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  1. Turned 41 today and just had my first driving lesson, and I loved it lol! 

    1. shazza21


      You go girl. Never too old to learn something new xx

    2. shazza21


      Oh and happy birthday :drinks:

  2. Mine is waist lenth, I have it Ombre at the moment, but I am natural dark brown.
  3. Yes sounds good to me... The kids are all that bit older now so its easier than it used to be. There all good, have there moments though
  4. Hey Apsalara5 and Curiouslouisa01. and Gemini82 I am 41 tomorrow, I have 3 boys and 3 girls, oldest is 22 (but has left for uni now) and youngest is 8, also I have 3 fur babes, 2 cats and one dog, I am in Oxfordshire. I have always liked men and women and haven't really like one over another, it been more about the person, but latley been think alot about women and didn`t really lable it until I was older, I am loving getting fit right now, and love all diffrent types of music. Finding this site has been great, I am not sure how long I have been on here and have found nothing but good things and kind people. x
  5. Hey everyone, so who has a fitness goal this year? I really want to get to 10, 1/2st and have more sculpted arms. I will be starting a fitness program on the 14th of this month and turn 41 this week, so I want to it to be my fit 40s lol! Is any one up for checking in on this thread, may-be weekly and seeing how we get on? x
  6. I hope everyone has a great weekend :D

  7. Yes, what a let down! I once met this amazing kisser and magic with his hands, when it came to the deed, it was a few minutes, and done
  8. Yes I think I could have feeling for a robot, I love the Series Humans and could totally see me for falling for one!
  9. No, I think he would be surprised if I threw up on him
  10. No I have never pursued anyone, I wouldn`t no what to do now lol,
  11. Haha, yes I would, I could never make the first move, even the thought of it makes me
  12. My husband is great at it, and I come every time, but I have never given him oral, I think I would be sick, bless him
  13. I found these on Etsy, https://www.etsy.com/market/bisexual_bracelet I don`t think I would know if someone was interested or just being friendly, unless there made it very very clear