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  1. PurplePetal

    Favorite Breakfast Foods?

    Muesli, Yoghurt & Berries or Over night oats and lots of coffee
  2. PurplePetal

    The Shybi fitness thread

    Joining a gym for the first time in years... I have been doing home workouts and following the meal plans and have fab results! I now want to go to a class to do PiYo, feeling super nervous but it will be worth it! Just need to push through that first class!
  3. Hi Petal. How are you doing? X

    1. PurplePetal


      Hi yes all good, How are you? Just popped on this morning, try to get on her for ages. xx

  4. To me spirituality is an awaking in myself, seeing us all a one universal energy, an acceptance that we are just different facets of one energy source, like the way a light shines when it hits a diamond. being able to flow with the moon, the tides and the seasons. I imagine that the closed I get to the feeling of spirituality.
  5. Turned 41 today and just had my first driving lesson, and I loved it lol! 

    1. shazza21


      You go girl. Never too old to learn something new xx

    2. shazza21


      Oh and happy birthday :drinks:

  6. PurplePetal

    What Is Your Hair Length?

    Mine is waist lenth, I have it Ombre at the moment, but I am natural dark brown.
  7. PurplePetal

    It's a bit quiet in here...

    Yes sounds good to me... The kids are all that bit older now so its easier than it used to be. There all good, have there moments though
  8. PurplePetal

    It's a bit quiet in here...

    Hey Apsalara5 and Curiouslouisa01. and Gemini82 I am 41 tomorrow, I have 3 boys and 3 girls, oldest is 22 (but has left for uni now) and youngest is 8, also I have 3 fur babes, 2 cats and one dog, I am in Oxfordshire. I have always liked men and women and haven't really like one over another, it been more about the person, but latley been think alot about women and didn`t really lable it until I was older, I am loving getting fit right now, and love all diffrent types of music. Finding this site has been great, I am not sure how long I have been on here and have found nothing but good things and kind people. x
  9. Hey everyone, so who has a fitness goal this year? I really want to get to 10, 1/2st and have more sculpted arms. I will be starting a fitness program on the 14th of this month and turn 41 this week, so I want to it to be my fit 40s lol! Is any one up for checking in on this thread, may-be weekly and seeing how we get on? x
  10. I hope everyone has a great weekend :D

  11. PurplePetal

    Relationship Vent

    Hey thanks everyone, we had a good chat, and got somethings sorted out, we are in a good place right now, we have been fully open with each other I hope. The urge is still there, when close my eyes or if I am alone with my head to much, but I am just putting it all to one side too concentrate on the here and now. Following the posts, Thanks everyone, xx
  12. Yes, what a let down! I once met this amazing kisser and magic with his hands, when it came to the deed, it was a few minutes, and done
  13. PurplePetal

    Relationship Vent

    Aww thank you this helped a lot. I have woke up a lot more positive today. Just going to keep pushing forward, and try to get him to open up to me. Then see where we go from there x
  14. PurplePetal

    Relationship Vent

    Thank you Shazza21. We are like the best of friends, there is cuddles and a peck here and there, but no passion. I can’t imagine my world with out him, yet I can’t imagine living like this for the next 40 years. I am so happy you were able to sort your marriage out. How did you do that? Its hard to find things to connect on, if I try to talk he gets defenceive right off, I even tried to learn some stuff about football and have a chat lol! But it lasted all of two mins and then I was in the way. I bought some nice underwear and showed him, but they have sat in the draw as there is no interested, I feel like it’s me just turning him off, you know my body is not what it used to be and I turned 40, but I am keeping in shape and workout every day. I just don’t know I feel like I am whingeing now sorry lol! It’s just so frustrating, and then my head sending these thoughts just make me think about what I could be having. But is it just the case that the grass always looks greener on the other side when your own hasn’t been watered x