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  1. Off to the Brighton Festival... May the sunshine last as long as possible! 

  2. I've had quite a few female-only threesomes and foursomes... They usually involved my girlfriend at the time and a woman or women we both fancied and either met on the club scene (regular nightclubs or lesbian clubs in NYC, Berlin, Paris or London) or just socially somewhere. It happened in all different ways... Sometimes we instigated it, sometimes the other woman or women did, and sometimes it was just a spontaneous occurrence... One of the most sexy times was when we were on holiday in Bali, and two very hot older women (in their late 40s, while we were in our late 20s) sent us a suggestive note while we were all drinking in the hotel bar... We had already scoped them out the day before, and didn't think they had noticed...but they had...
  3. C'mon ladies - I know there's much more electronic naughtiness going on at work than we're admitting to here...!
  4. Wow! What a lovely idea for a blog! Just gorgeous!
  5. Things in the UK seem to have improved alot since my partner and her ex were attacked, but there is still a considerable amount of homophobic abuse and violence, so we are very careful. I've noticed that lately alot more young women are holding hands and being affectionate toward one another in public (kissing and cuddling), and have also noticed that sometimes some people (usually men) are either leering at them, or staring. It prompts me to wonder if that kind of unwanted attention, and homophobia in general, will ever really go away... With regard to other people's judgements regarding non-monogamy, I really don't care about them, and never have...
  6. Mmm...such a difficult question...
  7. I love knowing that there could be a woman sitting opposite me on public transport receiving filthy messages from another woman, and getting hot and bothered...
  8. @treelover123 - Remember, practice makes perfect...
  9. I find makeup (especially eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick) to be very erotic...and I guess you could say I have a makeup fetish... I think this must come from my mother, who absolutely adored lipstick, and regularly took me to the shopping mall to treat me to the cosmetics of my choice... It was the 1970s, so back then I viewed them in a glam and punk rock kind of light... The ancient Egyptians, and other ancient cultures, viewed cosmetics as having magical qualities, and used them for ritual and religious purposes...because beauty was equated with holiness... So that puts a different spin on it...
  10. Thanks for your kind words... I am so sorry to hear that you have had such a difficult time...
  11. I have experienced a variation of this... My best friend in adolescence, who became my girlfriend for four years, beginning at the age of 14, first identified as bisexual, but later said that I was the only female she was ever attracted to, and the only person she ever fell in love with completely (no holds barred)... Despite the fact that she was the one who instigated our sexual relationship, she had always struggled with the possibility that she might be gay, and with the possibility of disappointing her parents, even though she had three married siblings who all had children... She and I both had boyfriends as well as each other, so were actively bisexual in high school...but eventually I could no longer handle her hang-ups and the way she was so conflicted all the time, so ended our relationship, just before college... I was looking forward to a fresh start... However, she decided to attend the same college as me, and then pulled my number in the dormitory room-mate lottery, which was a strange fateful occurrence that convinced her that we were meant to be together. This resulted in unbearable sexual tension, so that one evening, during the dorm Halloween party, we ended up making out in front of everyone when we were dared to do so as part of a game...which resulted in leaving the party and running down the hallway...and...WHAM!!! That led to another two years together...but she still felt conflicted, which drove me totally crazy, so eventually I ended our relationship...again...and we didn't speak to one another for the remaining two years of college... She got married right after we graduated, and later told me that she didn't love her husband the way that she had loved me, and that she didn't want to love anyone else that way, which I found very confusing and upsetting at the time, because I just couldn't understand how she could allow societal pressure to influence her life to that extent, and because I felt like she was fucking with my head (and heart)... Our romantic and sexual feelings for one another never really dissipated completely, so eventually we found it impossible to be friends at all, and fell out of I don't know if she ever acted on bisexual impulses again..but I sometimes think of her and wonder about that...
  12. It's interesting to hear the difference in attitudes toward rimming between bi/lesbian women and bi/gay men... As we all probably know, anal sex is a primary feature of gay male sex (but, I should add, not for everyone), and rimming is part of gay men tend to be more comfortable with it, and the associated anal hygiene and maintenance is more of routine thing... (That's not to say that everyone is that diligent..but I won't go there...) So, if you are into anal play, you and your partner really just need a good hygiene routine, for yourselves and your toys, which makes the whole situation so much more appealing...and sexy... It's really no different from tending to vaginal hygiene, so if you're into both, just be sure not to neglect the back end...
  13. People regard having more than one sexual partner as cheating even if you are in a homosexual partnership, and not married, and, believe me, they let you know it! The primary issue with regard to heterosexual marriage is that it has traditionally been an exclusive agreement between 'a man and a woman' (with the man traditionally coming first in that phrase, and the woman taking the man's surname), and in fact, up until relatively recently, the woman was actually considered to be the man's property (to the extent that there was no legal case for rape in marriage - a woman was expected to oblige her husband sexually whether she wanted to or not, and to 'obey' him in life in general). These days, many people are opting for a civil marriage, as opposed to a religious one (which still dictates a monogamous relationship - 'to the exclusion of all others'), and are making their own agreements and writing their own vows, so things are changing...but it's clear that it will take some time for the public perception to change. There is still alot of fear, not only around non-monogamy, but also around gay marriage, as both are viewed as threats to wider society in some way, and people tend to condemn that which they fear...
  14. @myladylove - Do you mean that these things are happening because people know that you are bisexual? Sadly, even these days with greater acceptance and rights, including gay marriage, it's a sad fact that being an out lesbian or gay man opens one up to homophobia much more, including at work and from neighbours, both of which my partner and I have faced repeatedly over time, so believe me it isn't 'a walk in the park'. Even at our age (55), we are still very careful about public displays of affection, and sometimes have to conceal our partnership rings on the Tube if we are getting unwanted attention, for fear of abuse or violence. We have been stared at and called 'f***king dykes', among other things, both together and with previous girlfriends and partners, and my partner has been the victim of serious homophobic violence, as the result of which she now has epilepsy. really is not a walk in the part at all, and I must add that it does take a certain amount of courage to be an out lesbian.