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  1. Ah, sorry @tsikk ...! That was an overly literal interpretation... I wouldn't want you to think I was indulging in the behaviour of a School Mistress... So, you are an artist - that's an interesting perspective on D/s. I must admit that I do like your art commission analogy, and can see that, on a certain level, it fits very well... Of course, Domination itself is an art form, and those of us who apply ourselves creatively and conscientiously to our practice aspire to be Domination artists...
  2. @redstar - You really don't have to define or label yourself if you don't want to (although you can if you find self-definition or naming your sexuality helpful), but if you feel that you are more inclined toward lesbian sex, and enjoy being with a woman more than being with a man, then you need to consider what to do about that. Life is very short, and living an unfulfilled life is something alot of people regret immensely when they're older. Although sometimes the kind of self-awareness you're experiencing can be a bit scary, because it might lead to difficulties in your day-to-day life, and may possibly upset people you care about or love, you are actually very fortunate to have it, because it means that you can make a conscious choice about how to live your life. Obviously, having children makes things considerably more complicated in terms of opening up a marriage or partnership to other sexual/romantic relationships, if that's a possibility, or leaving it altogether...but at least you are in a position to decide what you would like to do, as opposed to lacking that self-awareness and not understanding why you feel unfulfilled and/or unhappy.
  3. @tsikk - That's true... and that's a lovely description...but it's just one of the ways that the D/s dynamic can play out... The submissive doesn't always approach the Dominant and express her desires and wishes... It can also be the reverse...or a mutual act of creation.
  4. A classic song from the psychedelic era... The male members of the band may look a bit naff now, but their music withstands the test of time.