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  1. I tend to show some cleavage on occasion, and yes, I expect people to look and (hopefully) smile.
  2. It may not be quite the same, but I read that there are therapists that will hold sessions online through Skype or something comparable.
  3. Thank you all for the input. The Psychology Today article was very interesting. To answer some of your questions, I found her attractive pretty immediately. Our friendship has grown very strong over the past few years. I can certainly live with having her as a best friend. It is also important to note that she became a big part of my life during a time when I experienced a lot of loss--my mom, my job, my marriage of 30 years (we agree its over, but for financial reasons we are still married). I will continue to enjoy my thoughts and feelings while also respecting her wishes and the boundaries she has placed on our relationship. Oh, and yes, I have told her seriously that I find her attractive. I'm not sure if she ever thinks of me that way, but I believe her hesitation is born out of her wanting to preserve our friendship as well as the friendship she has with my family.
  4. Thank you for the input. I guess I really don't need to analyze my feelings.
  5. So I've been reading a lot of posts about being attracted to a best friend. I find one of my best friends very attractive. She's bi, and she knows that I am curious. I've made some comments (quite a few); we end up laughing, and she says I;m off limits. I can respect that. I love her as a friend first. She has helped me through some very difficult times. I've been questioning my feelings, wondering if I am attracted to her because she was there for me when I really needed someone. Any thoughts?
  6. @brokengirl0407 I checked the brochure. They don't offer it.