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  1. I'm not in a position to date, but I'll answer anyway. I would definitely be friends with a trans person. I don't think I could date one. Having said that, I have to say that life brings surprises. You never really know what you would do until the situation comes up.
  2. I'm a bit behind - I just started watching The L Word & Orange is the New Black. I just recently read that they are working on a new The L Word.
  3. You know, there are some things I see on porn that I just don't get. Fisting is one of them. Can someone explain what the pleasure is with fisting?
  4. Average height. Prefer someone my height or a bit taller.
  5. I won't do anal. Husband knows not to even ask anymore.
  6. I nearly cried reading some of these comments. We can all be so hard on ourselves. I know for myself, when I had no confidence in my looks because of my weight, my husband also had no real physical attraction to me. I lost a lot of weight, but then put half of it back on. It worried me terribly, but this time my husband was more helpful. He's been telling me over and over that I am attractive and sexy when I have self confidence. It was a struggle, but I just kept telling myself that I am not bad looking. And son of a gun - I look at my butt and thighs and think eech, they need some work - my husband sees a sexy woman! Bless his rose colored glasses. So, I would say follow the great advice given by the women who've responded. Love yourself as you are. Don't let anyone get away with taking your sense of self confidence away. YOU have to be the first person to see yourself as attractive and sexy.
  7. I think you have to have about 20 posts, and then you can instant message one on one. (You click on the envelope at the top.)
  8. There are ways to erase your history, or use a search engine that doesn't show you're history. I don't know about on an ipad, but look into how to erase your history. Or use a different search engine.
  9. Just have to be careful not to over do it. Few years back I went to dr. because I was so dry down there. I was told that too much warm water can dry you out. I was a bit embarrassed.
  10. I know exactly how you feel. I'm in my 60's too. Married for years and years. But I have this strong desire that is sometimes overwhelming. I'd love to get a tantric massage, but I don't know where I would find someone who does it - and I'm not sure if it's legal. The only things that keep me sane about this is being able to talk about it on this site, watching some porn, and lots of fantasies.
  11. Don't really know what to say but I find your posts very interesting 

    1. CuriouslyMarriedWoman


      Thank you for saying so!  Just trying to be honest about how I feel.

  12. I agree with everyone else. Girl, you're only in your 40's! Don't let anyone tell you what to wear. I'm in my 60's, and I wear what I like, and what turns my husband on. If I get a smile/sparkle in the eyes out of him when I wear short shorts, or a sundress, then I'm going to wear them. (Although I only wear the short shorts at home.) I will not dress the way someone else decides I should dress just because I am of a certain age.
  13. Hm. My preference is a real penis. I can't use a dildo - synthetics seems to irritate my insides. Vibrators can make me numb, and i don't want that! So I have to stick with real penis,and tongue on my clit.
  14. Easy one. I've already given up coffee (for tea) and I don't drink that often.
  15. I agree that it's hard to meet other bi females. Although, chances are I know someone who is bisexual. I don't announce to people how I feel about women, so I suppose there are a lot of other women out there who are bi but just don't say so.