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  1. Other two.....god!!..that's what me and Mofgirl are laughing about,..I'd be 3 a day!!!..haha.... Everyones different right?....x x
  2. Hey babe....miss you madly x x ..

    How many days now?...better start the count down to September and our next time together...  x x




  3. Hahaha..come on then tall are you?.... Im 5'3" x x
  4. Hahaha...I knew it was something like this when you mentioned it.... x x x Lol what's the average daily....pmsl.... Love you too x x @Mofgirl x
  5. Nice swing!  My game is more of a slice here and a slice there. Practice makes perfect except in the game of golf!

    1. Beaulieu1


      Haha..very true.....The more I play the worse I'm getting!..

    2. Leigh1968


      I feel your irons and I might as well melt them down.

  6. Right this second I am...... Led on my bed ...just back from the gym...thinking about her...and how I miss us.. x x
  7. Surely if your friendly enough to put your face in someone's can talk!! I think talking is the number 1 thing to stimulating someone...before after and during...what you wanna do!...gonna do!...and love...and visa her, listen,see what she likes....practise makes nearly perfect...right!..haha.. I also suffer with cold sores..terribly when young..but growing out of them as I get older go years now without any.....been hospitalized a couple of times because they got life threatening.....never have I had genital herpes...the two are totally different strains in the with hygiene is top priority right.?!..whether something is showing or not.. x x
  8. Yeah I've read it before...but loss of feeling is a worry...and im allergic to a lot of would take a lot of thinking out... x x
  9. Just as I thought!..all I have been looking for...and dreaming of.... your perfect in everyway.... x Thankyou for a magical 24 hrs... @Mofgirl...x x.. I'll relive it in my mind,over and over till September....

    miss you muchly lover x x




  10. @Mofgirl... x x

    And so I'm leaving to make the drive to met you..after all this time..your finally be mine x x

    I miss you so much and we haven't met yet....

    Cheers babe.. x x

    And see you very soon lover xx

  11. Omg!!!

    Like is that a mistake?

    The countdown timer says 1 day!

    Omg, omg, omg

    Tomorrow babes x


    Our day, our time, our terms xxx

    1. Beaulieu1


      It's right babes the time we've been waiting for...! 

      Happy us eve... its here.. x x

      Oh gosh.....smilin from now till then.. x 

      See ya soon gorgeous x x

  12. Never wished so much time away.. in my life.... x x

    C'mon tuesday!!!

     X x

  13. Gosh! and tomorrow...that's while you have the chance!!!

    Haha x x



    1. Mofgirl


      Haha run! only off the train towards ya babe x

    2. Beaulieu1


      That's what I see babe x x..

      Ill catch ya.. x x

  14. From thousands of miles away....

    To a few hundred...

    We get closer!!

     X x


  15. Good luck with all the travels..babe. x Be thinking of you....Every step getting closer x x

    Eeeeek your on my island.. x x