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  1. Yes, I love mine, that might explain our high water utility bills. LOL
  2. Cruncher
  3. Just wondering if any one has had experience wearing a bra from Third Love? I keep hearing commercials for Third Love bra's on the radio as I drive into work and back home afterwards. They say they are so comfortable you will forget you are even wearing a bra. That would be nice to not think of ripping off your bra the moment you get home and close the door. I would love ( no pun intended) to hear others experiences with Third Love bras.
  4. Yes, I believe we ( bisexuals) are born bi. It just some of us longer to recognize or come to terms with our sexuality. For me, I always felt more comfortable , and attracted to other girls, when I was younger but never made the connection. It just took a while, even after my first to experience, for me to realize that what I was feeling was more than n adolescent crush or a temporary experiment.
  5. Kiss me
  6. I play tennis, singles ad doubles 2-3 times a week, I ride my bike on off days weather permitting, I jog from time to time and seem to get a bit of walking dunning my nursing shifts
  7. a simple text from my g/f, " thinking of you"....
  8. on a high a school tennis court, gave a whole new meaning to the tennis term . "love"
  9. Bradley Cooper Maria Sharapova
  10. The power to heal, especially cancer.
  11. Easy choice for me. I don't drink coffee, never have ( but don't you dare touch my favorite caffeine delivery vehicle- Diet Coke). Not much of a beer drinker but love my cocktails and adore a good glass of wine after a long day.
  12. Yes it does vary, over the past 10 years or so I have varied from 40% bi/lesbian to a high of 70% , the last couple of years I seem to be around 60%... Although I have absolutely no desire to be with any man other than my husband, so not sure how things would change ,if God forbid ,he were not in the picture.
  13. I agree with much of what has been said. The one thing I might suggest or ask is has you Husband had his Testosterone level tested? Certain meds can lower T levels , one is a heart related family of meds, Statins. So a suggestion might be to have his T level checked.
  14. Glad it is Friday, my day off. It has been a stress filled week.  Time to decompress and appreciate all the wonderful people and things in my life

    1. bluebell


      same here. But wish I didn't have so much stuff to do on the week-ends. Hope you are not in the same situation

  15. Hugs and kisses for you and your family. Transitions are always hard. I am so sorry that you and your kids have to suffer through this. While you are currently in the middle of a storm of emotions and uncertainty, please know that the clouds do eventually blow over, the sun comes out and when it does you will discover a new path for your life. Please know that you are not alone. Lean on your faith , your friends and those of us here , they both will be essential for helping you through the storm.