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  1. The Haunting
  2. Only a few hours left on day 7. Tomorrow I weigh in and start phase two.
  3. You are correct in that there have been some underlying issues that brought me to this point in my life. I actually addressed those first. I have a therapist and things are going well. Right now, I want to look and feel better for me. I am incredibly lucky to have the support of my children. Thank you for your words. You are clearly sensitive to others feelings.
  4. I tried that one already! I gained weight. :(
  5. Thanks for all the great answers! The first week of this diet is pure hell. About to get up and start day 4!
  6. Just wondering if anyone else is on a diet. I’m half way through week one. I love food! I hate dieting!!
  7. Numb is actually pretty accurate. If it’s anything like I’ve experienced, you reach a point where you feel neither happy nor sad. It’s terribly difficult to explain and understand. Stay strong; you’ll get through it!
  8. I have NO experience so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I would meet somewhere casual for a drink, someplace high energy to drown out some of the potential awkwardness. Don’t overdress; I like to accentuate the few positives I have, so I would wear a low cut top and nice jeans with heels (I’m short). Above all else, be yourself, and be careful if you are in unfamiliar surroundings. Good luck!
  9. I love musicals! I’ve been watching them since I was a little girl. One of my first Broadway shows was The King and I with Yul Brenner. And, I actually met Jane Powell (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers). She is a real sweetheart, and I still see her occasionally.
  10. Thank you, @SioRan. Yes, that is me.
  11. I am a shy introverted bi curious woman with self esteem issues. Put all those adjectives together and you have someone that has a hard time meeting people. I’m on a few dating apps but very hesitant. Why do guys pretend to be women. I’m not stupid; I can tell the difference. It is so frustrating and discouraging.
  12. Annoyed. Why is everyone pushing my buttons lately!
  13. Captain and coke, and I just spilled it all over the nightstand.
  14. Been there, I understand, but clearly you are too compassionate and sensitive to do so.