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  1. Welcome to shys! Everyone here is super nice. I'm married and a mom as well.
  2. I'm friends with my crush. She knows I have feelings for her but she doesn't feel the same. Honestly it kind of brought us closer. She knew I liked someone for a long time but never knew who. When I finally told her she was really cool about it and now shes one of my closest friends. It was hard in the beginning trying not to flirt with her and basically train my brain to think a little differently.
  3. I survived my first day at my new job! 

  4. Not feeling myself mind is all messed up and I keep blaming myself for all of this mess. And you don't even care. 

    1. Leopard


      I hope you find the eye of your storm where its calm and an opportunity to refocus. Life can be ragged. We are thinking of you and sending you love.

  5. I like the term gendered monogamy, too. When hubby and I originally opened up our marriage he was only okay with me seeking other women. Now he's fine with whatever I choose to do but what I'm wanting is a woman I can love and share my life with, not really interested in just a bunch of flings.
  6. They have it on console too!! I find it more fun on pc but it's definitely fun on console!
  7. My husband knows and a few friends know. I think my dad knows but I've never told him. My sisters know, as well. The rest of my family will probably never know. They're very religious and have on more than one occasion shared their opinions on sexuality and while they're somewhat open to homosexuality they think bisexuality is terrible and for "selfish" people. Lol, so I won't be telling any of them anytime soon,
  8. My feel good song right now
  9. Excited for my new job and to start working out again! Time to get back into shape!!
  10. I definitely much prefer pc gaming over console. I run a server for the game Ark Survival Evolved and its pretty fun. Get to tame and breed dinosaurs while surviving on an island. I've been playing that and Runescape a ton lol
  11. Good film choices! I watched Split recently, can't wait for the sequel with Mr Glass.

    1. nudous


      I'm excited for the sequel, as well!! It'll be really neat

    2. Rocker83


      Hate to just jump in on a profile message but split was fantastic. I'm excited for the new movie!

  12. Just peeking, saying hi!

  13. Guess I'm alone tonight, again.  Ugh.

  14. Hubby and I have had sex in the desert, in a parking lot in the car once...that's about it though. It's pretty exciting, I wouldn't be against doing it in public more.
  15. I officially start my new job next Monday!!

    1. trueme


      Congratulations and good luck 

    2. nudous


      Thank you!