuck) and the washing machine in spin cycle where favorites. now days it is my shower wand handle, mmmmm love taking a shower :-} .
  11. I'm in. Sounds like a very healthy and worth while goal. going to have to buy some more batteries though.
  12. I won't do anything involving pee or poop , no degrading. behavior and not going to receive anal .... although I do have a strange desire to peg my hubby with a strap-on.
  13. Hug to you .As for your hubby, Bless his heart ( which is a Southern Indiana passive-aggressive way of saying '" you're an idiot"). We nurses have a saying for things like what your hubby did, "we can't fix stupid, but we can sedate it." LOL
  14. So here is the answer to the survey, no surprise to those who responded here. Women want more foreplay!!!! count me in on that.