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  1. Congratulations on coming out! That's a wonderful achievement, no matter how the people you've come out to react... I came out to my family many years ago, when I was about 15, and I remember that my mother and favourite aunt (who turned 101 yesterday) were very confused when I told them I was bisexual... They knew that my best friend and I had become 'girlfriends', and they were absolutely fine with that, but then became confused and a bit upset when I started dating a boy...probably because it had taken some effort to accept that I had a girlfriend...only to have to change gears to adjust to the new reality... At that point, because they weren't familiar with bisexuality as a concept or reality, they assumed that I had become straight, so I had to explain that I was dating both a girl and a boy, which really threw them, and led to accusations of 'two-timing'... But once they lived with the situation for a little while, and observed how it worked, they grew accustomed to it, and were no longer confused...although they did seem very relieved when I appeared to 'finally choose a side'...ha, ha, ha... Initially, like your Mom, mine was mainly worried about my future happiness, and was concerned that I might end up alone...but once she realized that being bisexual means having twice as many options, she wasn't so apprehensive... Like most parents, she was very happy when I finally settled down with my current partner, many years after first coming out to her... I think the thing to remember about coming out is not to expect too much of people... Some will have no problem with it all, while others will struggle, or even be unreceptive...but you can't take responsibility for their reaction... All you can do is share that information as you see fit, and ask your family and friends to be as supportive as they can...
  2. A woman's fingers running through your hair, whatever the length, is definitely an amazing feeling... What a lovely discovery!
  3. Hmm... Well...I had sex with my high-school girlfriend on a ferris wheel at the town fair...which felt very transgressive at the time... ...and with two girls, in the 1980s, on the Trans-Europe Express between Rome and broad daylight...(there wasn't anyone else in our carriage, but the situation could have changed at any moment, and the conductor was marching around the entire time, making regular rounds)... ...and in the Greek Sculpture Gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art during a black-tie gala...
  4. Here's someone's soaring tribute to Valkyries and other Cosmic Warrior Women, to the soundtrack of my favourite Emerson Lake and Palmer song... It reminds me of the sorts of things I used to do when I was young...drawing to music...and choosing soundtracks for illustration sequences... All very expressive...and empowering...
  5. Here's a song dedicated to my dear Auntie, who has turned 101 years of age today...
  6. Hello ladies, I'm the Shy member formerly known as Aprhodite21, and I just want to say how lovely it is to see this thread getting reinvigorated... I think it's an extremely relevant topic, and I'm always very interested to hear your views on it...including changes in perspective that have occurred over time, through experience... So please keep those posts coming (no pun intended!), and the conversation rolling...
  7. Like the rest of the album Ingénue, this heart-wrenching song is about her ex... That album was just one big therapy session...
  8. ...and here's the original...which is not about a woman, but must be heard anyway...for comparative analysis...
  9. I love KD's adaptation of the classic Joni Mitchell song... It just needed a bit of tweaking,
  10. Sadly, sometimes it really is...
  11. Such a sultry voice... Didn't know about thanks for this!