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  1. I'm confused by what a previous gf said to me the other day - she doesn't class herself as bi or lesbian and isn't attracted to any girl apart from me..and said she never finds any girl attractive at all..!!?? To which I replied you must be bi she's adamant she's not.. even though I can tell you now she is (lol) ;) The older I get the more interested I am in women (blush) How do you see yourself ? Do you find the older you get the more you yearn for it ?
  2. Oh wow when I get a tattoo I am high on endorphins for about a day or two ...I said to the tattooist how nice the feeling was .. everyone in there heard and they were impressed.. but stunned dominatrix anybody? lol i dream of glitter tattoos
  3. That's funny I giggled at this post so blatantly honest ..
  4. I'm addicted to you by addeci or however you spell it :)) enjoy !! X
  5. Wow I remember this girl 

    what happened to her /you ? 

    Take card hope your so very happy 


    1. Lilminxme2017


      That's care by the way .. not card lol

  6. Touch wood never had a fake - they have all been great.. be it relationships didn't work out !! Don't get to pessimistic there is a lot of decent girls out there me for one lol
  7. Thank you - thank you :)) i have no confidence the make up is just for show
  8. Wow hi everyone it's great to be back looks like a lot has changed on this site .. i have been off here for many years but looking forward to making new friends .. take care minx
  9. So sorry to read what you have been through sending lots of luck across the pond .. keep strong x
  10. Well thank you minx ( blushes) x
  11. I could of written your post - I went through the exact same thing learnt my lesson though you can only go up from here - sounds like your a decent person .. all the best minx x
  12. lol don't have my old email addresses anymore - not to worry ! fresh start is good
  13. Welcome back Hun i am like you old but new lol old member I mean :))
  14. Thanks Rocky met some great people on here and had some wonderful inspirational messages and chats .. here's to a great almost second half of 2017 :))
  15. And boy have I aged :/ not good