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  1. 1. I broken my leg in front of 3,000 people 2. I am infertile 3. My mom knew I was going to be a nurse when I was 7 years old
  2. It is late, I am in bed, my hubby is on a business trip and I just finished chatting on line with my g/f ... I am sooooo horny right now....
  3. I confess I am a moaner and at the most intense moments I have been know to call on the Almighty....
  4. This is easy for me, I am so turned on by giving to my g/f. It is such an sensual feeling to kiss her thighs, to taste her , to tickle her love button. I am getting aroused just typing this....
  5. My first time , looking back on it, I know I was fumbling and bumbling, I was so self-conscious as I was doing it. Thank goodness my partner moaned and quivers, I enjoyed giving her pleasure. I have learned , mainly by listening and communicating with my partners as to what they enjoy the most. Now I enjoy giving oral more than anything else I do for my g/f.
  6. YES YES YES, I love when hubby does this and my h/f has always been very good with her talents too. .
  7. two men having sex does nothing for me, but 2 women making love really presses my buttons.
  8. I work ortho/ sports med .. I don't think we have a disproportionate number of bi or lesbian nurses but I would differently say their are a big percent of the girls we have in p.t. and athletic training seem to be lesbian or bi.
  9. I love this time of year,Spring in full bloom. Perfect temps, and it is light when I come home from the clinic.

  10. I know I will be ridiculed for this , but I really down like either coffee or tea... My caffeine delivery system is Diet Coke.
  11. race walking... i have seen this during the Olympics, and it looks so fake, I have to laugh every time I stumble across it. I am sure it is a difficult sport to master and the folks who do it are very dedicated ,but it looks like something from an old Austin Powers movie.
  12. I would love to chat, but try as I might I can't seem to make the chat room here work. I am sooooo incompetent with tech stuff. I would appreciate anyone better versed in this kind of stuff on tips of how I can enter the room
  13. getting ready to open a bottle of red wine, and cook dinner... Stuffed peppers....
  14. I am married to a man, I have been with 4 different women, One in high school, one in college, one after college before i got married , and a current girl friend, who I get to see a few times a year.
  15. I have a lot of binge watching to do