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  1. My nipple orgasms are crazy strong....nipple play rocks!
  2. Hmmm...you're hired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I would love to find a new female friend,....who turns into a close friend and lover. I have a boyfriend, so of course, if he could be included in the sex part that would be awesome. I love the fee land touch of a woman but I really love cock... :-)
  4. Hmm....I would love to go camping with you! :-)
  5. After seeing this I went to the corner sex shop and bough the nipple suction toy that also has little bullet vibrators. I was thinking it would feel how it does when my boyfriend sucks on my nipples. WRONG...the suction sucks the nipple up into the cup, barely felt the vibration. My nipples looked huge and engorged while in the cups but once I let the suction off, they go back to normal size. So, not really a turn on at all for me. Maybe i need to try a different product?
  6. Like @CuriouslyMarriedWoman said, I think it's probably illegal in the US....I mean..I haven't seen one advertised..LOL. I know, here in UT, every once in while, they bust a massage parlor for solicitation of sex..but thinking its woman therapist to men...
  7. Yes..tell us more about the nipple toys! I think I may have to look into those!
  8. YES! My nipples are crazy sensitive that just nipple play can give me intense orgasms. My boyfriend loves it...and it's a huge turn on for him. Of course, nipple play leads to a very soaked vagina....and usually that means fingers and tongues everywhere...lol
  9. This is a hot fantasy...and also one of mine. I get massages regularly and REALLY wish this would happen..LOL.
  10. LOVE porn...and i almost always watch girl on girl, or threesome. It's always online on the free sites.....huge huge turn on for me
  11. I have the same desire...I would love to watch my boyfriend pleasure another woman...it's a huge turn on to think about watching him with another woman..doing to her what he does to me...me either watching and masturbating or joining in. I am hoping I can make this happen. Of course, he is VERY turned on by this thought...as am I...LOL
  12. Damn...that's hot! And I am totally jealous! :-)
  13. Boobs for me. Probably because my nipples are so sensitive I can cum with just some nipple action....boobs are a huge turn on for me :-)
  14. I fantasize about being with a woman, and my boyfriend walking in on us...joining in...she and I pleasuring him first...sucking him, kissing him and him sucking our breasts..then us putting on a show for him, then me licking the other girl's pussy, while he does me from behind, while watching me go to town on the girl....this makes me cum hard every time!
  15. Hi everyone..newbie here in Utah (no I am not mormon- I am a California transplant). Brand new and looking to learn and grow and meet some great people. Happy Saturday to all!! MIssy