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  1. You made a soul connection, the best kind... thank you for sharing Kairi <3
  2. Such an odd feeling finding out your ex is dating. Happy for her, yet still an odd feeling. 

  3. What am I looking for? Sleep. And more sleep... I'm happy with things the way they are at present. Want to climb a mountain though. That would be fun.
  4. Unrequited love = limerence and yes, it sure is difficult to get over. So many layers this this type of love that I won't even start to address. All I will say is that I feel your pain. Fingers crossed by some miracle you are over within a day or two. Don't be surprised if it takes years. If it pains you, you can always seek support, but keep in mind, not many therapists know a great deal about limerence/love addiction (or so I've been told). Sounds like you have a wonderful friendship! Something to cherish. Sending good thoughts.
  5. Hello lovely lady :)

    1. HeartChakra


      Hi back from one lovely lady to another! :) 

    2. #No1Crush


      Which part of NZ are you?

  6. I know this feeling well!
  7. I know this is late... Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you had the most amazing birthday!
  8. Congrats on your coming out year! Trolls will be everywhere on the internet. I really don't understand people sometimes, I've never come across someone saying things like that. Sorry you had to encounter someone so... [can't think of the right word to describe his behaviour]. Your children sound adorable, and it sounds like they will be happy for you no matter what. New adventures lie ahead
  9. Ahhh a challenge Quite a dominant (masculine) thing to do and quite titillating don't you think? Nothing beats a woman who holds the power of both energies.
  10. Oh I love it @Hungry a walking rainbow! That's me at the moment! I don't disclose, in fact I keep very quiet about it. Talking about my preferences is actually no ones business, nor do I care to get involved in what others have to share on the matter - who they love is their business right? I'm still laughing over the 'walking rainbow' perhaps I should make that into a t-shirt and have Kermit sipping his tea on the back saying "... but that's nobody's business" Of course we all know how the rumour mill works. I'm going to have to have words with my boss and tell him I don't like the attention the label brings. Imagine that! Being a person before all else Thanks ladies. I was having a grumble and now I feel better about it all... I am sure many have been in this situation and have handled it with grace.
  11. Why do people want to talk about all things sexual when they know you are bisexual? It annoys me. If they were to talk to me in private, I would find that okay... but to sit around a table and to have a discussion with friends out in the open about all things bisexual (knowing I am within earshot) really annoys me. More so when they try and get my opinion and involve me in their conversation. I don't mind who knows as I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Now I have a boss who is doing the same. He looks at me as if 'he knows' (I haven't sat him down and told him I am bisexual)... I used to run the LGBTI group... and since I have a husband... and since there is hearsay/gossip... and ex-gfs... it doesn't take a rocket scientist... BUT... ...rather than assume anything, talk to me as a person! It makes me feel like I am at a freakshow on display! He even want to help me to create an OTT LGBTI display at work. Why? To connect with me? Connect with me on another level - please! Has anyone found themselves in this situation?
  12. I've had the same reaction though I don't find it flattering at all. Sounds weird I know. It is not so much as a come on, it's more the fact they want to discuss their sexual life in front of me because they know I am bi. Me being openly bi does not mean I have written on my forehead "come discuss your sexual preference with me'... if you know what I mean. Having someone to talk to in confidence is one thing, openly talking about it loudly when I am around is another. I don't know why people think it is 'cute' trying to get my attention on the matter. I really don't care who people sleep with. Sorry, this obviously has been a bugbear. I work in an area where people have space to 'hang out' and when I enter the domain (so to speak) they become more vocal on all things bisexual. Maybe I should start a rant thread on the topic. Sorry rgold72 for hijacking your thread, glad you get turned on.
  13. dark, darkest, darker... it all means the same to me, and there is nothing to be ashamed of (not saying you are ashamed, I'm talking in general). Once exposed, the self feels more at home, more authentic (in my opinion). They are nothing more than repressed parts of self that are often feared and misunderstood. A crush is just as exciting as it is a distraction. A delicious distraction. Something to be enjoyed.
  14. Wounded souls The heart desires to mend Life moves forward When chains are broken Shadows play games The soul knows how to play Listen to the soul speak Your heart knows nothing Nor does the mind Listen Just listen