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  1. I did though I felt like it wasn't an infinity stone with the name she gave it. Of course I could be wrong.
  2. I bet she'd hate it if she had to wear it !
  3. Eating my chips and fighting on my feet
  4. Cat Traps! I swear, if it's shaped like a box, cats will lay in it. Do you have any cute cat (or any other animal) trap pictures? That's my old lady Raven, she's 9 years old.
  5. I appreciate everyone's feedback
  6. I didn't expect this to turn into a debate...but I appreciate everyone's feedback
  7. I actually haven't been able to find any sites like that. I'm open to any suggestions im currently not seeking until I get settled in GA with my husband so that's my break for a while
  8. That is correct. I try to make it 100% clear that he would have absolutely nothing to do with any additional relationship I choose to begin, but I get accused of lying, being fake, or straight up cussed out. It's making it hard for me to keep my hopes up.
  9. Welcome! I'm fairly new as well
  10. Welcome!
  11. New

  12. I have tried that tactic and it blew up in my face every time. They got mad for not being up front and "purposely being deceitful"
  13. **Rant** I'm on a BDSM based social media site. There are many male users on there who use their penis as a profile picture. I don't care to see it, so in my About Me (my bio that you see before PMing, Adding, or following) I state that if I get a message and see a penis with it, that user will get blocked. Easily understood, right? Well I get a PM from this guy asking for my Kik username (penis in every single picture he has posted). I block him. He posts on a public forum that I'm a rude bitch who isn't clear about what she wants and I need to tell people to read my profile. I SHOULDNT HAVE TO TELL YOU TO READ SOMETHING YOU SEE EVERY TIME YOU GO TO MESSAGE ME!!!
  14. Anyone around here in Georgia? I just moved to Lawrenceville a month ago and literally have no friends or anyone to talk to.
  15. I rarely have the urge to have sex myself, and when I do I have my Husband (Poly), so the fact that she's not interested in a sexual relationship doesn't deter me. Our relationship is already the most intimate she has had (her words) but said she doesn't want to go into an "official" relationship, so I won't push her. It's just a little disappointing for me