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  1. Hey there x How how are you doing?

  2. Just stopping by to say hi

  3. Just stopping by to say hi

  4. Hey right back at you! Nice of you to pop in :rolleyes:

  5. Popping in to say hi

  6. Hi and welcome
  7. You took the words right out of my mouth
  8. Was going to in London but major family illness changed my plans. Was Austin well attendef
  9. Mine too. I have to make sure he is in a pee safe place when I pet him when I get home otherwise... Oh dear
  10. Those pyjama type uniforms hospital nurses/doctors wear.
  11. Not enough! I used to walk to work but our office had to move so now a 40 minute drive instead. I got a fitbit type watch to try and motivate myself to get moving more. Now Easter is over I am determined to start rowing again and really need to get back to a good excercise routine
  12. 1. I love rubbish 50s B-Movies 2. I am a very good cook 3. I can strip a bed with a teenager and dog still inside it.
  13. Listening to my dog snore and putting off getting out of bed
  14. Dusting !! There is something satisfying about vacuuming or washing up but dusting just bores me
  15. I am am not nearly so shy anymore and no longer care if someone thinks I am wierd (in a good way of course ). Other than that I am still 12 years old inside.