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  1. ...and this version, from the erotic horror film, The Hunger...featuring some very sexy interaction between Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon...a must-see for all vampire-loving bisexual and lesbian women...
  2. the irony of this video is that Bryan Ferry really cannot all...
  3. It really depends on the relationship...and the gender... I wouldn't do certain things in the context of a casual encounter, or a casual relationship, that I would do in a serious relationship (i.e. one with a developing connection)...and I would never do certain things that I have done with women with a man...
  4. I like pin-up girls. I'm more of a boy than a girl. I'm not a lesbian though - not before a sambuca anyway.

    Amy Winehouse

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    2. BenedettaC


      That whole situation is alot more complicated than meets the eye...and the truth will probably never come out. Whitney's family (and some say her record company) pressured her into giving up her lover Robyn Crawford (who was also her personal assistant), and to conform to a heterosexual lifestyle and marry Bobby Brown (it appears to have been an arranged record-industry marriage of some sort). I totally agree that coming out is a personal choice, but being forced into the closet and/or to give up one's same-sex lover can have devastating consequences...

    3. myladylove


      That's incredibly sad, guess only those concerned and those close to her know the truth.

    4. Hungry


      I know I'm hard on people but that's very much that is the price of fame sometinmes. I had more 15 minutes and if you're not willing to give up large parts of yourself, don't enter the machine and I know it's unfortunate that many people don't know what they're in for or are wrongly guided by management etc.

      I think it depends on your age too. I couldn't imagine coming out now and honestly there might be a time I have to just to get ahead of it and I think that's sad, privacy to me is important perhaps refer to the top to understand why lol. Social media does help but at the same time nobody should be pressured into that either. I'm glad youth has it easier

  5. Oh, what the heck...another gem from 80s NYC...
  6. Such a DIRTY song...
  7. Back from the delightfully decadent Côte d'Azur, which, as ever, totally abounded with hot, gorgeous women...everywhere... It's enough to turn any aesthetically-minded woman into a lesbian instantly...! :D

    One day to pack before heading off to the inferno that is NYC for some more summer fun...then on to California for business (and hopefully even more fun)...

    Hope you're all enjoying the summer thus far... See you later, Ladies!  :lips:

    1. Hungry


      Have fun, enjoy might be a strong word for me but it'll definitely get better!

    2. myladylove


      Wow, just wow, lucky you.

  8. Also for you, @celeste teal , the German post-punk band, Malaria...a bunch of very sexy and erotic lesbian musicians...(my favourite dating pool back then)... Enjoy!
  9. For you, @celeste teal - some New York post-punk music from the Bush Tetras...