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  1. 31 will be 32 in December
  2. JazzyJess21

    Curiosity And Strap-Ons

    yeah my stroke game is good. I def love giving to my gf
  3. I have the same set up! Hubby loves my gf and thinks its best for me and he supports me fully! Im so happy for you. I feel like Ive fallen more in love with hubby than ever and our relationship is in a great spot. haha thats similar to Olly and I.. we met online on an anonymous posting app struck up convo in November.. met officially in person in January where we were official Jan 2nd. :-D
  4. Hubby is my Dom (ddlg), I am a sub to him and with my gf im a switch (but more dominant at times)..and shes a switch
  5. JazzyJess21

    Femme vs Butch

    I always presented myself as tomboy (even very very young) and always dressed and acted more masciline. but even now I would say im androgynous in my presentation to society..lol but I do wear girly stuff occasionally
  6. JazzyJess21


    AMAZING!! and want a great experience try putting a vibe between you and your girl.
  7. JazzyJess21

    Asexual or Bi!?!

    online interactions is a possible way..being active in a group with bi/lesbian women online cuz then youll be in the same enviroment
  8. JazzyJess21

    Over-weight and Struggling

    It depends on the person quite honestly. my gf is teeny tiny and im over weight but im working on it.. she loves me for me..
  9. I met some people thru the Whisper app.. not a dating app at all but they have a bunch of groups..its anonymous but you can inbox ppl and stuff.. its where I met my gf
  10. May 3rd cant come fast enough... going to see my baby <3

  11. JazzyJess21

    Married & would like a girlfriend

    Im married (6 years married and together a total of 10yrs) and I have a girlfriend officially since January. but met back before Thanksgiving. Hubby and I are what they call ethical non monogamy or polyamorous. She and I are a unit and hubby and I are a unit. Anyway. Its made our relationship more rounded and so much more balanced.. I mean I couldnt be happier. Before hubby and I got married I was bi but not open or out of the closet..an interaction with a friend opened my eyes to a lot and I came out and then later out as poly as well. Not everyone knows but the ones who deserve to know do.
  12. I last did it yesterday 2x lol oopss
  13. 1. If you like to be called names, what do you like to be called? uhmmm I dunno about names.. im a "bad girl" 2. What type of dirty talk really gets you going? I love just hearing her beg and her moans.. she loves hearing my moans as well 3. Do you call your significant other “names”? Brownie Bite is her nickname and Cookie Chunk is mine.. but I call her "Ma'am" 4. General dirty talk comments? hmm begging her to let me cum. 5. Anything else? I love being spanked.. and im a sadist apparently *evil grin*