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  1. De vuelta a Shybi. 

  2. Hola,cόmo estάs? I saw you visited my profile and thought i'd say hi

  3. BlueSea

    Supergirl Article

    Hahahahaha that’s right! Well, I think it’s better that way
  4. BlueSea

    Supergirl Article

    The guilty is 50/50 I guess? :/ Anyway, fue bueno mientras duró! Lol I’ll continue watching Supergirl! I love it! I’m tooo geek about it! I have my own Dc Comics’s collection! I can’t wait to see “JusticeLeague” the next week! I’m beyond excited!!!
  5. BlueSea

    Supergirl Article

    Thanks for the link But it’s 2bad!!! I really liked her character! And their break up happened in the last episode of Supergirl! :( What’s wrong with u Hollywood???? lol ...... Btw, sorry for my broken English, I’m still learning!
  6. BlueSea

    Supergirl Article

    Florina is going to leave the show!? That’s a shame! I think Leigh and Lima look cute together, anyway, I hope there will be another love interest to Alex soon.