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  1. @Mofgirl look at this.. x
  2. Its all up to us baby... x x:wub:

  3. Need to feel you close x x:air_kiss: i need our life.. x x

  4. I miss her so...:sorry:....

    1. Nidalaeh
    2. NatashaYork


      Hugging you mate. 

      Shes worth the wait though x

  5. I'd be a genius...for selfish reasons... Id figure out a real life star trek teleporter.....a beam me up scotty!!!! One blink and i could be sat next to her....all the spare time i have.. to just flit to be by her side....ooohhhh!!...please let them do it soon... Mind you it would double up as something amazing for human kind...teleporting medicines food etc...people out of troubled places or in danger...or people in to help... And as for looks will love me for me... x x Knowing my luck a fly would jump in too..
  6. Pity....i laughed a lot at some of your comments... Thought you contributed a great deal to the site... .Don't forget your words will help alot of ladies that come along after you.. be proud... x x Wish you well x
  7. Coming soon x x
  8. With her in my arms ..... We could be any where...i wouldn't care
  9. Another dollar!
  10. Ayeeeeeee......I'll wait for you for ever... if i have too.. I gotta funny feeling i wont have too
  11. Yeah ive seen people leaving because its over sexed after my posts too... People please if you cant express yourself here...where can you?.. This is suppose to be a safe place from the judgers....and moaners... There is enough space for all surely..else whats the point of any of it... I have no inhibitions...and will say what ever...when ever..but always truthful.. .it is hurtful to think that what i am saying is upsetting to people i think i can share with...and will make some shy away from doing so... Pity...
  12. Hi babe...have a look at some of my earlier posts....see what im about... Always here for a chat..if you fancy.. Im in the process of divorcing my husband.. x x
  13. Totally agree... You gotta talk this one out cant be left.. It could be disastrous....he may not even know that hes said something that obviously really hurt.... Good luck... x
  14. Thanks babe.. @JadeBleu15 Some days i cling to the very thought of is finalising my will...and writing out my husband... x The future is bright.....right?!... X
  15. Hi @ShyKitty how do you get away with that profile pic... x

    I put a profile picture on once of me in my golf socks and was asked to remove it....:hysterical:..

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    2. blueberry


      Sorry @Beaulieu1. With your golf socks? I'm empty up here in my head with this kind of thing sometimes. Am I gonna get turned on with your golf socks if you put it up? I'm really confused. 

      Anyway, I've been meaning to say this but I didn't want to sound creepy.  @ShyKittythat profile picture was actually very distracting:O but in a good way :blush2: 

    3. Beaulieu1


      Haha...they were knee high golf socks.. girlfriend loved i put it as my profile pic...didnt last a day ..think it was the pants i was wearing ...colour clash..:spruce_up:

    4. blueberry


      Colour clash! :headbonk: That's what you got then! Oh, dear!