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  1. I have...i've met the missing piece of best soul one....she makes me whole again.....more so then I've ever felt before... When i'm with her everything is know the shit jobs..the food shopping..the car wash..the rubbish taking...i dont notice we are doing it...its a total different level of lifts you cook dinner or wash want to do it.....just time together what ever it maybe more precious than time itself.... Simple things like holding hands ...i feel the current that runs through us....the most beautiful feeling in the world....makes my heart thump through my chest... When we rebound smiles... the hair on the back of your neck and arms stand wonderful.... .i could cry everyday i am lucky enough to lay eyes on her..and call her mine... When I'm not with her..shes still here..sat behind my my every thought.... I yearn for her... i worry...i miss her...i want to be the one she comes to....i want to protect her..hold her up and push her her in all she does... and i know she will do the same for me..... We are amazing together..and others see it.....we are super strong unbreakable.....ment to be.... x.. I wanna scream from the roof tops...tell the world i love her....put those pictures on facebook for all to proud of who we are...and what we will be. One day i will make her mine.... x x x x x x x x and we will be free. X x x
  2. Happy Christmas you with all my heart.....

    If i could shout it from the roof tops i are my soul mate...the love of my life...

    So wish i could wake and whisper it to you x x

    Kiss you awake.... x x

    You are my hearts desire  x x

    C  x x

    1. Mofgirl


      I love the bones of you baby, forever and always, you know that!!!!

      Look forward to 2019 with ya, bring it the fuck on!!!!

      Yours eternally

      S x

  3. I love you @Mofgirl..:lips:. x x x so much..

    Thankyou for such a wonderful week...such a pity i leave you for christmas.....ripped my heart  more than usual...i just wanna stay and look after you.... cant bare to be away from you even for a second. x x.huffffffff!!

    It was my pleasure to share this magnificent year with you...just thinking of what we have managed to do....its one would believe it.... x:superman:

    The list is inspiring....what we managed to do...shocking... but it still grows.....there is noone else id ever want to do the rest with.....

    I have everything crossed that 2019 is our year...the most difficult yet..but the most rewarding...

    We both have a lot to get through but together we are strong enough to face anything and everything...we smash it as one...i could not wish for anything more in a are my world  x x x x

    You truly are my wonder woman!!..

    Happy Christmas princess...

    Love you millions muchly....

    Your Knobber C x  x

  4.  love being so close to you....:wub:

    You are my everything baby...

    All my dreams in one.......

    X x x:air_kiss:

  5. I'm on my way gorgeous...

    I get to cuddle you very soon...

    See you lunch time...

    Whoop whoop!!!!!!!.....

    God i cant wait x x x x

    1. NatashaYork


      Have a great time you two x

  6. One sleep...... bloody sleep!!!!

    Get ready cos here i come!!!!!


  7. My body aches for you.... @Mofgirl

    My heart yearns for you.....

    My mind see us.....

    Behind my eyes ...I am with you every second x x

  8. You shine through my darkness baby..... x

    Everyday ...we get closer and closer to us....

    My love for you still is never ending eternally multiplying....

    Sometimes it feels like my heart is going to beat out my chest.. I'm going to burst with the hidden love I have for you...

    Our day will come ....And our love will shatter the silence....

    Then we will be free... x x x

    C x


  9. You mean the world to me!!!!:wub: x x x

    1. Mofgirl


      Universe baby, universe :wub:

    2. Beaulieu1


      To infinity and beyond.......!!!:superman:

  10. Heart broken...Every second she moves further away.....:cry:

    Goodbye my lover...

    Our time is truly amazing...

    You did so well in your run yesterday made me the proudest woman alive.. X you are always the winner in my eyes. X

    Thankyou for sharing the last few days with me @Mofgirl

    A taste of our life together.... I loved every second..

    Everything was how i imagined..

    From sofa surfing to hand holding...  kissing you good our waking  touches...You truly make my heart race.. X x

    Happy Anniversary baby...

    I'll see you soon....promise x x x

    Love you more than ever.. x x

    Knobber x x  

    1. NatashaYork


      I day nearer to the next time you're together lovely

    2. Beaulieu1


      Yeah your right...but at this moment in time..I don't know when that is!!:cry:.....and that hurts... x x

    3. Mofgirl


      Omg you wrapped me up so tight in your love baby, everything was perfect, just how it should be, now I'm numb and cold without you, hopefully not too long, you was an amazing host to me, and I feel your support in all you do, I know how right we are and our future is gonna be pure gold XX

      Love you baby



  11. Morningggggggggg!!!!!!...

    Whoop whoop......:clapping:

    Ohhhhh im proper bending!!!..


    COME GET ME........X

  12. You know what ....I'm so pent up...I keep crying....I'm ready...COME ON!!!!!!.:clapping:we have waited so long baby....I don't know how we keep sane..

    You mean the absolute world to me ...Jump high baby.. I'm here I'll  catch you...

    Let's meet the parents....

    Whoop whoop....

    See you tonight knobber!!!!!!...

    Yours always..


  13. 24 hrs and shes in my arms again.....gosh I love her so...

    19 months and this time she comes to me.....We will be free to be us once more...

    2 months since I've rebounded her smile...the pent up so strong...

    Baby jump into my arms.....I'll catch you..:wub:..I'm waiting x x 

  14. Bless you my heart goes out to you... x