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  1. It's nearly Sunday...time is moving way too fast!!! 

  2. Too tired to be arsed
  3. Hey there x How how are you doing?

  4. Just stopping by to say hi

  5. I get that, and I'm still not out to most of the people in my life although I'm more comfortable with my own feelings now than I was in the beginning. This is a great place to talk ask and make friends x
  6. Hi, welcome, gosh wow nobody huh, what's stopped you? Whatever the reason, there are so many lovely experienced and supportive women on this site, you don't have to feel so lonely anymore!
  7. Managed both work and play!
  8. Woah definitely can't follow that!! 1. I can't stand to hear anyone eat... including myself! 2. I bake and decorate amazing cakes 3. I can sometimes control my dreams
  9. @BenedettaC thank you for that, it'd interesting to understand a different perspective. I guess my views reflect my lack of knowledge/experience of the lesbian scene, and what you're saying makes sense. If I connected with someone regardless of age, I daresay I'd have to get over my hang-ups....
  10. In truth I guess it's partly my social conditioning; I'm a mum so I should feel maternal towards anyone significantly younger than me. Partly a fear of coming across creepy, and I've always felt conscious of a power dynamic which I would be uncomfortable having in a relationship, sexual or otherwise. That's just me analysing my own thinking, not about what I think is right or wrong, nor a judgement on anyone who feels differently. I've never been in a position to have those feelings challenged or changed. I hope that somewhat explains what I meant :-)
  11. I have to wait til November but it's gonna be worth it...Florida and a Caribbean cruise... no kids...yassss!
  12. My rational brain says...'she's cute but young enough to be your daughter...look away! Look away!'
  13. Orange! Why do i feel proud?! Lmao