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  1. Consciousness and responsiveness that blows my socks off. Being deeply involved in a conversation you suddenly realise something else is at play. A deeper connection.
  2. Raw honesty with a dash of tackfulness and diplomacy.
  3. Do I need to go to work tomorrow?
  4. Is it bothersome to you? If not, enjoy it
  5. oncogenic man @JadeBleu15 and @Mocha24 you guys were on a mission ! Made me giggle
  6. I'll drink to that! ... later
  7. Love is freedom to be, just as you are
  8. aww so simple yet so true!
  9. I'm not into men bashing, probably because I'm married to a really nice one. Sorry to read all the bad experiences people have had. Those profile pics probably go hand in hand with the type of site you are on. You can betcha if it was a Christian site those pics would be banned.
  10. Joke
  11. ^ ^ ^ at 2.09 I don't think I could have picked a cornier song!