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  1. Ye its definately true were mostly bi. My ex gf worked with me in the club and 2 girls in the club are girlfriends.
  2. My club gets mostly male clients. She does seem exceptional. I would never do what she does but were all different and i guess i dont really know how id act if i had a female regular
  3. I agree on the natural thing. Felt so right. I liked how we both worked together to achieve satisfaction. And the softness. Oh the softness!
  4. When you think they cant get dumber they always outdo themselves. They just dont get women.
  5. Nikkicarr94

    My Situation

    Just an update on this for anyone interested. I met her dad when he was released hoping things would be different. It was obvious jail took its toll on him but he put out the tough guy act. We went back to mine and had sex. We did it a few times over a few days and i got him to talk to me more. He promised to be a better dad. Our daughter is really shy around him as he hasnt been around for her. I can tell she doesnt like meeting him which breaks my heart. Hes used it as an excuse to not see her as much as he should and hes gotten back with the crowd that gets him in trouble. Ive sought solace in a couple of other men but i cant break from thinking hes the one i should be with. Its not all bad. Work is great. Making lots and bought myself a car a car i always wanted today. A white Mercedes. Very proud girl. There maybe a female interest on the horizon also. Got introduced to a girl and got told she has a girl crush on me! We've been texting and agreed to meet. Just the two of us but im such an idiot dont know if its a date or not. Ive done an insta stalk lol and i cant believe how beautiful she is. Ok peace xxx
  6. Nikkicarr94

    What Are You Looking For?

    Wish i knew. Something im so torn on
  7. Its great your enjoying yourself. Never heard of a woman enjoy lap dancing so much guess i work at the wrong club. Just some advice dont get jealous shes there to do a job and has clients other than you to see. Its not fun for us if one clients gets clingy and get annoyed for performing for others. Anyway keep enjoying yourself hun and dont worry about other stuff.
  8. Thanks for the follow! :) Hope the car buying went well! 

    1. Nikkicarr94


      It was great proud girlie today. Lots of hard work paid off 

  9. Thank you for the follow. Nice car! Love mercs but prefer Audis myself haha. What colour? :P

    1. Nikkicarr94


      Haha thanks going 2 garage now super excited. Its white. Always been a merc fan

    2. Rocker83


      Oh very nice! That's gonna look amazing. Feel free to drop me a photo so I can be jealous xD

    3. Nikkicarr94


      Happy girl right now. Will get a pic over to you

  10. Nikkicarr94

    Whats The Worst Thing About Being Single?

    Lying in bed now and no one to squeeze me
  11. Nikkicarr94

    Inspiring Pictures Of Women With Women

    Omg what movie is that?
  12. Thanks for the add. Hope you're well :D

    1. Nikkicarr94


      No probs. Im great :lol:

    2. Hungry


      That's good, getting some sun I hope!

  13. Nikkicarr94

    Who Are You Struggling To Get Over?

    I would take my beloved Jade back in an instant.
  14. Im defo attrachted to straight girls. But seducing them doesnt turn me on cause i prefer to be seduced.