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  1. She's asking you if you are into girls (ideally probably in this case into her more specifically) in a jokey not so subtle way. By bringing up dudes and trying to avoid the true intentions of the situation. It's like y'all are standing in front of a clothes hamper that you own and she really wants / needs to use it. You are both aware of this fact but instead of just asking her if she wants to use it or her asking you to use it, y'all continue to talk about random stuff like the weather, each other's outfits, what foolishness the Kardashian's are up to this week etc all the while avoiding the obvious intention. Stop torturing yourself and just flat out ask her already lol.
  2. @PurplePetal I came across this guy from a vid link someone else posted through another thread. Don't know if you already came across him or not. After I watched that one I ended up watching a few others, he's very informative and brings a comfortable humour if you will to the topics. These two vids made me think of you as per our conversation before lol: "How To Spot A Bisexual" "Bisexual Radar (Bidar) How To Develop It" Maybe the info can help you out
  3. Regardless communication is always key!
  4. @elliej Oh with the ramming with woman that's not from my personal experience either, I've just heard from others that some can be rough like that. I hear what you're saying though, and ya I guess it has a lot to do with not taking the time to experiment / explore on yourself, You should always work out your own road map first before trying to tackle someone else's lol.
  5. Yes ladies both coming with solid facts! Who actually finds finger thrusting / ramming pleasurable...seriously if the "favour" was returned to those men and apparently some shockingly clueless women smh lol!
  6. GM girl! Thought I'd pass through and say what's up! Did you see Wentworth last night? OMG just the opening first few minutes alone...such a good show! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CuriosiTee


      Season 5 just started the other night so we not too far behind over here lol. Yassss so good! Ohh that is a tough question lol. I'm a fan of Franky still but there's others, they're all great really in their own ways. How bout you?

    3. Mofgirl


      Yeah gotta be the Doyle for sure! But I did like bridget, oh and bea, I guess that's all of them then! Ha! But frankly the most x

      Hate the bloody freak, but wow what an actress!

    4. CuriosiTee


      Ahh yes I hear that! Lol such a great character! She's Canadian big ups!

  7. It’s Woman Crush Wednesday Ladies! Who y’all crushing on? :wink:

    1. Rocker83


      My fiancee :wub: Still have a huge crush on her.

    2. CuriosiTee
  8. Rabbits humm ok. Any particular silk or can I freestyle that? I guess I best get to rehearsing then as next Tuesday could be show time...
  9. A few females who've pursued me have brought this up stating they'd love for this scenario to happen with them! As it goes...I'm performing at a show and afterwards she comes back to the green room to see me. With some the fantasy is I already knew they were there and was performing to them almost like no one else was in the room, with others they didn't mention they were coming to the show at all. I'm surprised but happy, but before I can utter a word she forcefully pushes me up against the wall, pulls my pants down and starts eating me out as I do all I can to try and control my moans. I have just come off stage after a long set so I'm already a bit sweaty, now we both are drenched as we tare each other's clothes off and begin to fuck passionately. With the sounds of other musicians, press etc outside in the hallway, we take turns pleasuring each other's bodies satisfying all our previous unspoken urges. We both finish at the same time and she lets me know what a great job I did, both on stage and backstage Wipes her lady juice off my lips, licks her finger clean and walks out! Mmmmm
  10. I typically get massages when I go on vacation, always usually by women who are naturally stunning. This one time the masseuse was really working it, inner thighs, breasts getting extra attention. At first I didn't think anything of it. Then she went back to my inner thighs though like in a way saying with her hands "am I turning you on?" (gently brushing my sweet spot) lol I still was like maybe she's just really into her job. When she was finished though I looked up at her and she was winking and smiling and than asked if I wanted to stay for a drink with her....
  11. Yes Luv that's what some of us are saying as it seems to be the case from what you've stated. Scratch your itch lol and "test" your own waters with her, she'll probably enjoy it
  12. Oh most definitely! Cars, parks etc. the cops catching you is embarrassing and so awkward! @Ambrosia The one that caught me off guard the most though was this one time in the lobby of my old apartment building. We came back after our date and were at the elevator waiting to head up to my place when he insisted he jus go down on me right then and there! I kinda acted like I wasn't about it but I completely was lol. Before I could find a "hidden spot" he jus pulled my pants down and started eating me out and I couldn't move...or cared to move as I watched various people walking by watching us...dayum it was good!
  13. @PurplePetal Well maybe if it was the right person things would come more naturally who knows. Do you get pursued often then?
  14. @PurplePetal Ahh so you've never pursued. Well maybe a night of "liquid courage" could change that
  15. Oh you'd need every female to be wearing one of these options then so you could be 100% sure they were