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  1. Questioningmylife

    What type of would you pick to date femme,tomboy,ect

    I agree with most of the other comments above. It intimately boils down to personality. Male or female I’m attracted to someone who has self confidence, maybe because I’m terribly shy. That more than any kind of look really turns my head. Although I do find high maintenance people a turn off.
  2. I’d say I’m more of an introvert. I get overwhelmed around groups of people I don’t know, or am not close with. The issue seems to resolve once I get to really know someone and form a friendship, but until then it’s self preservation mode.
  3. Questioningmylife

    7 Reasons Why A Taurus Will Be The Love Of Your Life

    I absolutely love this!!! I’m a Taurus also.
  4. Questioningmylife

    What Was Your Favorite Class In School?

    Math, or shop/home ec. I love working with my hands and a mid day treat was always nice.
  5. Questioningmylife

    Dom or Sub

    I prefer to be submissive. But I have to really trust my partner to give up control.
  6. Questioningmylife

    The 12 Hours

    This story is such a gloriously frustrating tease.
  7. Questioningmylife

    Anyone Not Into Masturbating

    I’m not really into it either. I think part of what excites me is driving my partner nuts and I can’t get that on my own. :( That or maybe I’m just not that good at it.
  8. I love giving!! But I would like to be taken care of in response
  9. I like being gently restrained, or restraining my partner. nibbling (especially neck/ears) I like being told what my partner wants to do to me. I can enjoy sweet and loving also, but I miss lustful passionate sex.
  10. Questioningmylife

    AMA (ask me anything)

    I would love to visit both, but would have to say Venice. I love being near water and Italian food. Would you rather have a spouse with inconsistent hours that travels or one that’s always around?
  11. I can relate to this. I was too afraid of rejection to pursue much when I was younger. Now, I’m married with kids and can’t risk hurting them. :(
  12. Husbands are so dang infuriating

    1. kairi


      Yes they can be some times! 

    2. contessmed


      male species !

  13. Questioningmylife

    Right This Second I Am......... (Continuation Thread)

    Contemplating my future.