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  1. Welcome to shy,  hope you find every one as welcoming and friendly as I have 

    1. Curiousgal44


      Hi Sarah.  Thankyou, nice to meet you.

    2. Sarah james

      Sarah james

      Where In UK are you?

  2. I sleep naked. I get too hot and can't sleep
  3. I haven't told anyone at all. Still trying to make sense of my feelings and be comfortable with me. I don't think there would be any need to tell anyone unless I met a woman anyway really.
  4. Sunny day coffee with son.
  5. Wow! It is just so good to find someone in the same situation when it can feel so lonely at times. I unfortunately am not really comfortable with my own feelings yet, even after all this time. I have never had any kind of a relationship with a woman, or even kissed another woman. I do wonder what it would be like though
  6. And thankyou!
  7. Still coming to terms with it all I suppose. Many reasons why, I am afraid of what my family and friends would think for a start.
  8. Hi, I am a newbie too! Nobody else in the world knows about my bi feelings, I have never spoken to anyone about it. so it gets lonely. So nice to find this site.