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  1. Oh wow when I get a tattoo I am high on endorphins for about a day or two ...I said to the tattooist how nice the feeling was .. everyone in there heard and they were impressed.. but stunned dominatrix anybody? lol i dream of glitter tattoos
  2. That's funny I giggled at this post so blatantly honest ..
  3. I'm confused by what a previous gf said to me the other day - she doesn't class herself as bi or lesbian and isn't attracted to any girl apart from me..and said she never finds any girl attractive at all..!!?? To which I replied you must be bi she's adamant she's not.. even though I can tell you now she is (lol) ;) The older I get the more interested I am in women (blush) How do you see yourself ? Do you find the older you get the more you yearn for it ?
  4. I'm addicted to you by addeci or however you spell it :)) enjoy !! X
  5. Wow I remember this girl 

    what happened to her /you ? 

    Take card hope your so very happy 


    1. Lilminxme2017


      That's care by the way .. not card lol

  6. Touch wood never had a fake - they have all been great.. be it relationships didn't work out !! Don't get to pessimistic there is a lot of decent girls out there me for one lol
  7. Thank you - thank you :)) i have no confidence the make up is just for show
  8. So sorry to read what you have been through sending lots of luck across the pond .. keep strong x
  9. Well thank you minx ( blushes) x
  10. I could of written your post - I went through the exact same thing learnt my lesson though you can only go up from here - sounds like your a decent person .. all the best minx x
  11. lol don't have my old email addresses anymore - not to worry ! fresh start is good
  12. Welcome back Hun i am like you old but new lol old member I mean :))
  13. Thanks Rocky met some great people on here and had some wonderful inspirational messages and chats .. here's to a great almost second half of 2017 :))
  14. And boy have I aged :/ not good
  15. Wow hi everyone it's great to be back looks like a lot has changed on this site .. i have been off here for many years but looking forward to making new friends .. take care minx