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  1. I'm starting to learn that I actually have many, which is really weird for me! It probably started with Carolyn Jones/Morticia, and Catwoman. Mmm... These days, Tilda Swinton, Claudia Black, Alex Kingston, and always the gorgeous Dame Maggie Smith.
  2. Hi there LilPookyMama! Just thought I'd send a quick message to see if you are still on here at all. I'm back after a short break. I'm in northern New South Wales just recovering from massive floods. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. LilPookyMama


      Hey! Yeah, I'm still on. Had a bit of a crazy week or two that kept me off the net. :( How bad it is up there? I don't have a TV for news so it's really only what I hear on Facebook.


  3. Otters! Is there a craft you would love to learn but haven't? (Scrapbooking, knitting, woodworking, whatever)
  4. That is what I was sure I was learning from putting my feelers out there. I'm glad I'm getting more information about different styles. A triad of equality is what I tell people I would like in my life. A life partner, even if that didn't mean a sex partner. And not a FWB or side person, but a full member of the family. I think it's just such a huge ask, it seems hopeless to want. I really appreciate hearing from women who have been with/are interested in couples. The insight is so important, I think.
  5. I would take her to dinner (nothing uber fancy, more personal, with comfort food), then a geeky movie, and then somewhere to have a very luscious desert. That would be a first date scenario though. If it was a girlfriend, it would be very similar but at home instead for cosy cuddles on the lounge during the film, and desert in the bath or bed. Favourite colour of lipstick on another woman?
  6. Real. How odd. If I had to pick one for myself, it would be Lost.
  7. I think so. I studied and found what I'm good at, but cannot get a job doing it where I live. Not right now, anyway. Have to keep trying. What do you keep on your bedside table (or nearest equivalent)?
  8. Absolutely get this! My situation was very similar. The woman I fell for, who made me realise I was bi, I still love. Deeply. I probably have for most of my life, since we grew up together. I could never know another woman as deeply as I know her, simply for that time we've had as 'best friends'. And she knows that too. I think we would be amazing together. Sadly, she chooses the poisonous relationship she is in. I've had my entire world uprooted and tossed to hell because of her, but I'm left with nothing for it. I haven't been able to find healing, unfortunately. I'm still working on that. And it is a VERY lonely place to be in. But we're not alone.
  9. I'm really curious about this too. But I'm wondering, where do you find poly people to date if you don't have access to clubs, etc? And for single ladies looking for a triad, what would make a couple appealing?
  10. I saw the Fair Day advertised. It did look much more my sort of event. It's a bit of a drive to get into Sydney for it but I'll see how next year goes. It really is a shame there isn't more events further afield. Ah well I had a friend performing at one of the shows on that week and I get to see all his pictures.
  11. I'm a sucker for a good horror too. But, yeah, more realistic body horror things turn me right off even the best storyline. I LOVE old horror and monster movies. All the Dracula and Frankenstein and Wolfman are great. Some of the modern remakes are fun too. Last horror/thriller I watched was probably The Silenced. Not too bad but hardly scary. Just a good watch. Has anyone seen Crimson Peak?
  12. Netflix and Stan are our only way of seeing TV now so we binge on just about everything! House of Cards (Double crushing on the Underwoods) Santa Clarita Diet iZombie Jessica Jones Stranger Things It's great when I can get Doctor Who and Supernatural on there but they're getting taken off here. Or they aren't up to date. :(
  13. Colouring books are amazing. I have a bunch, but none of the naughty ones. They're all on the wishlist. My kids are infuriatingly curious and would want to know what I'm colouring, lol. Personally, because I'm generally crap at drawing/art and they're always being stolen, I just use cheapish twist up pencils. They're easier on my dicky wrist. Does anyone have any finished pieces to share? I'd love to see some!
  14. Just throwing this out there. I know there aren't many Aussie's out there, but did anyone have at look at Mardi Gras this year? I don't have TV as such and I've been meaning to have a look at some of the streams online to see if there was much/any bi stuff happening there. Haven't had the chance yet with visitors and sick kids :( Trying to get my long distance pride on but it's so hard, again! Has anyone seen anything? Or is it maybe totally uninteresting?
  15. Hi, welcome, hello!