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  1. Hey :) we miss you here! 

  2. A whirlwind of emotions and purging in the last few weeks, with incredible highs and lows.  Emotionally drained yet unbelievably determined to soldier on with an open heart.

  3. Em

  4. For me it is about the person, not what is between their legs.
  5. Oh how I wish I could converse with you Em Sit opposite you and intertwine our fingers, and have out hearts beat in sync To see your pupils dilate, to hear your breathe, to smell the pheromones Oh how I wish we could talk Talk of our parents... dive right in to your brain Your ability to know without speaking Discuss our past, and present without a care for the future Oh how I wish we could talk And be In each others presence And delicious awareness Oh how I want to touch you on all levels To hear you whisper my name To curl up in your arms To wipe away my tears Oh how I wish we could talk Em I really want to see how much you have grown And show you how much I have been set free
  6. @blueberry sorry to hear in your case it was your mother. So many times we hold this ideal parent figure up, and often we find that our parents do not even come close to our expectations. That been said. I believe it is a child's right to be protected, loved and cherished. Big hugs to you Blueberry. @Hammy thank you. Yes all I can do is offer love. He is becoming frail and every time I speak with him, he softens somewhat. Maybe just maybe before he passes I will get to hear those three magic words 'I love you'. Not sure he is capable of saying them, and if he isn't that is okay too. That just shows his upbringing. There is a lot he didn't do, like protect me, or show love, because apparently that wasn't a manly thing to do. I'm okay with the way he holds himself together based on the way he was socially constructed. I know he knows no better. I'm just holding out hope he awakens his heart, and gets to show me a snippet of it. Perhaps I am not looking hard enough? Perhaps his aggressive abusive words of wisdom is his way of showing me love and trying to protect me from the harsh reality of life? Ironically I am listening to Nina Simone - Who knows where the time goes... so fitting for the moment. Big hugs to all who have suffered and are looking for answers.
  7. @myladylove thank you <3 And sorry to hear of your situation. It is true, some daddy issues are beyond healing. Sending big hugs to you x
  8. Sorry to hear of your estranged father and your MIL. Sometimes I wonder if we sleepwalk thru life and it is not until we are on our deathbed that we can see the hideous truth of what we leave behind. My father is not near me, he refuses to live with me so that I can look after him. He is stubborn like that but that is okay... I can understand he wants to live how he always has (in his home surrounded by things he is familiar with). I can also understand he doesn't want to be reliant on people, even his family. Again, that is okay. This other man... well he is just a trigger. There is nothing wrong with him either. It's about my unresolved issues, and not about 'others' per se. I too hope to find peace. Peace that I will have to make with myself, on my own. There is nothing I can ask of my father. He lived his life the only way he knew how to. Awareness of all these wonderful things in life really do have a flip side. One has to ask if one is better off more aware, or ignorant? Big hugs back to you BiTriMama.
  9. Right now... I have one of those rambuctious persistent cats who has to headbutt, lick the chin, block the screen and walk all over the keyboard while I listen to jazz... got to love the contrast. Got to love a cat determined to be loved.
  10. 10, 12, 8, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1? Who knows. Apparently research shows baby girls can put their blankey between their legs and rock back and forth at the earliest of ages. So who knows when it actually happens. As for memory. Pffttt... what's a memory again?
  11. Anything American. Am not a fan of the English accent.
  12. Anything pretty much works. Find something smooth and that fits in the hand. Get creative. I am sure there are many things in your home that you are not aware of. Just don't go looking at kitchen wizz kind of things, I'd hate to see someone's clit mangled in a kitchen appliance. Good luck with the vibe thingee... many great objects can be used on the cheap ;)