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  1. Yes I think I could have feeling for a robot, I love the Series Humans and could totally see me for falling for one!
  2. No, I think he would be surprised if I threw up on him
  3. No I have never pursued anyone, I wouldn`t no what to do now lol,
  4. Haha, yes I would, I could never make the first move, even the thought of it makes me
  5. My husband is great at it, and I come every time, but I have never given him oral, I think I would be sick, bless him
  6. I found these on Etsy, https://www.etsy.com/market/bisexual_bracelet I don`t think I would know if someone was interested or just being friendly, unless there made it very very clear
  7. I wouldn`t say "No" to Halsey, or Laura Prepon
  8. Lagertha and Astrid -Vikings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5if9ObNeUA
  9. I got purple too
  10. Hi, I am quite new to the forum too, but I have found everyone I have spoken to lovely. I find I am spending more time here than I thought I would. I hope you find it great too.
  11. In my younger days, I had sex outside more than I did inside, if my hubby was still up for it, it would still be the way now Fantasy - is on a beach alone at sunset meeting up with someone and making it hot, sexy and then it becoming fond memory .
  12. I watched it, I really enjoyed it, it not one I would buy and keep, but is defiantly worth watching
  13. 100% Faith then Anya
  14. The site is looking great! Trying to find my way around :) 

  15. I am drinking coffee right now, nut will be having a glass of wine or two later