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  1. It's ok.. x x x

  2. Lol..its late....but tell me...its my best yet..I think.. x

  3. Isn't the view from up here superb?!!.. x x

  4. Being nosey and following the romance :wub:

    1. Beaulieu1


      Fine by me....She's lovely isn't she!!


    2. Rocker83
  5. Cant wait to hear your voice again! getting that fuzzy feelin!...It has been months though!..hasn't it?

    1. Mofgirl


      Fuzzy huh...


      Fuzzing back at ya xx

  6. Good luck ladies,I wish you all the best.....Sometimes to fulfil who you want to be, you just have to put yourself first, pushing no matter how hard it is the views and feelings of others to one side...It is your life!! live it.. and be happy. X x My dad disowned my sister!!.. and refused to give her away at her wedding..she was so worried which made her so ill it was horrid to see. she was so close to being sectioned before she came out,and I hated him for it..!. Now she is married to the most beautiful wife and they have the most gorgeous daughter surrounded by family and friends that love her... x dad watches quietly because i have told him, he does not live her life,nor make her decisions. i warned him he will lose all of us if he doesn't give her room to breathe, and i think now even he can see how happy she is.... I believe it is fate that makes certain paths cross.. and it is all for a reason... @MofgirlI have been darlin.. x We have already said is up to us..!. We have written ourselves into this,.....and it is up to us to determine the story line and the out come....We can do anything we want to do...and i know we are strong enough to do it.... The pull I feel for you, is greater than the distance between us x x x.
  7. One day I'll show you how much you mean to me!! x x
  8. She is..... my waking thought and my good night kiss...x She is...... my wanting need and inner ache..... She is.... my hidden smile and secret laugh. She is.... All gentle and yet beastly tough. She is....what makes my heart race and head flip.. She is.....the one that makes me ask myself......... "How far have I fallen"?.. X x x
  9. Still poking you!!! X

    1. Beaulieu1


      Haha..Hope you are!...Mind you,I'm getting sore now...  x

    2. Mofgirl


      Oh where are you sore? Cos I was poking you in the eye!

    3. Beaulieu1

      Beaulieu1 the eye!!..haha....whoop whoop!!..

  10. Today could be dangerous....bring it on!..haha.. x x

    1. Mofgirl


      So how did it go? 

      Was you dangerous? 

      Are you recovered?

      Do you need some Mofgirl hugs?

    2. Beaulieu1


      You saw the pictures!..think I did pretty well... x x

      Always need Mofgirl hugs x x

  11. Ooohh...whole day to myself...I feel a wentworth and writing day coming on.... x x

    1. Mofgirl


      Squidge up on couch, I want a Wentworth day too!

  12. Not enough hours in the day... x

    1. Mofgirl


      There's plenty of minutes tho! 

      I'll find a couple later x

  13. Hi naturally-lovely.. So much of what you said relates to me..its like your telling my story..except I'm still with my husband at the moment,still trying to pull shut the void that's been created by time and boredom...for my child's holding on...just...! I've wasted so many years hiding,being what everyone else wants. my time is coming to be the real me i can feel it.! But I hope no one gets hurt in the process.... x
  14. Welcome Kathleen, I made it to the You don't realise how much your writing till you post it and then it's scary!..haha. .To be able to speak freely and unjudged i find it just flows into pages..but don't worry we all do it. Thanks for sharing your story..there are so many different ladies all with differing backgrounds..its a great forum to belong...and im sure you will find many friends. X
  15. Hi hi.... what do we mean by older!, i think I'm middle diddle in age, but hey that's only a number right!..your as young as you feel... x I am the same,married to a lovely man together for half my life.... been hiding the fact women turn me on so much more then men..but now I've told him,and I'm doing something about it... Enjoy the site.... x