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  1. Read this this morning can't stop thinking about it, could be because I'm buzzed and hubby is at drill hmm... I think I need a shower...
  2. Ass but preferably both can't choose
  3. My husband knows, I think he's glad I have an outlet.
  4. 54% bi 31% lesbian 8% straight 8% bi curious
  5. I wish I could find a true friend with whom I could share all my experiences with.
  6. 16 on my own 20 or 21 with my ex bf he was great at following directions
  7. Danielle we were both 18 I thought I was going through an experimental age she was beautiful and full of life, also the first girl to flirt with me Michelle we were both 32 she was my mentor at work. I knew I was major girl crushing on her and could have sworn she was into me too. One day I will find out. We still talk time to time.
  8. It's part of an anagram of my name.
  9. Butter
  10. Something about women with sensual voices lately
  11. I've read somewhere that once your finger is inside move your finger in a come hither motion. I told my husband this years ago and OMG would love to try it out with my future lady love
  12. The only people who know about my bisexuality are my husband and a friend. I'm thinking about coming out to my brother. He's gay and came out to me years ago. I think he was shocked by my response because all the responses he got before were so negative. Truth is, I had a feeling he was gay before he told me. Since we grew up in a very religious household, I had to really analyze everything that we were taught and what I knew about him. I was only 17 at the time so I went through a real struggle. In the end love won because I decided that regardless of his sexuality; he was still my brother. I'm sure he would be supportive of me but I don't think I'm ready for all the questions which I'm sure he'll have. I don't know that's just my small struggle right now. If I'm ready to come out and to whom?... we shall see
  13. Thank you will do! I think I'm reading more than posting lol! True shybi and green as can be