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  1. Just peeking :drinks: I like your glasses btw!

  2. If I'm posting on Instagram or it's a photo I took with my camera I tend to play with the brightness and contrast levels, but that's it. I just like making my red hair pop a little more is all. I also really like the dog filter and the flower crown filter on snapchat, and I really don't know why lol.
  3. Sounds good to me! I'll probably start reading it on my break at work tonight
  4. Griffyndor here! Harry Potter is probably tied for my favorite book series. Own all the movies too, but the books are so much better. Don't even get me started how my favorite book, The Order of the Phoenix, got sooo messed up in its movie adaptation. Has anyone gone to the theme park yet?
  5. I'm glad you had fun while you were out here! Amazing pictures
  6. Hope you have got a great day ahead not long to the weekend

    1. nudous


      Been a very busy week, hoping the weekend makes it worth it haha. 

      Hope you have a good day as well :)

    2. Leopard


      Thanks lets cheer the weekend on

    3. Leopard


      Gardening for me a bright sunny winter day

  7. Frustrated, upset, just completely worn out and just done.
  8. Oh really? I love the stand alone launcher. I absolutely love that game. I pay 10 bucks a month for membership but i think it's worth it, I get my money's worth out of it for sure. I really only get to play on the weekends now and some when I get home from work. There are lots of cut scenes now! I think they're trying to make it a little more immersive. I know they've been really pushing the quests on people lately. I need to do a loooot of quests to unlock the area I want. Prifindas just looks so pretty!
  9. I played runescape so much as a kid but lost interest for a while. Then a friend in high school got me back into it and now I'm addicted to it all over again haha. When I was a kid I played an mmorpg called City Of Heroes. Best mmo I have ever played. Still sad they closed it down :(
  10. It's free on PC too! I liked it but it never really seemed to keep my interest long for whatever reason. Wild Star is also free to play, if you like sci-fi stuff.
  11. All I play is runescape as far as mmorpgs go anymore. I think The Secret World opens up as free to play soon, I remember enjoying that a lot when it first came out. Might go back to it when it goes free to play. Path of Exile is good, too.
  12. Excited yet extremely nervous for this weekend. New experience are always a little scary but in a good way!
  13. I'm in, that would be really cool!!
  14. Thanks for the positive thoughts

    1. nudous
    2. Leopard


      Positive caring thoughts are such a gift. We are not alone in our pain and uncertainty