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  1. I absolutely love this!!! I’m a Taurus also.
  2. Anxious and excited!
  3. Math, or shop/home ec. I love working with my hands and a mid day treat was always nice.
  4. I prefer to be submissive. But I have to really trust my partner to give up control.
  5. This story is such a gloriously frustrating tease.
  6. I’m not really into it either. I think part of what excites me is driving my partner nuts and I can’t get that on my own. :( That or maybe I’m just not that good at it.
  7. I love giving!! But I would like to be taken care of in response
  8. I like being gently restrained, or restraining my partner. nibbling (especially neck/ears) I like being told what my partner wants to do to me. I can enjoy sweet and loving also, but I miss lustful passionate sex.
  9. I would love to visit both, but would have to say Venice. I love being near water and Italian food. Would you rather have a spouse with inconsistent hours that travels or one that’s always around?
  10. I can relate to this. I was too afraid of rejection to pursue much when I was younger. Now, I’m married with kids and can’t risk hurting them. :(
  11. Husbands are so dang infuriating

    1. kairi


      Yes they can be some times! 

    2. contessmed


      male species !

  12. Angry and impatient although for different reasons