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  1. While gay men do fist one another (but in a different place, if you get what I mean), I can't recall ever having come across a woman who talked about being fisted by her male partner (and I have known some incredibly sexually adventurous bi/hetero women), so it appears to be more of (if not entirely) a lesbian sex act, not only due to the size of men's hands, but as you say, @CallistoDidNotWin, due to the fact that it's an activity that requires a great deal of patience and sensitivity...and, usually, also an intense sexual and emotional connection of the feminine kind.
  2. I really can't imagine being fisted by a man!
  3. For obvious reasons, long fingernails are just not practical if you want to engage in lesbian sex using your hands. I really can't imagine that having long nails would be more important to a bi/lesbian woman than wanting to please her female partner in every way she can! Of course, not all women are into penetration, but long nails can still cause injury without engaging in that particular act.
  4. #MuteRKelly - Three cheers for the judge who put the notorious sexual predator R Kelly in jail for failure to pay child support. Now let’s hope he stays there FOREVER...whatever it takes! 

    1. Active Life

      Active Life

      Unfortunately he'll get out...


    2. BenedettaC


      Hopefully not this time... There other, more serious charges against him, and this time they might just stick...

  5. @SophiaG - You seem to be under the impression that there is only one type and interpretation of marriage in the world, with specific rules and regulations that apply to everyone. Not only has that never been the case, because the concept/institution of marriage has never been uniform across societies/cultures/religions/sexualities, but these days the whole notion of marriage has become far more individual as increasingly more people internationally develop an awareness of the biases and prejudices of societal and religious structures that were originally designed to control and oppress women (as noted by @CallistoDidNotWin) and gay people (the latter by virtue of exclusion). So, your assumption that all marriages are monogamous is incorrect. There are plenty of people, of all sexualities, who have open or polyamorous marriages (and partnerships), and it’s the human right of each individual to choose the type (if any) of marriage that person wishes to have. Of course, some societies/cultures are more progressive with regard to women’s/gay rights than others, so at this point not everyone is able to exercise this right, but it is still a human right nonetheless.
  6. @NotShyBi Fisting shouldn't hurt! If it does, your sexual partner is doing it the wrong way and could end up injuring you! There's plenty of good information about this on the web - take a look, and you'll see. Here's a recent article from the online lesbian magazine Autostraddle: https://www.autostraddle.com/lesbian-fisting-101-410028/
  7. BenedettaC


    Just remember that the outcome of any threesome will be based not only on the gender dynamics, but also, obviously, the interpersonal dynamics of the three people involved...and, most importantly, that if you really want to be with a woman...I mean REALLY want to, then putting on a show for ‘hubby’ definitely isn’t the best way of fulfilling your needs and desires. Engaging in a threesome shouldn’t be a compromise approach to being with a woman, because whether you realize it or not, or want to admit it or not, that will naturally involve the sexual objectification of that woman by you and your male partner...WHICH IS NOT OK IN ANY WAY!
  8. BenedettaC

    She likes my oral skills.

    That is absolutely fantastic!