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  1. I love sexting in executive meetings! It was all men in attendance and then me. A "sexting friend" was sending me the dearest photos of her pussy, and touching herself. I had to be very discreate when I looked at the text - not knowing if it would be a nude photo - and I had to time when I read the text so it wasn't distracting to the meeting discussion. Even though I was trying to be discrete, I fantasized about what would happen if the guy setting next to me saw the photos or new what I was doing. Would he be turned on? Would he start sexting someone else? Hmmmmm - my imagination runs wild and it's naughty!!
  2. General poll: bicep curls? How many lbs/kg can you curl and when was the last time you did bicep curls?
  3. "What is your skymiles #?"
  4. I like different things every time I have sex. 1. Sometimes I hate fingers other times I can't cum without g-spot stimulation. 2. Sometimes I only want g-spot stimulation to cum and I don't want my clit worked much. 3. Sometimes I want fingers but I want rectal wall, or posterior, stimulation instead of g-spot stimation. 4. Anal stimulation makes me squirt. It seems to Massage the necessary glands by rubbing through the rectal wall but I'm not always in the mood to do this. I let my partner do whatever they feel like or I guide them to what I want and if I don't like what is happening I just say, "I don't think I'm in the mood for that today." My husband understands that my cravings change from day to day. I haven't been with one girl long enough for any one girl to understand me in the same way.
  5. haha I call one of my friends I have a crush on my "flirty friend"

  6. Anyone? Anyone? I really need some recommendations, advice, perspective on what I can, and what I should do, in San Francisco. Please help me out!! I really appreciate learning from your experiences. Swingers clubs, BDSM clubs?
  7. Whatever!! Your experience was amazing. I've read some of your other stuff and I really like how you tell the story and give details!! I'm new and just getting used to Shybi, but When I share my experiences I get to relive them - residual benifits.
  8. Do you ever take trips to a larger city? I bet we could find a swingers club or strip club that would work. Are you near Vancouver? I think a strip club is perfect because you decid what you want, the girl makes you feel amazing, and you get to try a few things. Sorry I don't know much about your history because I'm new. Do you have someone to go with you?
  9. Recommend a BDSM Club, Sex Club, Couples Sex Club, or a Swingers Club in San Francisco? Next month I'll be in San Francisco with my husband and we would like to try one of these clubs. Please share any experiences you have had at clubs of this type.
  10. Thank you so much for posting this so I could reminisce!! I thought I would share and hopefully you get a little enjoyment out of my story (because I got a lot of enjoyment out of yours - thanks for taking the time to write the details). This reminds me sooooo much of my first strip club experience!! I knew going in that I was going to get a few lap dances. After 6 lap dances I finally found my favorite girl. She was so fucking amazing; dominate, confident, and skilled at total seduction she completely eliminated my ability to resist. I was sucked into the movement of her body. Luckily I had a dress on, and when she spread my legs I didn't give a shit who could see between my legs. I let her have her way with me and I couldn't keep my hands off of her. She probably let me touch her more than she should have, her breasts were amazing and her nipples were so hard in my mouth. When she would grind on me and put her ass in my face, she would take my hand and guide it up the inside of her thigh and push my fingers under her G-string so I could feel how soft and wet she was there. My favorite and most memorable moments were when she kissed me (probably the best girl kiss I've ever had) and then she rubbed her breast down my body all the way between my legs until she was kneeling before me. Then on her way back up she would run her lips up the inside of my thigh, and then she totally surprised me by pushing my dress all the way up and running her tongue up between my labia and over my clit flicking it a few times. Thank goodness for crotchless panties! It was so hot we were drawing a lot of attention (or so I was told after the fact). The guys around us were cumming just watching us. This was the first time a girl touched my pussy and it was groundbreaking for me. I don't really remember my first time having sex with a guy, but I remember all the details about this first. Obviously successful strippers learn how to work their clients and make a connection by making the client feel special; however, she went way above and beyond what I had paid her for and provided a much more specialized and intimate experience for me compared to the dances she provided for men I watched her with just before me. I remember her trelling me how she loved the taste of my pussy, and that she wanted more. Well she got more; I went back the next night and got a private room with her (what can I say - she is good at her craft). Afterwards she invited me to her condo for sex. I figured if she invited me into her personal life, and offered free sex, that she meant what she said and had a true attraction to me.
  11. The orgasm was excellent - as usual. Yes, my husband started fucking me while she was in the shower. Actually, I don't remember her leaving. Experiences like this get me aroused to a whole different level. Touching another woman has an effect on my mind like a drug and all stimuli is magnified. I felt like I was on the precipice of an orgasm for the whole hour he was fucking me. We had two amazing rounds of sex before passing out. I get a similar arousel boost with bondage or when I'm whipped. It's just good old fashioned adrenaline!
  12. Why do you think you are sheltered? What type of experiences have you had or do you desire?
  13. So where are the "rules" posted so I don't have to play a guessing game?
  14. Update: we finally settled on a girl and we invited her to our room. I thought it might be awkward- because I've never done this before - so I prepared with a couple glasses of champagne. When she arrived she was very talkative and fun and lighthearted; this made me really relaxed. After a little chit chat she said, "well let's get naked and do this." But she said it in a really cute fun way and made it really fun and easy for me to strip. She rubbed Massage oil all over her breasts and stomach and told me to lie face down. My husband decided to just watch so he was sitting on the couch and positioned so i could see his face (I like to see his reactions and facial expressions). She started by rubbing her nipples very lightly over my back and butt; she gradually increased the pressure and was soon rubbing her soft natural breasts all over my backside. My favorite parts of this portion of the massage included: when she would rub up the inside of my thigh with one of her breasts and slide her nipple between my legs and up the crack of my ass; and I liked when she would put her whole weight on me pressing her hips down onto my butt, pushing her breasts hard against my back and pinning my hands out to the side while she was doing this. Occastionally she would let her hands trail all the way down my back starting at the nape and finishing between my legs with pressure on my vulva. She would then softly slide 2 fingers between my vulva and tap my clit. When she turned me over to my back I was able to touch her, massage her breasts, and run my hand up the inside of her thigh and between her legs. She turned her ass toward my husband so he had a great view of her ass and pussy and could see everything I was doing to her. Meanwhile, my breasts got a great rub down, my nipples got sucked, pinched, and twisted. She started to work my clit with one hand and slide her other hand in and out between my legs graduallly penetrating deeper and deeper. Soon my husband couldn't handle it any more so he got on the bed and joined in. I've always wondered what a four handed massage would feel like - and now I know what a 4 handed genital massage feels like. 4 times the pressure, 4 times the penetration, and 4 hands to touch every erotic space between my legs. Amazing!!! After they finished me off she went and took a shower and my husband fucked me again. i included a photo of her below. *Photo removed by moderator*
  15. @LizzySizzles yes, it seems I'm going to get the massage, and my husband is going to watch. It's probably happening tonight.