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  1. UGH I have the worst luck, glad I dodged a bullet but im pissed.. The ex..reappeared on the dating site under a whole new screen name... -_-.  WOW shes a player 

    1. Nidalaeh


      Hugs!! Glad you dodged the bullet and you are much better off. People who wants to play mind games on other people are sad individuals! Take care hun!

  2. I wish it was that easy! Seems like there's people out there but I'm not coming across any decent ones
  3. Thanks! im certainly over it. Ready to move on..mingle a lil
  4. I'm 30 and am attracted to older women.. Mainly cuz I'm not that experienced and am also a little/sub
  5. Have not experienced that.. I'm sure it's nice
  6. Was 13 first time I masturbated. 21 when I first had sex with hubby Never had sex with a woman yet.. So still a virgin in that aspect
  7. well she broke up with me and ghosted me all in the same day...24 hours before we were to meet... so I am painfully back at square one
  8. I am a little/sub with Hubby. I def would love to have a Dom gf (if I ever get the chance). Nothing too rough just like when someone takes control.
  9. Any ladies from NJ? Im in South Jersey.
  10. I didnt watch last nights episode.. but Alison doesnt know what she wants it seems.. she jumps from excitement to excitement.
  11. Ive been in one and it ended a couple weeks ago.. it wasnt even that long distance.. 1.5 hours away. I would do it again..it just would have to be more than texting.. it would have to be skyping and phone calls, snail mail.. yeah I like that kinda thing
  12. I like that show too.
  13. I'm in that mood.. Missing what we had.. Even if it was not lasting..

  14. Im at this place where im not sure who Ill end up with but I feel like I need to have a set of disclaimers:
    -Be gentle with my heart and soul
    -Be open to me and honest
    -Communication is the key (verbal, texting, phone and or skype)

    1. JadeBleu15


      Excellent disclaimers my friend, whoever wins your heart will be a lucky woman. You deserve the best of the best. 

    2. BellaMynx


      Those are very nice disclaimers. 


    3. Nidalaeh


      I might borrow those disclaimers!

  15. Doctor Foster - I just binged that and boy I tell ya