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  1. Ive been divorced for almost 3 years now...long story short, i married my high school sweatheart (male), I was with him for 21 years, until his affairs started to come out, i started to hear about one and then the other....i was heart broken (and scared to death). I never really felt the sexual connection to him, more like a best friend type deal. While im not having difficulties getting over having a hard time with having that connection to someone, someone who wants to curl up on the couch, someone who wants me. The confusing thing is im not sure if its a woman i want to be with or man...or both. I dream of being with a women and would love to actually "test the waters" some day
  2. HI...hhhmmm...where to start...well I got divorced after 21 years of marriage, after I found out my husband had his second (known) affair. To be honest, I'm not sure what I want...I"ve been watching shows like The Fosters, Orange is the New Black, The L Word, Below Her Mouth, etc,, and I am drawn to these women. I feel like I'm attracting to women, but I'm not sure if it is attraction to them, or the fact that I was hurt so badly by a man. Right now, I would really like to find a woman to be a best friend, snuggle on the couch and maybe see where it goes. However, I'm not sure who and what I want, but I am finding comfort in reading some of the blogs. However I live in a small Midwestern town, and I'm not one to be in the spotlight or in the gossip circle. Any advice or friendship is greatly appreciated.