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  1. depends on how my diet has been going, but I guess bikini foot rub or back rub?
  2. Heavens, no. (pun intended)
  3. no
  4. I had an maiden aunt. No one ever said anything, but looking back on things now I am pretty sure she was a lesbian . She was the funniest of all my aunt and uncles. Loved being around her. I miss her so.
  5. uuuuuh I am a bit of a germophobe so the bare feet thing makes me cringe thinking of walking down the street or worse into a public rest room yuck. And not much of a public exhibitionist either, so this is a tough choice. If fore to pick I would do the bare feet nad then soak them if antiseptic each night when I get home. Holiday Party Dress, heels or flats?
  6. Really Hot Casual dinner out, would you rather have Italian or Mexican food?
  7. I enjoy the party game ."would you rather" and think it might be fun to start it here. To play, answer the "would you rather..>" posted above you and than propose your own would you rather for the next person. Ill go first Would you rather have a Beach vacation or Sight seeing vacation?
  8. You go Girl!
  9. I really am not into anal for me. It just doesn't float my boat. I have had b/f's ( before I was married) want to try on me but the first attempt was awful , very painful. It turned me off for good. Now having said that , in the past couple years I have this urge to peg DH, and have fantasized about doing him with a strap on or feeldoe. However DH wants nothing even remotely near his rear. So that brings up another question, am I alone for do others have that urge to peg your b/f or DH with a dildo or strap on?
  10. I saw this on another site and thought it was an intriguing proposition . If you had to pick between only one or the other for the rest of your life, would you choose having oral sex or Object (penis or toy or strap on) in Vagina sex? I know for some of you it would be a difficult choice, but for me it is fairly easy. A good majority of the time I do not have an orgasm with PiV sex although I do find it pleasurable esp. with a toy and DH does a nice job but I have wonderful, toe curling, body quivering, multiple "O"s on a regular basis with receiving oral sex. To each her own but let's here your answers.
  11. We have a Halloween Party to go to this weekend, and I am stumped as to what costume to wear. Oh, I can think of the old tried and boring costumes but I am looking for something fun , cute and different. I keep wracking my brain but always draw a blank. So ladies, I need your help, any ideas a costume idea would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Why did the ghost go to the bar? To met ghouls.
  13. Yes, I love mine, that might explain our high water utility bills. LOL