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  1. never been physically intimate with a woman..other than kissing... would just want a woman to be gently dominant over me and guide me through my first time with her.
  2. we are neighbors and be come friends?!!! :-)
  3. Honestly I would just like to be approached..lol no luck finding an honest girl to approach me *SIGH*
  4. Hi! thats really great hes supportive! im here if you want to make a new friend. Im Jessica Im married openly bisexual with him, no kids, work full time, school..small social life. I know how you feel when it comes to online dating everyone once a 3rd wheel or threesomes.
  5. honestly im looking for a honest, open, sweet, loving, gorgeous woman. Someone to support me fully. Someone to take an interest in me.. who wont ghost, abuse or lead me on. Someone to respect me and boundaries but willing to break rules :-)
  6. WOW im sorry to hear that. LDR can work. I believe if both are willing to keep communication up like : calling, texting, skyping, snail mail (I love snail mail). but im sorry this aint working out. Ive been in that situation..she didnt wanna call or skype oten and that makes it hard.
  7. Well that was a HUGE waste of my time.. drove 45 mins to be stood up.. wow. I think I may be over women and their games.. no good ones left

    1. kairi


      There are good ones, don't give up.You just have to have patience and hope :)

  8. Nervous..Im meeting a friend ive been talking to.. not sure where its gonna lead..going with the flow.. *fingers crossed*

  9. feels good to be chatting with good people..fingers crossed 

  10. the quiz was really vague but I scored a 3.. equally hetero and homosexual.. I gotta find the one I took years ago it was detailed
  11. Honestly.. Just finding love.. being happy with a female and them being okay with me being married, Someone just to be my best friend..
  12. this sh!t is for the birds. I cant seem to shake her and im realizing how hard I fell for her.. Seems like I wont ever find someone thatll get my mind off of how pathetic I am :-(.  

    1. Nidalaeh


      You are not pathetic and that someone is out there for you! Hugs

    2. JazzyJess21


      I highly doubt it.. but thanks 


    3. Nidalaeh


      Hey now, both of us can't give up! 

  13. UGH I have the worst luck, glad I dodged a bullet but im pissed.. The ex..reappeared on the dating site under a whole new screen name... -_-.  WOW shes a player 

    1. Nidalaeh


      Hugs!! Glad you dodged the bullet and you are much better off. People who wants to play mind games on other people are sad individuals! Take care hun!

  14. I wish it was that easy! Seems like there's people out there but I'm not coming across any decent ones