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  1. Beautiful artwork. I wish I owned some of them.
  2. I second that!
  3. I appreciate when my husband covers me up at night when I'm cold, rubs my back when I'm tired, goes for walks with me. It's small things that make me feel loved that I appreciate.
  4. Yes, I'm very concerned. I would rather not have my posts and information available to the public. I would feel much better if it could only be seen by members.
  5. 1 no 2 afternoon 3 left 4 no 5 shower 6 both 7 aggressive 8 no 9 love 10 not sure 11 yes 12 Scotland 13 No place is too weird 14 no 15 no 16 no 17 no 18 no 20 no 21 no 22 yes 23 yes 24 no 25 yes
  6. So many great movies. Such a comic genius. I can't think of any of his movies that I didn't like. In particular, I probably like Good Morning VietNam best.
  7. Does everybody have a g-spot? I hear about it all the time, but I wonder if I have one. Never found it (not that I've tried to find it that many times.) Always disappointed that I can't seem to find it.
  8. Yep, done it. Got to be careful that the waters not too hot. Do it too often and it can make some very delicate skin dry. Embarrassed when I asked gyno why It was so dry and she said too much hot water can do it.
  9. @rach My understanding of poly (if you mean polyamorous) is that both partners are able to see others, and most importantly, both partners are in agreement on having such a relationship. In my eyes, he's not being fair at all. It sounds more like he wants to have a half open marriage - his half. If you aren't in agreement, it sounds more like cheating. I would want answers. You deserve answers. That's no way to treat your wife. Just my opinion. I hope you don't mind me putting in my two cents.
  10. Yes, I do compare myself to other women. I'm not as pretty, young, sexy, etc. I'e gained a few pounds lately so I'm feeling very self conscious about my body (only person who sees it is my husband). I shouldn't worry so much, but I do.
  11. Beginning Apprehensive Quiet Achy Peaceful
  12. Could you explain that? Am I understanding you correctly that your husband has more than one woman, but you are not allowed to be with anyone else? You should NOT have to be sad for him to be happy. Am I misunderstanding you?
  13. Agree with others that orgasm for a woman during regular sexual intercourse isn't the norm. The only way I have an orgasm is through oral sex. A rich fantasy life helps a lot too. As far as your husband goes, maybe you need to talk to him about rushing you. At one point my husband made me feel rushed, and I talked to him about it. It's nearly impossible to have an orgasm if your partner is making you feel like you're taking too long. He needs to have a little more understanding of your needs.
  14. Favorites were sociology classes and philosophy.
  15. I wouldn't say I'm on here secretly, but my husband doesn't know. If he were to ask, I would feel a little awkward, but I'd tell him. Part of me hopes he'll just casually ask me.