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  1. Hola,cόmo estάs? I saw you visited my profile and thought i'd say hi

  2. Hahahahaha that’s right! Well, I think it’s better that way
  3. The guilty is 50/50 I guess? :/ Anyway, fue bueno mientras duró! Lol I’ll continue watching Supergirl! I love it! I’m tooo geek about it! I have my own Dc Comics’s collection! I can’t wait to see “JusticeLeague” the next week! I’m beyond excited!!!
  4. Thanks for the link But it’s 2bad!!! I really liked her character! And their break up happened in the last episode of Supergirl! :( What’s wrong with u Hollywood???? lol ...... Btw, sorry for my broken English, I’m still learning!
  5. Florina is going to leave the show!? That’s a shame! I think Leigh and Lima look cute together, anyway, I hope there will be another love interest to Alex soon.
  6. A book. "THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN" by Kate Morton, and I loved it!!! ♥♥♥
  7. "Algún día nos abrazaremos"...

  8. The second season of "The Crown"
  9. Mi volas fari ion...

    1. Mofgirl
    2. Mofgirl
    3. BlueSea


      It means "I want to do something..."

  10. SEAFOOD!!! That's quite funny due to my nickname lol But I just can't eat anything that comes from the sea.
  11. Supergirl - Anna Naklab feat. Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS
  12. Neither. I visit often my dentist, and I like it. I'm healthy, but I care a lot of my teeth.
  13. COD Ghost is my favourite! The final mission on the train is just ... WOW!! Hahaha
  14. Absofuckinlutely PS4!!!!!!