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  1. My body aches for you.... @Mofgirl

    My heart yearns for you.....

    My mind see us.....

    Behind my eyes ...I am with you every second x x

  2. You shine through my darkness baby..... x

    Everyday ...we get closer and closer to us....

    My love for you still is never ending eternally multiplying....

    Sometimes it feels like my heart is going to beat out my chest.. I'm going to burst with the hidden love I have for you...

    Our day will come ....And our love will shatter the silence....

    Then we will be free... x x x

    C x


  3. You mean the world to me!!!!:wub: x x x

    1. Mofgirl


      Universe baby, universe :wub:

    2. Beaulieu1


      To infinity and beyond.......!!!:superman:

  4. Heart broken...Every second she moves further away.....:cry:

    Goodbye my lover...

    Our time is truly amazing...

    You did so well in your run yesterday made me the proudest woman alive.. X you are always the winner in my eyes. X

    Thankyou for sharing the last few days with me @Mofgirl

    A taste of our life together.... I loved every second..

    Everything was how i imagined..

    From sofa surfing to hand holding...  kissing you good our waking  touches...You truly make my heart race.. X x

    Happy Anniversary baby...

    I'll see you soon....promise x x x

    Love you more than ever.. x x

    Knobber x x  

    1. NatashaYork


      I day nearer to the next time you're together lovely

    2. Beaulieu1


      Yeah your right...but at this moment in time..I don't know when that is!!:cry:.....and that hurts... x x

    3. Mofgirl


      Omg you wrapped me up so tight in your love baby, everything was perfect, just how it should be, now I'm numb and cold without you, hopefully not too long, you was an amazing host to me, and I feel your support in all you do, I know how right we are and our future is gonna be pure gold XX

      Love you baby



  5. Morningggggggggg!!!!!!...

    Whoop whoop......:clapping:

    Ohhhhh im proper bending!!!..


    COME GET ME........X

  6. You know what ....I'm so pent up...I keep crying....I'm ready...COME ON!!!!!!.:clapping:we have waited so long baby....I don't know how we keep sane..

    You mean the absolute world to me ...Jump high baby.. I'm here I'll  catch you...

    Let's meet the parents....

    Whoop whoop....

    See you tonight knobber!!!!!!...

    Yours always..


  7. 24 hrs and shes in my arms again.....gosh I love her so...

    19 months and this time she comes to me.....We will be free to be us once more...

    2 months since I've rebounded her smile...the pent up so strong...

    Baby jump into my arms.....I'll catch you..:wub:..I'm waiting x x 

  8. Bless you my heart goes out to you... x
  9. But what won't be the last either........whoop whoop!!!
  10. Gosh....over 18 months for us now.... 2000 miles apart....And I kiss her good night every night! We wake to kisses and cuddles...we smile and we laugh all day...! the hours we sleep are the nightmare ones....I can't touch her or speak to her the connection is gone for that short time...i am without her... And it kills...! We maybe apart in form, but in love and wanting.. we are together....she is my soul mate..And I am hers...she makes me whole and feel alive.. I feel myself light up from within when i rebound her smile on the phone... One day we will be under the same roof....Mrs and Mrs..... We see it and visualize it...everyday we hope and pray we get that step closer... She will be mine... We can only give fate that helping hand... I have horrendous days...verging on despair...that we are parted....but they are so so so... out numbered by the days I thank God she came into my life....the memories we both share...the visions.... So in my opinion..LDR can work of course......but it's up to both of you to make it happen.... You have to be honest and open and talk about how your feeling.... Let her know....don't leave her guessing!!! @Mofgirl I love day you will be mine x x x 10 days......eeeeeeeekkkkkk!
  11. Hurry up two weeks.....eeeeekkkkk...come to me baby!!!!.. get here quick...:wub:

    1. Mofgirl


      I'm a coming....

      Gonna smash into you at airport, god yeah xxx

      Love you queen

    2. SimplyTrouble


      OH how sweet.. You guys have a good time together as I know you will.. I'm counting down the weeks to see my baby girl havent seen her since August 1 st .. hugs both..

  12. Hi...babe. Do you enjoy meeting with him?... Would you enjoy it more if boundaries were set?.. So you think he thinks he has a chance to win you back? Can you speak to him like you do us?.. If not how about writing him a letter...explaining to him how you feel! he makes you feel! That way you can take your time and say what you really want to say..Instead of getting it wrong under pressure infront of him... Looks like you need to set some boundaries up with him too... Babe ...the best thing I've always found is truthfulness...what you just said to us needs to be said to him.....and if it takes to write him a letter to say it then so be it... Id write exactly what you put's truthfully what you are thinking... "I dont want to go And give you false hope...I feel smothered..." One step at a time comes from being truthful with yourself and everyone concerned... it's time to speak out loud x x X x x
  13. I love you x x

    1. Mofgirl


      I love you baby xoxo 


  14. Hello my new friend thanks for becoming my peep:) I love the Walking Dead too.. Can't wait for it to start back up in Oct.. Hope your having a good week so far.. Take care 

  15. Haha.. @kairi hello babes.... it's super bite your lip and count to ten..and finally say what's been hanging on the end of your tongue for months....THIS ISNT ME..!! say my plush life, material things, no stress over money and comfortable living.......... this life I have led for 42 years ....isnt me!!'s what is expected by others.... The path society took me down....yes i am happy.. but not fulfilled...i am married but lonely....please love me for who i am... This is me..AND I LOVE HER...!!! X X