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  1. hey you were on my mind. I pray you are doing well.

    1. Nidalaeh


      Hey girl, how are you

  2. ugh this song makes me think of my crush..lol
  3. Don't  think i can do this anymore.. Started chatting with someone new an we are feeling each other and shes want in to fall back from it due to me being married (even tho he okay with this..)  I was honest about it all with  her.  Ah basically wants to talk back since she likes me too much..  Im over it amd confused.  Might  take a break from being what I feel.. #badluck

    1. Rocker83


      There are women out there who are looking for something casual, or women who'd be fine with you being with your husband as well them. But sounds like this lady wants more. You will find that a lot of women you meet will want something exclusive, they don't want to be someone experiment or someone's third. But it's ok, there are women out there who would be happy with your marriage. Don't lose hope.

    2. JazzyJess21


      Trying not to lose hope.  Shes really feeling me tho and I too..  

  4. I'm in the same boat as well. I'm married and bi curious.. I wish you luck!
  5. Crushes are confusing. ya like someone they like someone else yet go back to an ex even tho the girl done broke my crushes heart?! Lordt I'm confused

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JazzyJess21


      I'm really crushing hard tho!! oh god

    3. Nidalaeh


      That is when it's the worse.

    4. softdeedee


      I am convinced men, women, aliens lol are all confusing! I often wonder the same thing myself...but keep your head up because it will get better someday, We have to believe that or we would all go batsh*t crazy! hee hee


  6. *sighs* tomorrow is a new day right?

    1. tbare13


      It is. Hugs. Chin up girl

  7. Vanilla and non really pertains to some kinks.. I don't think anal is a kinky thing or no.. I'm pretty much not about all that. lol its an exit only for me.
  8. Just one of them of them days :-/

    1. softdeedee
    2. Nidalaeh


      Hope it gets better!  /huggz

    3. Rocker83


      Sorry to hear that. I hope it's better tomorrow x

  9. I personally think if the peen isn't thick enough it wouldn't feel anything (I know from experience.. my first and only ex was small and thin) -_- but my husband is good in both areas.
  10. I love a good wine or mixed drink like Segrams Escapes
  11. I hope you have a good day inspite of being tired <3

    1. Nidalaeh


      2 cups of coffee and water with the MIO Energy in it, I'm awake atm. Thanks :)

  12. Hmm.. well you situation sounds similar to mine but I'm the married one and the person I like is lesbian and was between relationships and we work together and she flirted with me and I flirted back (just my playful demeanor and this was pre my sexual awakening) Well we grew closer since we work the same shift and she started picking me up and taking me to work as well dropping me off home.. well about a month ago we were on break at work and she kissed me on the lips. she told me she liked me but had to be careful since I am married (I told my hubby that I was curious around women and that my attraction is to them as well as men.. hes understanding and supporting of me to find me) but she still likes me..but her kiss awakened something strong in me. anywho..but what I'm wanting to say: try maybe getting a chance to chat with her or get to know her more,,maybe ask her for coffee..those are ways to show interest, get her phone number.. invite her out but definitely build a friendship.
  13. hmmm Mario games, legend of Zelda, final fantasy
  14. I had a busy and crazy day. but tomorrow is a new day!

  15. WOOOW that sounds enticing :-D Oh I love when bubby goes down on me and then comes up and kisses me.. sometimes his beard gets in the way. but I would love to know how erotic it would be if a woman went down on me. geezz