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  1. So, you probably know how cold it is at night then, and also that the sun is extremely dangerous at all times (I got scorched through a slight opening in my scarf, because my sun block had worn off)... Don't underestimate the cold - it's ABSOLUTELY FREEZING, and you'll need a sub-zero sleeping bag, and full thermal kit (a down puffa jacket; fleece jacket; hat and gloves; and thermal undergarments). Also, be sure to bring all of the other kit you need (like high-quality polarizing sunglasses with maximum UV protection; enough high-factor sun block [including a sun-block lip stick] and sun screen; a good water bottle or two; high-quality boots and walking poles; crampons [because there are sometimes huge sheets of ice at Base Camp]; and gaiters), as quality products aren't widely available in Nepal, and if you do find them in Kathmandu or Pokhara, they cost a fortune (and are often counterfeit goods, not the real thing). You may already know all of this, but I thought I ought to mention it anyway, because it's very common to see trekkers at Base Camp, and lower down, with inadequate equipment, which results in discomfort and sometimes dangerous situations. The best books to read are the ones actually geared toward trekking, not the more general ones (like Lonely Planet, which is hugely popular, but not designed for serious trekkers.) Bon voyage, and happy trekking!
  2. Hi @teeny - welcome to Shybi! I'm sorry to hear that things didn't work out with your lady love, and hope that you're beginning to feel better. Have you ever gone trekking in Nepal before? I l really love it there - it's the perfect place to clear your head, and enjoy Tibetan diaspora culture. I went up to Everest Base Camp about 20 years ago, but haven't been back there since. It was a very intense experience, and really took it out of me, but was very much worthwhile. I hope you have a wonderful time in that glorious place. Please be sure to tell us all about your adventures!
  3. So atmospheric and haunting...
  4. It isn't my intention to make excuses for the woman you dated, but I wonder if it wasn't a matter of waiting 8 months to tell you that you weren't her type, but that it actually took her 8 months to realize that you weren't really her type... In my experience, some women are like that... It isn't so much a matter of being excessively non-confrontational as not wanting to make the wrong decision and/or do the wrong thing...and not wanting to hurt the person they're dating. This sort of thinking can lead to indecisiveness and inaction... Do you know what I mean? That may come across as selfish and inconsiderate when you're on the receiving end, but if you look at it from the opposite perspective, as in the case of the woman you dated, it may have actually been a matter of thinking she was being kind and considerate to you, and wanting to give the relationship a chance... Men are far more selfish than women, so tend not to get caught up in that type of dilemma, and are far quicker to dispense with a relationship that doesn't meet their personal expectations.
  5. ....and even darker...but oh, so sumptuous...
  6. Happy Valentine's Day, all you gorgeous sexy ladies! :lips:

  7. For those who prefer their Valentines dark...
  8. Sexy, sultry Lana Del Ray...
  9. More Tricky...
  10. I draw the line there - it's far too dangerous! Sexual pleasure need not involve the threat of death... That goes without saying!
  11. One of things I like done to me most during to be obeyed...
  12. Whew... What a relief!
  13. But not so much pressure that you pass out, right?