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  1. I crop my pictures, and occasionally change to black and white or a different color filter. Other than that if I don't like the picture I don't use it/take anoter. We are who we are, no reason to hide it. While I've often found I hate my picture at the time, a year later I don't.
  2. I've not had an interracial relationship with a woman, however I have with a man. Honestly, it was no different than any of my other relationships. All people have differences. I've dated people my same race whose upbringing had more differences than mine. In the end, dating is about finding what you have in common and growing that. Race is only an issue if you choose to let it be, and if others have an issue with it, well that's there problem.
  3. We love to camp. I still use a tent and cook everything over the fire, but I do use an air bed now. There is something so peaceful about it. A cabin in the woods or even a yurt would be such fun too!
  4. Like many of the other ladies have said. I think everyone has certain features that we find more visually pleasing. Personally, I have a thing for brunettes, but I often find myself attracted to non-brunettes as well. Ultimately, specific features aren't a factor for me, as long as I have some attraction towards anyone I date. A knockout smile or great laugh is still the sexiest thing to me =)
  5. Mine are both mutts. Although one thinks he's a cat.
  6. I think it's normal. I've often had similar dreams where my husband doesn't exist and I reunite with an ex.
  7. Hi and Welcome!
  8. This is actually why I joined the women's group. My town is very conservative, and I do not have any local friends I can talk to about these things. (I've met them all thru my spouse and kids). I'm not sure what I ultimately want, right now I just want to make friends I can be open with.
  9. I've actually tried this. He may joke about threesomes, but is not at all interested in one.
  10. Thanks for the ideas!
  11. Listening to my husband snore and contemplating waking him up to make him stop.
  12. For me I knew I also liked women before I was married. Although I have never gone further than kissing with another woman, I definitely wanted too. It was simply a situation in which there was no opportunity to do so. While I may feel sexually unfulfilled, I would not necessarily say I'm dissatisfied in my marriage. We have our ups and downs but are in an ok place currently. He is not the first man unable to fulfill my needs. In fact, I only ever met one who could so I am used to it. Although, I'm just now questioning if that has something to do with my sexuality.
  13. It may just be the mom in me, but I can honestly say I think most anyone below about 25 look like kids to me. So I generally find it strange/pervey seeing any adult checking them out. Again it may just be me thinking these girls are a lot younger than they actually are. However, I do think women have just as much right to notice someone on the street as a man.
  14. I really enjoy where I live now, but would love to spend a year or two overseas getting to explore a new place/culture.
  15. I agree bout nipple placement. I can lick, but not suck. Although, playing with my own doesn't do anything for me. I'd much prefer to play with someone else's.