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  1. Just throwing this out there. I know there aren't many Aussie's out there, but did anyone have at look at Mardi Gras this year? I don't have TV as such and I've been meaning to have a look at some of the streams online to see if there was much/any bi stuff happening there. Haven't had the chance yet with visitors and sick kids :( Trying to get my long distance pride on but it's so hard, again! Has anyone seen anything? Or is it maybe totally uninteresting?
  2. I'm starting to learn that I actually have many, which is really weird for me! It probably started with Carolyn Jones/Morticia, and Catwoman. Mmm... These days, Tilda Swinton, Claudia Black, Alex Kingston, and always the gorgeous Dame Maggie Smith.
  3. Otters! Is there a craft you would love to learn but haven't? (Scrapbooking, knitting, woodworking, whatever)
  4. That is what I was sure I was learning from putting my feelers out there. I'm glad I'm getting more information about different styles. A triad of equality is what I tell people I would like in my life. A life partner, even if that didn't mean a sex partner. And not a FWB or side person, but a full member of the family. I think it's just such a huge ask, it seems hopeless to want. I really appreciate hearing from women who have been with/are interested in couples. The insight is so important, I think.
  5. I would take her to dinner (nothing uber fancy, more personal, with comfort food), then a geeky movie, and then somewhere to have a very luscious desert. That would be a first date scenario though. If it was a girlfriend, it would be very similar but at home instead for cosy cuddles on the lounge during the film, and desert in the bath or bed. Favourite colour of lipstick on another woman?
  6. Real. How odd. If I had to pick one for myself, it would be Lost.
  7. I think so. I studied and found what I'm good at, but cannot get a job doing it where I live. Not right now, anyway. Have to keep trying. What do you keep on your bedside table (or nearest equivalent)?
  8. Absolutely get this! My situation was very similar. The woman I fell for, who made me realise I was bi, I still love. Deeply. I probably have for most of my life, since we grew up together. I could never know another woman as deeply as I know her, simply for that time we've had as 'best friends'. And she knows that too. I think we would be amazing together. Sadly, she chooses the poisonous relationship she is in. I've had my entire world uprooted and tossed to hell because of her, but I'm left with nothing for it. I haven't been able to find healing, unfortunately. I'm still working on that. And it is a VERY lonely place to be in. But we're not alone.
  9. I'm really curious about this too. But I'm wondering, where do you find poly people to date if you don't have access to clubs, etc? And for single ladies looking for a triad, what would make a couple appealing?
  10. I saw the Fair Day advertised. It did look much more my sort of event. It's a bit of a drive to get into Sydney for it but I'll see how next year goes. It really is a shame there isn't more events further afield. Ah well I had a friend performing at one of the shows on that week and I get to see all his pictures.
  11. I'm a sucker for a good horror too. But, yeah, more realistic body horror things turn me right off even the best storyline. I LOVE old horror and monster movies. All the Dracula and Frankenstein and Wolfman are great. Some of the modern remakes are fun too. Last horror/thriller I watched was probably The Silenced. Not too bad but hardly scary. Just a good watch. Has anyone seen Crimson Peak?
  12. Netflix and Stan are our only way of seeing TV now so we binge on just about everything! House of Cards (Double crushing on the Underwoods) Santa Clarita Diet iZombie Jessica Jones Stranger Things It's great when I can get Doctor Who and Supernatural on there but they're getting taken off here. Or they aren't up to date. :(
  13. Colouring books are amazing. I have a bunch, but none of the naughty ones. They're all on the wishlist. My kids are infuriatingly curious and would want to know what I'm colouring, lol. Personally, because I'm generally crap at drawing/art and they're always being stolen, I just use cheapish twist up pencils. They're easier on my dicky wrist. Does anyone have any finished pieces to share? I'd love to see some!
  14. Hi, welcome, hello!
  15. Just stopping by to say Hello!
  16. I'm pretty sure I've heard this discussed once, and yeah, the same problem you mentioned, BiTriMama. All the contestants would be more interested in each other because they're together all day. I think the format would have to be totally different. Not that I know dating shows, but something like, a bunch of people together who have to do challenges to win a date with one of their crushes in the group. lol, I don't know, but if it was bi folks I'd watch the hell out of it!
  17. I goodness, I feel so much better now! I've been reading and writing fanfiction for maybe 17 years. It's great stuff. There are amazing writers out there. And some really awful ones! Rofl
  18. I'm short, it's my nickname, and being Mama is a huge part of who I am.
  19. That sounds so frustrating. I feel similarly. I only want a lady willing to have a strong, long term relationship with. But I have this theory (conspiracy theory?!) that (I blame the media representation of bi women) subconsciously even fellow bi people view same-sex relationships as fun/experimenting/3some material, but for marriage they need opposite sex people. Which is utter bollocks, pardon my language. But the more I try to get involved with the bi community of the world, the more I feel this might be the case. (Not that it's wrong if someone chooses to have that, because we all have our unique way of being with people, and it's a choice they made for themselves.) It would be a worrying thing if that was the case and no one challenged it. Like, let's not let this one 'stereotype' of us actually effect how we live our lives. How awful it would be if we unknowingly sabotaged ourselves because of what the world said about us. Sorry, I rather started ranting there. I guess what I meant to say was, perhaps it's hard for those like us who want that one specific type of relationship with a woman because, like you said, many others are looking for the opposite and we are just a much smaller group for now. Fingers crossed the numbers grow and we can find our special person in the world (Goodness, what a bizarre reply I made! I hope there was something useful in there!)
  20. HI! Similar/Different circumstances here. Also 33, 15 year marriage. But only found out I was bi a couple years ago. It's great here, I've found, so far. Very encouraging and supportive. I totally get you about the age insecurity. Best of luck with possible future romances
  21. Hello! I'm newish too so a fresh high five I offer you!
  22. So, long post. I have two questions and I'm pretty sure only you dear ladies might be able to understand/suitably advise here. I apologise if any of this is the wrong topic for here and if so, please tell me and I'll remove/edit it. (Absolutely don't want to upset) 1st is short; do you ever suffer from internalised biphobia? Does it make it hard to actually recognise or accept your feelings when you see a beautiful woman? Example, all the ladies I ever 'looked up to' as 'a role model' (lol) I have come to realise that I was totally crushing on! But now that I know that, I find it really hard to watch them (I'll be honest, 90% are tv show characters) comfortably. I sort of have to forcibly remind myself that it's okay, good even, to enjoy that! 2nd, longer; sticking to my guns. In a nutshell, I only really came out to myself when I got feelings for the lady I thought was my best friend. After telling her my feelings, getting strung along and quite poorly treated, I'm still in love with her and wish there was any way to salvage something. At the same time, I'm trying to move past that. I tried dating sites, etc, but the truth is, what I want is really specific. And what I don't want is very simple. However... I'm coming to see that my feelings are pretty freakin' rare on this subject. While I have no problem with people living however they want to, I myself don't feel right have any kind of sexual relationship outside of marriage/long term commitment. That would be the same if I was staying fully monogamous or if I was in a triad poly relationship of some kind. I want to have a fully committed relationship with a woman before we ever take the plunge. It is REALLY important to me. But... See above. I keep getting told that is not what anyone else would be willing to do, and it's just better to jump right in and see if you match up later, sex is just sex and I should just treat myself if I want it... Ugh. I'm losing my strength to stand up for myself here. Even my friends, who know how I feel, are telling me I should have 'courage' and 'enjoy myself' and just 'go for it'! As if I am choosing my desires because they make me feel horrible?! (Sorry. Sarcasm is my defence mechanism) Please know that I judge no one. You do you, amazing peoples! But this is ME. Anyway, in a moment of frustration, I asked the infamous HER what exactly would be a situation where she would consider something outside of the abusive partnership she's in. Naturally, it's a 'one night stand'. So, I offered the opportunity. I'm pretty sure I only said it as a type of emotional self-harm. I would never be okay going through with it. I don't know what to do with myself now. IF she gave me a time and date, should I go, if only to talk? Or should I tell her right off that she of everyone in the world should know me better than that? Grrrr. I don't know. I'm open to ANY thoughts at the moment. (And questions as well.) I'm utterly torn up and lost. P.S. Yes, hubby knows all of this. I'm crazy blessed to have a guy I can be honest with. But I don't ask him for answers besides his feelings because, obviously, it's my life/choice at the end of the day. Always respect his needs and thoughts, just also always seek outside views.
  23. Do you listen to radio drama as well as audiobooks?
  24. I think, though it scares the crap out of me, I would probably enjoy trying to date a woman. But where do I find someone?! lol. Besides websites and apps (given up on them) I'm not sure how I would go about finding someone. I don't go to bars or clubs, ever, cause it's the opposite of enjoyable for me. The only situation I can imagine being possible would be meeting someone through a work environment. And yeah, I think I agree that I should not discount that. I would love for it to happen, because I hope that maybe it could help me move past all that has happened, even if it doesn't work out. I would just need to learn some people skills so I know if someone was flirting with me. I honestly don't think there are any nearby. Mardi Gras is on soon, but that's many hours drive away. And the only thing I'd be inclined to attend would be the Fair.
  25. Thanks. It's good to know I'm not expecting too much. I still have no idea what I'm going to do if She says she wants to go for it. I want to stick with my personal rules, but at the same time, it's a chance to get a moment alone with her to talk. :( As for dating, I fear it just won't be for me. I tried for a while looking at different sites but preferences being what they are, it's a lost cause there. And being out in the country, there are no limited options. I guess I just carry on and maybe one day someone will appear in front of me. And in the meantime, I try to celebrate being who I am; crazy bi! (How on earth do I do that?!)