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  1. Yes @celeste teal, I totally agree that the inclusion of men in this video is totally superfluous, so very puzzling indeed! I must admit that, for that reason,I actually hesitated to post it, because it spoils the imagery a bit... Sadly, not all performers have complete artistic control over their work, and I suspect that Aurora’s record company demanded that some men be included, lest it appear to be a...goodness forbid...lesbian video...
  2. The official video for this song is just too heterosexual, so I have no choice but to post this one, with lyrics... You can imagine more appropriate, lesbian visuals...
  3. Here's another current release that qualifies as an expression of those same undercurrents...
  4. AWOMAN TO THAT, @celeste teal ! I would imagine that she isn't only tapping into potent social undercurrents, but that the song and accompanying video are also a response to the terrorist atrocity that occurred at her concert in Manchester last year. Most of the 22 victims were young girls and their mothers...
  5. @Punk Maneuverability and @Cute&Curious - At the risk of stating the obvious, if you’re concerned about Shy being quiet right now, don’t you think that chatting elsewhere (and encouraging other Shy members to do the same), ‘while waiting for things to pick up around here again’ will just contribute further to its demise? Obviously, chatting live is a qualitatively different experience, and you can certainly do whatever you want to, but considering that we all have just so much time in the day/night to engage in social media, going elsewhere will definitely have an adverse effect on activity here, and it will become even more quiet. The site has already lost quite a few members due to the last serious outage...and I’m sure you can do the math... Just say’in...
  6. From the very last of 11 studio albums by Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Rapture (1993)... The band, in various incarnations, was active from 1976 to 1996 - a 20-year run, and they were always incredibly hot live... I could watch Siouxsie Sioux do her hypnotic trance dance all night long...
  7. @celeste teal - I finally bought this DVD last week, as it hasn't been shown on any of my film services yet, but I haven't yet had time to watch it... After such an extended build-up, I'm looking forward to that!
  8. Love her nurse's uniform...and her chain...
  9. ...and, of course, this version...