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  1. Thanks, if I decide to stay home tomorrow will be my third day home from work. Thankfully not running a fever anymore so there's some hope!
  2. I'm currently thinking why do I have to feel like I'm dying of this flu? Ugh
  3. Lol I'd like to think that later in life it will be nice to have a baby face
  4. I'm 24, turning 25 next month. However, I got carded for an R-rated movie a couple of months ago lol
  5. At this point, I'm taking some time off and just working full time. My boss said I should consider Pharmacy school as he thinks I'd do well, but I'm unsure at this point.
  6. I just want to help her, knowing she's not in a very good place emotionally. I keep feeling like running away to another state isn't going to solve anything for her in the long run and she is still going to be unhappy and hurting. I think she needs to work through it here, but I'm just at a loss and don't want to seem too clingy or overbearing or overstepping. I slightly confronted her by questioning if she really thinks that running away is the amswer, but she mostly avoided answering it and said she has been grieving here for 2 years and will get counseling out there if she needs it.
  7. I have never really experienced a truly long distance relationship. My last relationship we had been living about an hour apart, but then we moved in together after several years. I think if I felt a special connection with someone I could make it work, though it would be difficult. I'm potentially looking at one right now honestly and it looks good to me because of how much I want to be with her
  8. Bachelor's of science in exercise science (kinesiology), plan on going for my master's more than likely not sure in what yet
  9. My thoughts exactly, she is super genuine and unlike anyone I've met so I don't want to let it go. Like I said, she's open to trying it, and I think that I am too. It's just such a long distance as I'm in Maryland so. I'm seeing her next Wednesday and that may be the only time I get to see her before she goes
  10. I met a girl on Her a little over a month ago and we began talking. We would text everyday and spoke on the phonea few times, it was nice. We finally met a little over 2 weeks ago and have hungout a couple of times. Going into this, I knew she would be more than likely moving to Utah, but in a few months or so. She has a very messed up family, has been through a lot and had a rough life, but I don't care. That's part of why she wants to leave, to get away from the negativity here. Fast forward to now, we had sex last Sunday and ever since then I've been super happy, until she told me she got a job and moves on the 24th so now I'm thinking I've got these feelings and I dunno how to handle this. I told her how I feel and expressed everything. She likes me too, but still seems hesitant and is still going to move. I never expected her to stay or thought that I could convince her to, but I had hoped that she could see that things could be good here with me, as crazy as that sounds. She's open to continuing talking and seeing where it goes, which sounds fine, but I dunno how that will work with her being across the country. Any advice, thoughts?
  11. Probably the best 4th of July that I've celebrated in some time the other day

  12. Thanks @cre8yourf8 I have backed off quite a bit with the girl from the app and it has actually worked out really well. We have actually been having deep conversations together now, and I understand now why she may not always have time to text me more than once or twice in a day. Adding her on snapchat and doing that has also helped confirm that she is who she appears to be, which she is thankfully because I think she's super attractive lol. So, backing off has worked and I am interested to see how it goes. As for the girl with the girlfriend, well her gf is about to go to the police academy for 6 months so, we will see how that goes, I'm staying out of it
  13. It feels a bit odd to be single now, coming off of a 5 and a half year relationship and engagement to a man. But, I'm just trying to form friendships at this point and see where it goes. Friends with benefits I could see myself doing and may actual begin it very soon. For me, I have to have some sort of connection in order to get physical or I won't enjoy it
  14. I'm excited for it too, buttt I have a ps4 lol