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  1. Lol thx You definitely should practise using it more
  2. Most romantic thing I've done for a woman would have to be one of the gifts I gave my current GF for Christmas this year. I took one of her fave Christmas songs and wrote two original verses expressing my feelings for her and our relationship so far to this point. I than recorded it (sang it) and took the lyrics and put them in the shape of a heart which I gave to her in her card. I played it for her while I held her and she gave me sweet kisses and teared up.
  3. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all you lovelies! May you enjoy your time with your special someone! Can't wait to spend some of mine with my beautiful GF!

  4. My mindset with my ideal situation has changed / evolved over time with my journey. Recently my current situation is pretty ideal and may even be in part slowly turning into pretty close to what I originally envisioned. I feel like I'm a bit of the exception to the rule as I have a hubby and a GF that are both equally cared for and loved. I'm also a mom and I have a full career. My hubby is fully supportive and knows about her, she recently met my family actually and they all get along great. She is also a married mom, hubby knows of her sexuality but not of our relationship. He now knows of me though, as her friend, and soon I'll be meeting some other family members of hers. I feel whole having both sides, it just feels right!
  5. Yea it's gone both ways for me too. It seems to be a pretty common occurrence especially in this realm I've found since dating / exploring with women on a consistent basis. Even with that knowledge, when it happens, it doesn't make it any easier as it still is such a shock. Most times it's coming outta no where, no warning leaving you...
  6. My GF jus surprised me with a mini getaway she's planned for us over the holidays :wub:

  7. Mmmmm that look she gives just before she kisses me...

  8. As our Love Story unfolds...

    1. Mofgirl


      Ohhhhh do tell x

      Like a good love story x

    2. CuriosiTee


      Don't I know it! Yours has been a great read :wink:

  9. Yea I've found from experiences that having more opportunities, on a consistent basis even, can definitely help with levelling out the fantasies. The longing of being with a woman isn't as huge of a focal point anymore, which in turn lets your mind be more free to various fantasies which could feature your hubby, a woman crush or even both
  10. Our natural chemistry, her quick wit, her chill personality, and her ability to make me melt at the drop of a dime!
  11. A chill friendship, with a tight connection, and some very hot sex!
  12. She gives me way more than just butterflies :wub:

  13. You definitely shouldn't overthink it. Just intuitively go with what feels right, and listen / watch her cues, to make it that much more enjoyable for both y'all!