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  1. It's very hot! I've done this a lot with both men and women. It's even hotter when both parties have open, vivid imaginations! One time this one female was at work while we were going back and forth. It got so hot she actually ended up leaving early, went home, and took care of business!
  2. You were naturally drawn to it! I guess in a way you're subconsciously more comfortable with putting it out there.
  3. I agree with Questioning, race is only an issue if you choose to let it be. Yes there will naturally be some differences between you two, however those things can also help to grow, fulfill and colour your relationship in a unique way. I have had interracial relationships with both men and women. Both with their share of joys and difficulties, but so too with my same race. It's all about the individual and their character, not the colour of their skin or ethnic origin. All the best to you!
  4. Google linked me up after my "awakening" a few months back as I was lookin for a community of like-minded women in a similar situation. A place where not only you could fully relax and feel at home, (walk around in your sweats with no make up on and not be judged type deal,...just fully be your authentic self), but also a place to learn from other woman either ones with more experience or even less with a different view point!
  5. Before I came across the term heteroflexible I figured bisexuality was a 50/50 split always too but as I've come to learn it's a wide spectrum. I've always known I was more drawn to the male side and knew before I was married I would marry a man and be happy and fulfilled (with that part of me) like I am currently. Marrying a woman wasn't gonna be the right fit for me, although I've gotten offers. It was just that other part of myself that I couldn't put my finger on, knowing I wasn't 100% straight, and it turns out this term fully fits.
  6. Update...I just recently met her!!! We gonna link up soon *All Smiles*
  7. I love using play on words (with my name / nickname), I'm also very inquisitive by nature!
  8. Yes you definitely can have both! Communication is definitely key especially with the many moving parts in most of our circumstances with this: hubby, kids, the gf. In my case the more we chat and share our feelings about this type of lifestyle, the more at peace and confident we feel moving forward within it as we've both just been so open-minded. I know I'm very blessed to have such a supportive hubby!
  9. I have a pretty vivid imagination so typically I like to take memories of past partners / missed opportunities / almost happened situations or even my current crush. I start from the moment when things turned very sexy / erotic and finish out the scenario how I would've liked it to go down or how it actually did! It always involves plenty of oral both me to her / him and vice versa. Lately no matter the scenario or person (typically a hot femme though) we end up in the shower, always gets me there!
  10. OMG you've never had anyone love eating your pussy ever?? I couldn't imagine life without it as I'm definitely all about oral! Luckily for me i've never had a problem with my partners fulfilling my needs, and my hubby absolutely loves to do it as much as I want so a definite plus
  11. Cute blonde fully checkin me out in Walmart today lol! :P

  12. Hey Hula! First off I applaud you for finding your authentic self, it's never an easy thing, especially being from our culture (I'm half Jamaican). Too many homophobic slurs get thrown around that you unfortunately have to grow up with, so of course who would wanna fully come out to their family feeling that they will ultimately disown them because yardie parents don't play! It's going to be a very tough road however just like Fla stated, you are who you are and whatever feelings your parents or anyone for that matter has negatively towards you will never change that! Stay true to you! You have a great, safe support system here in this community. All the best to you!
  13. Recently uncovered that I have way more past experience in all of this, emotionally & physically, than I previously ever realized! :blush:

  14. Big Ups to all us Canadian Cuties :wink: Happy Canada Day!

  15. Yea it definitely is a tricky situation anyway you slice it. You got the love of your life on the one hand who things are great with, and then you're waning to search for a special lady friend on the other hand and have the two worlds, although separate, somehow work together. Trying to find that right lady friend is difficult when most may not wanna get involved on any level with a married woman, and if you're also a mom like me it can be even trickier just to balance it all. Add in the fact that it naturally takes some time for a woman to woman relationship to develop as TBD78 was saying before anything physical may go down. A lot of women get really shy and things could initially start off well, but then will end up "ghosting" (disappearing) due to these new mixed emotions etc. still trying to figure themselves out. Also with what BiTri always states about how us women are brought up to let the man take the lead so with two women who are in a new situation, not even really sure of themselves, and now have to figure out who's gonna "pursue" who, it leads to a lot of start and stops and sometimes dead ends unfortunately. For me I'm a bit more fortunate as when I'm out I naturally get approached and they are very forward, so no guessing with what their intent is. I'm also pretty social and flirtatious myself so that definitely helps. All the best to you on your journey.