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  1. I'm just east of The Big Smoke, east of Oshawa.
  2. YogaGirl...after reading the final paragraph of your post I realize that I am very much like you... I also need a genuine emotional connection and want to feel close to that person. This is all very new for me. Right now my marriage is ending (my choice) and I've gotten very very close to an old friend whose life (and lifestyle) include FWBs and honestly I am having a rough time accepting it. But then that makes me feel clingy and immature; so many are so happy with it. I can see both sides. Thanks for the food for thought.
  3. I don't think so; that's what I'm looking for also. Someone to explore with and feel a connection with.
  4. Just joined and looking, for the moment, for friendship. In the Durham area. Married but in the process of separating. Thanks ladies