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  1. Mmmmm that look she gives just before she kisses me...

  2. As our Love Story unfolds...

    1. Mofgirl


      Ohhhhh do tell x

      Like a good love story x

    2. CuriosiTee


      Don't I know it! Yours has been a great read :wink:

  3. Yea I've found from experiences that having more opportunities, on a consistent basis even, can definitely help with levelling out the fantasies. The longing of being with a woman isn't as huge of a focal point anymore, which in turn lets your mind be more free to various fantasies which could feature your hubby, a woman crush or even both
  4. A chill friendship, with a tight connection, and some very hot sex!
  5. She gives me way more than just butterflies :wub:

  6. You definitely shouldn't overthink it. Just intuitively go with what feels right, and listen / watch her cues, to make it that much more enjoyable for both y'all!
  7. Watching her body tremble and listening to her moans while pleasing her...mmmmm

  8. Sexy intense! The rhythm between us was so natural! The energy and chemistry was electric. Hearing her moans while pleasing her, plus feeling her body respond and quiver to every movement I made was bliss!
  9. Breast Play, plus other things, feels so good…especially from her! 

  10. Remembering how sexy soft her lips were and anticipating getting to experience them again!
  11. Really? It seems most haven't / refuse to tell their SO or their SO does know but isn't willing to let them fully explore it, with the small portion being able to with some restrictions. I'm definitely in the minority with my situation lol. Oh ok, yea you never know, you may be giving off some vibes subconsciously and he may even feel them but doesn't wanna admit it to himself, let alone bring it up to you. That's interesting that you consider it cheating. Some find that, while some find that it would only really be that way if they were getting with a next man. Oh for real a physic told you, that must have been interesting, especially if you don't typically believe in their abilities. I guess now you do lol. Well with whichever way your marriage heads I hope you do find your true happiness and get to experience it fully. Positive vibes! Mine are still pretty young both under 5. I think kids in general can pick up on vibes regardless of how open or discreet you are with them. I haven't fully announced it outright but I've always been very flirty by nature and have always been hit on by women which all the people in my life have either heard about or have witnessed. I'm pretty sure if / when I decide to no one would be shocked let's just put it that way.
  12. Hey @Andramour welcome! Thanks for reaching out. This is a great place to connect with like minded, supportive women in various stages in this journey. Although I've had a few experiences and some repressed emotions over the years I wasn't aware of, I've only recently been fully awakened over the last few months. I've been very pro active though to define what my sexuality means to me as well as pursue experiences with women with the full support of my s/0. I'm very blessed to have such true unconditional support as a lot in our situation don't. How about with you? How are things so far with your journey?
  13. The best end to a hype date...a sexy make out session naturally! :wink:

  14. Phone / Vid sex wit her is soooo hot! :P